The Return of Stark and the TNI Counter Box Opens (week 7-8) Seen by Ar'yay and Stark Only

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The Return of Stark and the TNI Counter Box Opens (week 7-8) Seen by Ar'yay and Stark Only

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Ar'yayHiveQueen wrote:Greetings Sector General Stark, it has been a very long time since we have spoken. I do hope things are going well for you. I have heard nothing of your activities in a long while. I do hope you are comfortable. I am messaging you because You worked with TNI in regards to a counter for the Frost Generators, they finished the project as I am sure you are aware of. I would like to gain this counter for them as the Frost Generators are a great threat to my people. Would it be possible for you to contact TNI and allow them to sell me this technology? It would save many lives if I could use it to protect my children.

Thank you for your time

Hive Queen Ar'Yay

sectorgeneralstark wrote:
A Mothership of Unknown design appeared over Aryay's Holdings on Kyrpos.
Had the rumors of the Fleet of Fate been true?

From it came the Sector General Stark. The K'ias was in human form and wore a strange headband.

He said, "Ar'yay HiveQueen, that was purchased with Iron Republic funds to help allied Quall N'drone, not Rogues."

The Quall Warriors standing around Ar'yay were offended, how dare the K'ias speak to their Queen with such impertinence. Ar'yay watched with interest as one of the Warriors rage overcame him, and he charged. Ar'yay could have stopped him using their hivemind connection, but why bother.

A beam of unimaginable brillance lanced down from the ship with pinpoint accuracy. Where it struck the charging Quall Warrior was simply turned to dust.

Stark shook his head, with a trapjaw smile only a K'ias could muster, "I was actually joking HiveQueen.
After months trapped aboard my old flagship orbiting a blackhole I have tried to develop a sense of humor. Luckily I was rescued, by unlikely allies.
Allow me to formally apologize for your dead warrior. My new flagship is very protective. Her old pilot was a Grey indoctrinated by the Fleets of Fate, who did not treat her as nicely as I do."

Ar'yay's Warriors began to growl. They like the K'ias less and less each minute.

Stark finally bowed respectfully and said, "HiveQueen, you owe me one. When all your other I.R. and Quall Friends ignored you in your time of plight, who was it who came to your aid, the shamed Sector General Stark.
Here is the box delivered by Terranova Industries. It will automatically shut down standard Frost Generators in a twenty five mile vicinity. They will still create cold weather, but its ability to automatically kill the Quall is countered by this Box. But it will have no effect on the newer Surge Platforms.
TNI never named it, but the TNI Counter Box will work for you if you need it to.
Be careful though its too fragile to try and weaponize"


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