Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

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Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:29 am

Those who had been invited to the auction would see cameras in the back for all the private buyers across the distant shores.

A burly man who looked like hired muscled got up and raised a mic and said, “The man who hired me is a Director of a small independent weapons manufacturing and sales agency. We normally supply hunters and woodsmen with their gear. Our boss was in love with a girl. But you know what, I’ll let him tell you his story.”

The hired goon put a holo-projector on the podium. It projected the image of a handsome young businessman. He looked no more than seventeen winters.

“My name is not important, but I inherited a weapons company from my father. He was a skillful businessman, working off of the Lost Hope station. My father had many ships, and many crews, and brought in enough ghaz to build a palace if he was so inclined. Instead he was hunted by the Iron Republic, and killed by his own hand. Took out most of his enemies or so the story went in the news.

When I was a child on Lost Hope I knew the beautiful Baby Blue Mconnel. I remember when her brother…well he did things to her. Bad Things. I told the Head of the Pirate Family and her older brother was banished aboard an escape pod heading for a dead moon.
Baby Blue Mcconnel was my only friend. I promised my father I would never be a pirate, so when she left to take over the family business I stayed behind.

Then at the height of my success, selling weapons to Gun runners in Volans, who returns to my life, Baby Blue Mcconnel. She’s now Captain Mcconnel, in charge of the family and wants to purchase her crew new weapons. And like a fool I accepted her money. Then like a bigger fool I refused to give her the weapons unless she married me.

She brought each one of my staff members in front of me, and said she would kill them unless I just gave her the weapons she paid for, or gave her the money back. I was inflexible, just like she always used to say. She always was so clever. So finally she agreed for us to be married, and as a starship captain she did marry us on the spot.
Baby Blue finally got her weapons and she left the planet, leaving me to clean up her mess. I followed after her, thinking once again like a fool that I would just bring them to the free systems and resurrect the dead when I got back. To my defense I did lock the door behind me, and I had never broken the law before.

Then a News Reporter showed up drawn by the weapons fire. A Brethren Squad showed up soon after and disposed of the bodies logging the place as a crime scene.

I lost many of my best workers due to my mistake, but I lost Baby Blue Mcconnel because of two forces. The Weapons Manufacter and Private Military Contracter know as Blackheart Security Solutions, and the vicious army of the Lions of Earth.
When I caught up with the fleet I saw it all happen. And I filmed it and I showed it to every Pirate family within transmission range and they passed it on. The Pirates are ready for war, if the rest of the universe wants it. I reached out to all my father's old crews and contacts. And when they saw the footage you are watching they vowed revenge for my bride on my behalf.

You see the Lions hailed the Mcconnel fleet, and said they wanted to offer the Mconnel a contract as privateers. For you laymen a Privateer is a pirate that works for hire for a nation. So because the fact that I begged her to go legit, she agreed to join the Lions of Earth expecting a fat paycheck.

Instead she got a fat sellout. A sellout to the Quall N’drone. Baby Blue is now permanently gone. We can’t ask for her back.

So instead we must have revenge on all people on the ships involved in this viciousness. We have a special assault squadron based on my fathers most excellent doctrine. They disabled our enemies and caught some of them.

They are currently being held on the world behind us. It is a jungle planet full of death. And we have cameras set up so you can watch any fools that try and save these men.

And the best part is you our wonderful audience will decide their fate based on your auction prices.

We have a crew of 10 Blackheart Security Operatives, and 8 Lions of Earth Mercs.

Once you’ve bought them you can do as you want. Implant them, torture them, make them your eternal undead slaves.

We are starting at a bid of 100,000 for each so a total of 1.8 million ghaz in certified banking guild ghaz. No gemstones, trades etc.”

The Djinni representative smiled and said, “1.8 Million.”

The rep of Qoppa HiveQueen said, “Ar’yay HiveQueen’s Horned Dogs are involved in this pirate hunt? Then I want those people she wants so I can keep them away from her.
3.5 Million Ghaz.”

The Krato Ur-Duke Jomm snarled, "5.5 Million ghaz, the Lions of Earth serve Vulfrym a known K'ias. I need him so I can torture him into making new Annihilators for my stables of slaves."

Leon Simmons had a data pad with a very large number on it. He knew the operators training was only worth 3 million but Childeen made it clear money wasn't the issue, getting his people back safe and sound was. Arrayed in front of him was a mind boggling array of different creatures. He remembered from his brief that the Djinni could literally make money appear, if it wanted to it could outbid the entire universe just for fun.

"6.5 million, The Childeen Blackheart is not going to leave his people behind." Leon said, he turned to the Djinni, "Wouldn't it be funny to just release the prisoners back to their respective areas. This guy goes through all this trouble to ensure they have horrible things done and then his plan goes up in flames because the people he is sold to don't even care. I bet his bitch fit of rage would be classic."

The Djinni yawned, "He's not even here. Its just a recording little humanoid."

The Djinni's glowing third eye turned red as it glared at Leon. Leon gulped.

On behalf of the pirate family of Captain Q are an Earther named Killroy Nalleh, a friend of his Nino Mahzer, and two Tzira who go by Proy and Fori. They were outbid within the first few moments but still sat and enjoyed their drinks as they played with medicine balls.

Narrowed jade eyes scanned the crowd for that which he sought, finding it wasn't to hard, but then again how hard could it be to find a morbidly obese humanoid with a lower body made of clouds? Snaking his way towards his target past all sorts of disgusting pirates and riffraff, he was mindful to school his face into one of a more pleasant nature, the face he usually reserved for business.

Coming to a stop just feet of his target he allowed his eyes to rove over the being's immense form, it was truly disgusting for one of it's kind, no wonder it was here. He grinned up at the creature and proceeded to speak in his most charming voice, "Well, it is indeed true what they say, Djinn look just like the creatures from Earther legends. However, do they have the powers to match I wonder?"

The Djinn proceeded to look down at him and grinned, then his eyes narrowed as if he were examining an insect, "Indeed it is true, but why do you bother me so?"

Not missing a beat Orleos kept speaking, "Curiosity truth be told. When I look around I see everyone's wishes as plain as day. For the Quall it is a petty cat fight and implantation, the pirates wish vengeance in the name of a man who rules with his smaller 'head', EEF wishes to be Heroes, and Blackheart should be called Stupid-Bleedingheart, but you...you elude me."

The Djinn chuckled at the Earther before him, "How true, indeed how true, but the question you ask is what I want to do with them, yes? Well, what I plan to do with them is whatever I want, whatever entertains me, that's all that matters!" At this the Djinn let out a booming laugh.

Orleos turned towards the podium and proceeded to continue speaking, "It's just a shame to see them go to waste is all, after all, the poor things would probably just break after you toyed with them for even a few moments, something like that is so...uncreative. Death would be better and the toys would last longer. It would be better if they lasted for quite some time, with someone who could appreciate them, yes?"

The Djinn ceased laughing and seemed caught between being insulted and intrigued, "Oh? What would you do then, little man?" The grin on Orleos's face widened 'Now to go in for the kill.' Orleos brought his voice down to a level where only they could hear, "I would deny them their freedom when they thought they had it within their grasp and then show them what it truly means to be a prisoner. I would make them dance, have their very essence's ripped from their bodies and hung upon my wall, make them watch the world change before them for eternity, and should I grow tired of their silent vigil I'd release them for sport and right before they reached freedom, I would tear it away again. All to watch them break."

The Djinn found himself speechless for a moment, but only a moment, "Well then, I must say that the idea has merit little man. Go ahead then, buy them."

At this Orleos proceeded to pull a frown and sighed, "Unfortunately I cannot match that what the Bleedingheart has to offer, but if someone were to buy them for me, why then I would be indebted to them. Of course I would hand them over in due time, but only after I had prepared them, but I 'wish' I knew what would be the right price to trade them for. After all, everything has a price doesn't it? Perhaps if you wanted them back we could negotiate? Or if you lost, I could offer you something else? I have many fun things in my collection, after all."

Turning to walk away Orleos spoke one last time, "Ah well, I hope you enjoy the auction, perhaps I shall peruse the refreshments. I am so thirsty after all this talking." As he walked away he did not see the look of contemplation upon the Djinn's face, he didn't have to, he played his part.

The Djinni's third eye had turned a golden as it looked with interest at the bidding, now he was interested. The Djinni had not been so entertained since he had installed a viewing eye in a Kumfei named Kal'Shek weeks before the Border Wars of Refuge reached a fevered pitch.

Ryuk was hiding in the shadows as the bidding began. He followed the goon that started and politely inquired about the goon's leader to arrange for a private audience between the leader of this pirate group and himself. Passed along was a private encrypted com crystal, one that prevents locations from being determined.

Ryuk decided to make sure the com crystal was received, a little fear is a good incentive for low grade goons like these. Ryuk slides up next to the goon, and states "I have your scent, if this crystal is not given to him in a week I will come and find you" as his eyes have a flash of fire. Into the goons hand was pressed 5 Ghaz, and Ryuk states "I reward people well, and punished failure worse. Get this to the leader and have him contact me. You will get more when the job is complete."

The Goon placed the coin in his pocket.

Ryuk moved back to the shadows, at the edge of the bidding.

Bringing all of the Rabble was a good idea. The open bar outside where all the retinues were hanging out was nice. The fact that they are quickly identifying the pirates and giving each his message to take back to their captains. Some of each group where actually getting chummy together, this seem to bode well for his proposition to the captains. At least it bodes well for future interactions

Ryuk smiled as he left, with all the training and real live experience the Rabble had, this is a good time for them to take a quick break.

As Ryuk left he passed a small gleaming Mekanoid.

As a diplomatic envoy to SUARM space Edges-297 watched the proceedings of those about to be auctioned off. He had been sent to take part in galactic events big or small. His tiny metallic body stood motionless as the organic races bid on the lives of these... criminals? The subtleties of galactic politics often escaped him. There were times when he wondered why Mor'aye'ahn would bother with wanting to have their worlds interact with these irrational and often dangerous beings.

Things were starting to get interesting. Even within the auction house, the tension was becoming palpable. The projections of the would-be rescuers kept everyone on edge. And still the bidding for that which may get salvaged without payment continued.

A grim and well-aged looking gentlemen of mixed K'iou descent slowly got up from his place in the back row. His robes of black with navy blue undergarments were rimmed with gold. The robe was thick and heavy and plates of firm material protruded from top to bottom. The armored robes were a clear sign that this was a Lawgiver of Beacon City. More specifically, this was Grand Judge Arcana Grandis. His pepper grey beard and long hair implied a man much older then he was. He made his way to Djinni representative and sat down quietly.

"Interesting turn of events you think," said Judge Grandis, "You are being out bid for the moment. I know I was to meet with you afterword, but I think I could be of some help. It is quite clear that this Baby Blue person is important. You know you could just conjure her here at any time. If your worried about retribution for doing such, we can help. Consider it a part of our bargain to trade favors with your kind."

"Judge of Beacon City," said the Djinni as his two normal eyes focused on Grandis, his third eye was watching the other bidders "You are misinformed. Our wishes cannot change that which already exist, and no stronger form of binding occurs than when a Quall implants a larva. Only Lord Azrael the Fallen Falosini Sovereign has ever developed a method of removing Quall larvae. I am sorry Judge but I cannot aid you in this."

Grandis could tell the Djinni was being honest, and replied, "The General Garmin Fe gives his best regards and would gladly help you to make sure your kind is never hunted down to make weapons of mass destruction again."

With that the Judge gentle gets up and leaves to get a drink, avoiding the intense glance of hate from rival Hivequeen representative. The no violence rule was serving him well and was delivering great pleasure right about now. He would stay and be ready to continue his discussion with the Djinni and work out the details of an alliance.

As he walked up to the smaller bar present for the bidders, Judge Grandis saw a little being who gave him a sadistic look.

The Horned Dog Junib'tal strode in he wasn't the most intimidating sight as he was a Kumfei, his robes were a bit too big on him so he sort of looked like an enlarged doll. He wore a large pouch at his waist which was quite full and he carried no weapons. He glanced around the room to see all the people gathered in here, he noticed the representative from Qoppa Hive Queen giving him a dirty look. He paused listening to something the nodded, turned to the representative and gave an evil grin and a wink. He noticed the Uthvelor and said "ah I see the EEF gave you those pirates we handed over to them. I suppose it makes sense that the EEF would use a neutral party to hand them over to these Pirates."

Junib'tal strode over to the Blackheart rep Leon and said "I wish you the best of luck here, just in case they don't accept the return of their men. We would help you out with the payments but as you are aware our actual stores of Ghaz aren't great. I have been told that I can give you 100,000 in Ghaz but we cannot afford any more as most of our resources are tied up in physical objects like gems I know it isn't much but please use it to help get your people back."

Junib'tal then turned to look back at the Judge from Beacon City and a large evil grin appeared on his face (which was quite a feat as he is so small) he strode over to him and reached into his pouch. The Judge got into a defensive stance to ward off any attack the Horned Dog might throw at him but instead Junib'tal took out a small stick with a piece of meat on it. He reached up and offered it to the Judge.

"Good day Mr. Judge, would you like some meat on a stick? It is seasoned magnificently if I do say so myself. Well aged too, a year back we captured an Earther from Beacon City and have him chained in a basement. Five times a day we carve him up while he is still conscious so he feels everything we heal him between carvings so he always has more meat to provide and so he doesn't die. We then cook the meat and season it just right. We make these nifty meat on a stick items from it, quite tasty. (Junib'tal notices that the Judge is actually recoiling from the meat) No? shame really (Junib'tal takes a big bite of the meat then another devouring the entire thing minus the stick) Mmm that was really good, (he takes another out of the pouch which the Judge sees is full of the meat) does anyone else want one? (the representative from Qoppa raises his hand so Junib'tal hands him one) There we go, don't feel shy everyone there is plenty for everyone. Unlike most people here I thought ahead and brought snacks (Junib'tal laughs as he hands one to the Krato Ur-Duke Jomm then several more as the Ur-Duke loves it so. The Judge's face gets redder with rage as this all goes on around him) Ah that hits the spot, you beacon city guys always taste so good, I am not sure what it is about you all but you hold the flavor so well."

Suddenly Nalleh of Captain Q's Pirates lost control of his medicine ball, which slammed into the Horned Dog cultist's head. "Oops, nervous twitch."

Junib'tal was about to retort angrily.

They were interrupted when a lanky Uthvelor male stepped through the doors; his pale blue eyes gazed over the crowd with a snobbish indifference. He walked with the natural grace and confidence of a seasoned warrior. Behind him were two Uth soldiers and two plainly dressed Earthers.

“On behalf of Zaodonai Hajima of the uthvelor,” he announced. “I, lieutenant Rilath, hereby submit a bid.” He straightened himself up, his hands resting behind his back. “We bid the safe return and larval removal of 5000 McConnel pirates. This includes their leader, Babyblue Mcconnel.”

He motions to the earthers standing behind him. “We have brought two of them with us today, both free of any larval parasites, as proof of our goodwill. You will find they are unharmed and healthy.”

Rilath bows his head politely and steps back into the crowd. He continues to gaze around the room in an almost unnerving manner.

Leon Simmons was over joyed when he saw the Uth there with the pirate crew member, “Thank god!” He shouted interrupting the entire event.

After their offer he would run over to Rilath speaking loudly and enthusiastically, “Thank you so much for this I can't Vulfrym pulled it off and the Quall actually agreed to part with them like that. I seriously can't believe they are that reasonable!”

After he calmed down he would say, “Childeen wanted me to let your boss know the order is for delivery, and a reward is being arranged for your work on this subject.”

The Goon working for Mr. Ironsbane lifted an actual radio to his ear, listened for a few moments and then says, "Everyone the bidding is currently closed. The Man in charge says he will need some time to calculate the monetary value of the Uthvelor offer. Everyone please return to your ships and the winner will receive the prisoners brought to their ship and the transfer of funds will happen then."

Even the Djinni looked up with confusion saying, "This is highly irregular."

The Goon replied, "So is paying in people. Don't worry, if you end up paying out of pocket you will get your very own prisoners."

They were each led back to their own ships. Imagine their surprise when each received their own set of Blackheart's people and Lions of Earth soldiers. None knew of the others, and constant jamming kept such news from spreading.

Only Celyse with her payment of Captain Baby Blue Mcconnel received the actual missing soldiers.

So it was much to Leon's shock when he recieved a knock on his door and his payment was taken, and an extra set of soldiers were dropped off with him. He held up his commcrystal to Childeen Blackheart saying, "Boss we got our guys, but we have an extra set. One set is leaving with the Zaodonai's Uthvelor and is on their way to you. The others will stay here aboard my ship."

"Good job in there," said Childeen, "Get back here as soon as you can."

Leon activated the shadow drive and jumped back to the rendezvous point. It was only then as docking began at the Blackheart Facility on Druzi Prime that Leon remembered an article he had read the year before. It was something about the Ironsbane family. Something about filling the bellies of captured prisoners with ingestable explosives. Made of organic materials so it wouldn't show up on a weapons scanner.

As Leon turned back to look at the extra set of soldiers in his ship, the bombs in their bellies went off.
The Explosion ripped a chunk from the Blackheart docking facility, and smoke filled the skyline of Fire Dome City. The death toll was 250. 225 of them were able to be resurrected. The remaining 25 security operatives would be cloned a few weeks later.

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Re: Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

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The minute Deer found out that the kid of Magnus Ironsbane was involved in a seeming Pirate Conspiracy, he knows what he has to do.
Rescue the Lions of Earth and give a glorious intergalactic middle finger to the Pirates and their friends.

He sent in a pair of IR Gunships, a cloaked Trident Missile Ship and 60 Starfighters. The Gunships went in gangbusters, make a lot of noise to draw out the "dreaded" 100 Starfighters.

Now Deer knows Stilletos, and Deer knows Ironbane's pappys tactics. Therefore Deer would assume its not just 100 Stilletos. If its like Ironbanes attacks last year its probably about 30 Stilletos with Ironbanes special decoys to make it look like 100 starfighters. There is something really nasty hiding in the center where we are seeing the fake stilettos.

The Stilletos appeared. All 100 of them in their dreaded glory. The Gunships turned to run. As the 100 Stilettos turned to pursue Deer unleashed his trap.

In the rear of the Gunship is a docking bay and in the docking bay of both ships is a Neutron Dancer drop tank.

Boom boom goes the cannons and a pair of Nbombs went off in the center of the 100 Stilletos.

There was a waver as the bombs went off. 33 Stilleto starfighters were revealed in an outer layer with obvious projectors designed to triple their numbers. Behind them were four Pirate Recycler Capital Ships. However the entire jaw mechanism and recycler bays had been pulled out of these hulls. In their place was a jagged looking line of jury rigged weapon mountings. It had taken the mind of a weapon designer to alter the four Pirate Recyclers into four ships, and he fitted them with Mach Cannons, AOD Blackmarket Anti-Capital Ship Disabler Cannons, and Magna rails armed with Zela spikes. Parts had been added from Kingfishers, Vespidae, even Magna rails stripped from Mirror Ships.

Deer recognized the markings on the side of the four highly modified Pirate Recyclers, all ships that had been left for scrap during the final battle against Magnus Ironsbane. It seemed his son had resurrected them as only an Industrial Weapons Designer could. The speed of a Pirate Recycler to keep up with the Stilleto Rush.

The Capital Ships and Starfighters were unaffected by the Nbombs but their close detonations killed the crews. Bombarded by radiation all the vessels were drifting dangerously.

The two IR Gunships were disabled within seconds. The veteran pirate crew had used focused fire to disable them within seconds. And another Stilleto Rush appearing just as 100 Stilletos approached from the other side of the planet.

Then the cavalry arrived 50 Neo Flayers and 30 Quall Intercepters struck the formation revealing the real enemy they had been facing. The Quall Starfighter took out the 33 Stilletos within seconds and would have captured the Eight Modified Recyclers from both Stilleto rushes but their crews detonated themselves rather than fall into the hands of the evil Quall N'drone.

As the crews of Ar'yay and Deer prepared to arrive on the planet the cloaked TRIDENT transmitted what it found. It was a factory, where clones of the Lions of Earth and Blackheart soldiers were being mass produced and filled with ingestable explosives.

Nearby General Vulfrym had been waiting and watching.

If after the fact all the attempts made to save the Lions and Blackheart personnel failed General Vulfrym was going to do something he didn't want to. He honestly hated time shredding.

The sad part is the Dahumb wouldn't leave him alone, despite the fact they knew if every faction got Time Shredders the universe would unravel and that Vulfrym would give them out if the Dahumb didn't relent.
Or at least that's what he wanted to do. He still couldn't build Time Shredders but one day he would figure it out. One day he would be able to mass produce them.

And the Da'uhnb would force him to do it, Vulfrym thought.

The Da'uhnb wouldn't leave him be, even though he already had thousands of copies of the time lock schematics ready for release, along multiple time lines, in multiple places, through everything from direct mail, to net releases across IR space. So what if he had to make deals with unsavory entities to learn how to make the Time Lock. So what if he only had one working Time Lock Sword left, as the rest had been destroyed. So what if the device he had needed to build the Time Locks had been destroyed by T.J.

That annoying little bastard had rescued his own eye which was the power source behind the Time Lock device. So what if he had to extract the eye from T.J. again to build the device to make the Time Locks and it would unleash dangerous Annihilation Leyas through the time line. So what if it would put every hit squad in the EEF after Vulfrym. He would show those Dahumb. How dare they!

Vulfrym was honestly sad the Dahumb were so childish. They would truly take off their nose to spite their faces.

Though in all honesty it was Vulfrym who was being a spoiled K'ias, because his thoughts showed he had learned nothing from his time in the Hell Dimensions.

He was broken from his reverie by an LT who said, "General, wonderful news, Major General Celyse Hajima of the EEF just comm'd us. Our people have been saved."

General Vulfrym let out a long held sigh. At least his Lions had been saved.

He stood up stretched and was suddenly happy he didn't try time shredding into the Da'uhnb capital.
It seemed the Dahumb had been honest when they said they weren't involved in the kidnapping of his people.
Now there was just that matter of them calling him a terrorist and declaring him a wanted man.
Vulfrym still couldn't understand why they had put that deathmark on his head in the first place.

He went back to scheming of his revenge, even at the cost of all of reality.

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Re: Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

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At Orleos Sacrenine's Manor the Blackheart teams waited uneasily in the L shape hidden behind sculptures and easels, and strategically positioned furniture.

From what they were briefed and what Eante had said if Orleos was successful, him and a Djinni would pop into existence in the middle of this room. Orleos would try to smooze it but if something went south...

The moment that happened wards would be triggered to keep the Djinni from gating out and the team would hit it with controlled bursts of everything in their arsenal. Zela spring shot rounds, PDR bursts, lasers, chill bolts, fire darts, you name it and some one carried it.

They were on a hair line trigger, if it went to shit. This was a fucking bomb dropping on Beaver Cleaverville. For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon! There was a fire fight!!!

Of course when Orleos appeared it wasn't just with the Djinni. Both Orleos and the Djinni thought the Lions of Earth and Blackheart guards with them were the ones they had saved.

The hidden Guards burst from their position and killed the Djinni within moments. Orleos bound its spirit into a beautiful jeweled statue which he quickly put in an armored safe.

Orleos led the Lions of Earth and the Blackheart Guards up to his sitting room, where couches, food and drinks were arrayed. They ate and talked and felt great about their success.
That was until Lt. Barnes of the Lions, one of the recuees began to burp. Three burps in he exploded, and the rest of the "rescued" soldiers followed suit moments later.

When Orleos opened his eyes he was being treated by a Lionguard Medic.

His first question was, "Is the safe allright?"

"If you are asking about the Vault downstairs, yes," said the Medic trying to calm him, "Your artwork is safe."

Orleos calmed a bit and asked, "What happened?"

"Classic Ironsbane," muttered the Medic, "Filled the rescued guys with ingestable explosives."

Orleos saw the Medic had already pulled a curtain rod from his stomach. The medic healed him, and then said, "Rest here. We think we can resurrect everyone. This wasn't about final death. It was about a message."

"Yeah don't sell people out to the Quall," said Orleos, "I think I heard his message loud and clear."

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Re: Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

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Orleos gains 1 Djinni Bound Spirit Artwork

Ryuk gains Friend of a Pirate is a Friend of Mine
Pirates will not attack Ryuk's ships unless he attacks first (except Free Systems agents)

Blackheart and Lions of Earth gains End of the Pirate Threat
No more pirate attacks will be made at random on their holdings.

Blackheart loses their initial bid in money.

Everyone gets Truth behind the "Dreaded Stilleto Rush"

IronsbaneIndustries gains, Have my cake and Eat it too
He gets his fiancee back and gets revenge.

IronsbaneIndustries gains, My dad would be proud!

Vulfrym gains, Reality Check

Blackheart and Lions of Earth gets, their Squad back, delivered by Celyse

All others Gain, A few Good Laughs and Free Booze
This one time benefit will restore your Morale to 100%. Save if for when you need it!


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Blackheart rewards

Post  blackheartsecurity on Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:45 pm

Childeen met with Celyse and FM Strykker outside the room where DP2 was going to be operated on. "He needs psychic surgery too, Angel D tortured him, and I am pretty sure she could put some of your tribes to shame in that particular art Celyse." Childeen said nodding his head to the room serving as Azraels scalpal operating room. "No offense." He quickly added.

Simmons looked a little in shock. He was on board the ship when the explosives went off. He was revived and after finding out everything from the first responders he was called in to brief Childeen. His fear and anxiety melted away and his boss looked a little less pale when he entered. Childeen's first question had been about casualties. After finding out everyone would be recovered through first aid or cloning he relaxed.

Then Childeen had brought him on a little trip. The fact the he had casually traveled to another dimension shocked him. He was rolling and OD Green wooden case on a dolly behind him. He handed Childeen some papers. Childeen read them quickly and smiled before turning back to Celyse and Strykker. "I wanted to thank you both for the help you have given me to retrieve my people, I was going to fold my company to pay off the auction if the need arose."

He opened the Green box. Inside was a gold colored machine gun. "Strykker I thought you would appreciate this. All the working parts are a gold colored alloy that should never oxidize and can withstand high heat, the rest is gold plated. Its an M-60 machine gun, like the kind your ancient earther war hero Rambo used when he fought against corruption to secure veterans rights. I saw the old documentary and I figured this would be a fitting tribute to you. The ammo is all acid tipped and should pack a wicked punch."

He turned to Celyse, "Honored Zaodonai, I am having my people delivery 1000 more of everything you ordered from us. I remember and honor my friends and allies."

(OOC: I dunno if you know what RWE Inc is, if not ask admin)
Sometime later after the DP2 stuff reaches a point where Childeen can leave.

"Orleos, thank you for getting that Djini out of there, I thought the auction was going to hurt a lot more than it did." he paused as some workers moved past with supplies to repair the damage from the belly bombs. "I can help you pay for the damages if you wanted."

They came to the freighter Childeen had shown up on. The inside was stuffed full of tarped bundles and fine art supplies, it would cause any artist to have multiple orgasms going through the collection. Then Childeen pulled the tarps off the bundles. they were stacks of lumber and stone blocks, all of which had paperwork from RWE Inc certifying they were from earth.

"I wanted to show my appreciation, I was going to give you gem stones but then the market crashed. So instead I pulled some strings to get this."

(Some time after that in the form of an HEM, because I guarantee a sector general has little free time to bullshit with an IRLC over a few brewskies)

Sector General Deer,
I wanted to thank you for your work taking down the pirates. I don't actually know how to repay you as my budget is probably what you would consider pocket change. However I owe you a favor of a variety of your choosing. Thank you for helping me free my people from Ironsbane's grasp.



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Re: Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

Post  OrleosSacrenine on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:28 pm

Looking up from the repairs that were going on due to the damages, Orleos let out a small chuckle at the mention of the Djinn, "I was more than happy to get that Djinn out of the way. The fat man was worth more than he seemed, but I'm not complaining." At a motion from Blackheart he followed.

Orleos's eyes widened in shock at the mere sight of some of the products. Walking down the line he traced fingers shaking from excitement over some of the names, stopping every now and then to contemplate what the labels said, 'Is that non-artificial azurite? You can't even get that anywhere but Earth!' he thought. He turned back to Blackheart, "Childeen, thank you. I must say that this is definitely a surprise. This is worth more to me than you can possibly imagine. Know this, not a single thing here will go to waste. Everything here will be used to it's full value. Thank you again my friend"

Walking away from the treasure trove behind him, thoughts of ancient works flitted through his head as well as ideas of a more dark nature.


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Re: Week 7 - The Devilish Director Ironsbane

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