A contemplation of the past, and plans for the future

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A contemplation of the past, and plans for the future

Post  Ar'yayhivequeen on Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:12 am

Hive Queen Ar’Yay sat thinking to herself; so much had happened in the past few months, she came into this with such plans. She would help save her species and aid her allies. What had happened in the end, she had been banished for “considering” selling weapons to her own allies and declared rogue. She constantly bickered with an IR Sector General who seemed more concerned with blowing things up and enriching his enemies rather than doing his job.

There was a mutant fungus growing surrounding her Hive containing a virus that is designed to kill Quall….Oh but it was placed there for her own protection, right, how dare she think a mutant Quall killing fungus growing on her home island to be anything but a good thing. It is like knifing a child and turning to the parent and telling them not to be upset, the kid was too hot with all that blood inside of them, they need less in order to cool down. So over a billion dead to this fungus and the Doctor spreading it has the gall to say that he is planning on continue growing it and we shouldn’t bother trying to stop it. Just accept our fates.

Now the Temporal Empire, this was a kick, one of their people advertizes that they have a weapon to exterminate all Quall. The Temporal Empire doesn’t say anything to us about it, then when we move In to investigate they attack without warning and then when you try to leave (after offering an apology) they just teleport inside the ships blow some up then use nuclear weapons on Kyrpos killing hundreds of millions.
This was not how this mission was suppose to go, Hive Queen Ar’Yay was not stupid, she knew how most races viewed the Quall N’Drone. All they saw was the violence, the death the races that vanished. Nevermind the races that were trying to conquer reality, nevermind the races that allied with Warmonger like the Neliff that were contained (now freed by the Trilat, but heaven forbid they apologize for that) It doesn’t matter that her Hive was one of the smaller ones, that she didn’t actually take part in 99% of the things that people Hate the Quall for. Nope, these people all just assume that if you are Quall you deserve to die.

So many of her children are dead…..so many gone forever, people either assume that the Hive Queen doesn’t care or they get off on dead Quall. Probably the second one, so much death and she couldn’t save them. She has felt so many die, and some she just stopped feeling. She was losing her connection, thousands of Larva just getting cut off without a clue as to what happened.
She sighed to herself, things cannot continue the way they are going. Despite the Temporal Empire’s lack of declaration she knew that they weren’t done, they were just getting started, Garmen Fe had decided to jump back in and help attack her disabled fleet. It didn’t matter that she had set up a non aggression pact with Unity Prime that stated that her and Garmen Fe would cease all military action against each other. She wasn’t too surprised though, she knew that Garmen Fe could not be trusted, he was a genocidal maniac, in truth she was surprised it took him so long.

She was tired; a radical change had to be done. Something had to be done to end the meaningless violence that only served Warmonger and his demon counterparts, something out of the ordinary. Ar’Yay Hive Queen had an idea, but it scared her. She knew that there would be no turning back if she did this, but it might be the only way. She kept it secret, she sent whispers into the minds of her children, hinting at the inevitable, with what they would have to do. They were scared too but as time went on they began to see the logic in it. Preparations had to be made, this would be very important and couldn’t just be a sudden action.

The first part of the plan was ordered, ALL Horned Dog were moved out of Kyrpos and only the colonies in IR space. Energy bridges opened up all over the domain of Ar’Yay Hive Queen and all Horned Dogs left leaving only the Quall, Flayers and Pit Mongrels.
The Pit Mongrels and Flayers….they were ordered to construct underground areas for themselves. They would have a role to play here, so they must remain out of danger until then. If things went as planned, they would survive this….at least some of them would.

It was almost over, soon, the pain would be over and a new beginning would be here. A new future….a new dawn.


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