Instructions What instructions??!!

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Instructions What instructions??!!

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:02 pm

Some concerns have been brought to my attention OOC so I thought I'd address it directly. There has been some talk of Admins instructions as some sort of secret thing.

As many of you know there are restrictions based on your factions. For example our Sector Generals always has the standing rule they can't glass planets without the Board of Directors permission. This is an incharacter method of showing why the entire rebellion isn't ended in week 1 of part 1 of the Space Campaign.

Some players had even more obscure instructions like Prime of Unity can't know about the Cyborg Hunters plots or the Demons of Unity til he learned about it in game. Another example is DP2 who can't share his characters real name in character. Or during space 1 I gave Deer instructions to challenge the players but give them diplomatic options to earn their own faction territories.

Let's be honest here if the IR at the beginning of Space 1 would have unleashed its entire fighting force there was little the player generated factions could do. Every colony would be glassed in two weeks and we would never have made it to Space 3 these three years later.

Special Instructions are not told to all players because it should only be known by the player struggling with it.

However there are some instructions all should know. I didn't think I had to spell them out but here:

1- there are borders between different factions territories. (See the update maps they are differenciated by color)

2- if you go past that border to attack something and your faction and their faction have a treaty you just broke the treaty

3- for information about the main treaties see the Finale for Space Part 2 which lists how the treaties affect each faction. It's a set of free downloads on the DR website and imperitive to read if you don't want to piss off your team mates. (Also ask team mates in character)

4- if you are a part of a faction even if you are "freelance" you are still bound by their treaties.

5- your faction forums tell you the out of character hierarchies of your faction. Contact subcommanders with disputes but faction leaders are faction leaders for a reason. They have earned it across Space 1 and 2 through playing. They have a vested interest in their faction succeeding and are connected due to work and effort building the faction.

Some treaties are part of Dr Lore like the IR Quall Treaty, the IR Quall and Da'uhnb Treaty, the IR Grey Treaty, the Da'uhnb Grey Treaty, the Peace of Falos, the second Peace of Falos(Treaty 2218), the Jarob Treaty of Year 5. If you have specific questions on those please ask. That is why we have a questions section.


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Re: Instructions What instructions??!!

Post  Palomedes on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:28 am

the IR Grey Treaty??

I know we aren't allowed to invade the hidden Grey territory, but there is treaty? Too Cool!

Can we set up a thread to talk with our "Grey Diplomats"


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