Week 7 - Reality Show Revenge is a dish best served Deceptively

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Week 7 - Reality Show Revenge is a dish best served Deceptively

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The light Frigates moved toward the disabled ships and the Quall on board began to cast create Energy bridge in front of the disabled ships. The Quall on board the disabled ships shall cast fire leap on the back of the disabled ships propelling them forward into the Energy Bridges. After the ships are in Kyrpos they began to Fire leap to allow the ships to land safely so they may be repaired Once the ships are through, the Energy Bridges closed.

Le-a Hive Queen used her Quall on board her own ships to send a message to empty space around her. "Maybe I will capture 500 of your kind and make a reality of them being tortured for the entertainment. of my Quall. You know it tends to get boring for Quall. Then let us see what your reaction is. I am sure it will be the same as us because you ignorant buffoons did not mention that it was merely a jest. But one stands to to wonder if u knew what are reactions would be and that's why you did it. I will have my lawyers look into this matter. You laid false claims about holding Quall prisoners without making it know that it was a hoax. I am sure that there is something in the laws about laying false claims in regards to holding prisoners of war", transmitted Le-a.

After the speech the Quall on board Le-a's ships created energy bridges to the plane of fire but before leaving they set their ships to auto destruct modes. They left their fully functional ships as bombs waiting for any enemy that dared to attack.

The fabric of space begins to seem like such a fragile thing when one serves long enough in a space fleet. One might even begin to contemplate just what happens to space and time when sentient beings decide to tear away the bearers between existences. Do the tears we make truly go away, or do we leave scars upon the universe as we come and go? If scars remain, what will it mean for all of sentience in the future? Or are we doomed to never make witness of our handywork as all life could end for one reason or another?

These were the things Greger thought to himself before time came to engage the Quall fleet. He and his squad were the first to initiate against the enemy. Out of the 200 Nano-Fusion Sages in the fleet sent on this mission, he was but one of the five shadow adepts who completed his thought awareness training. An initiative to combat the veils of illusion cast within the void of space. The end result was the reapplication of an old lesson to new surroundings, that and a lot of zenned out pilots. Not exactly what command had in mind. As the fleet of Beacon City approached the fleet many others who hated the Quall gathered as well.

One of Oleifera's starfreighters moved sedately through the warm waves of temporal radition washing over CV Beta 4. The grey-skinned Builder piloting the lead ship made contact with the Bodhi 1/John 13 station, and a wave of welcome swept through him.

"Lead my children well," Bodhi 1/John 13/Oleifera told him gently. "These ones will soothe the forces which attack our allies. The time has come when this one must begin to help those who have helped us so greatly."

A murky wave seemed to emanate from the patchwork surface of the station, as a swarm of Troubadours undulated towards the freighters. Luckily the Builders aboard had been briefed on the nightmarish appearance of the ghastly viper spacefish, from the alien phosphorescence glimmering down their dorsal fins to the gruesome lamprey mouths filled with strange suckers. Odd rustling noises could be heard from the outer hulls, as the Troubadours began to swarm around the outside of the ship. All the Builders aboard relaxed, and they slowly explained to the Troubadours that the new ships they would be encountering were friends, but were not friends to sing the full Builder song. Instead, they should sing their songs of war and protection. The Troubadours were docile when the Dreadnoughts appeared, and were easily transferred onto the the hulls of the capital ships. Some of the command crew transferred also, in order to keep in contact with the Troubadours during their first military deployment.

The Dreadnoughts left CV Beta 4 covered in undulating, sparkling fins, which seemed to emit a bolstering hum of confidence and courage.

The Dreadnaughts of Garmin Fe struck the Armiger that had carried the medical patients.  Their grapple lines snagged and began to draw the Armiger away from the ship of Le-a that had pierced its side. Then Le-a's ship exploded consuming the Dreadnaughts and the Armiger.

From the other side attacked the starfighters of Pirate Captain Fleshstealer began attacking surprised that the ships he attacked seemed to explode without any effort. 

As Ar'yay's ships landed on Kyrpos there were instant reports from all Quall onboard the disabled vessels.  Blue flashes appeared in one thousand places all at once. The Quall moved in attacking the Da'uhnb at the speed of thought.

As Maka Threehorn, an engineer of Ar'yay HiveQueen, fought hand to hand with a Da'uhnb. He looked down to see a strange bomb strapped to the Da'uhnb's back.

A set of multiple nuclear weapons went off another shockwave struck. In the depths of her fortress Ar'yay HiveQueen began getting reports of a full scale invasion. Bombs were going off along her entire holdings...

Ar'yay HiveQueen felt the deaths of her children and her rage grew in power.


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Re: Week 7 - Reality Show Revenge is a dish best served Deceptively

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1,000 Da'uhnb

500 Million Aryay Quall

2 Garmin Fe Dreadnaughts

All ships used by Quall on this mission were destroyed


Aryay gains Revenge of the Quall. This Psychic attack that does 200 Energy Dmg
Lowers V.A.R. by 500 pts. Can only be used during the End of the Hive Mission.

Le-a gains More Crazy than You
+100 Morale

Garmin Fe gains A Masterful Plan Comes Together
Free Cigars for all Beacon City Citizens (single use +1 bonus to all troops. Must announce its use during a mission post. )

Pirate Captain Fleshstealer gains I got revenge for the Pirates right?
Recieves a gift of 100,000 ghaz from the Pirate Benevolence Association


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