Week 7 - A CatSkinner will Lead them

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Week 7 - A CatSkinner will Lead them

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Alpha Cat Bravo banked to the side of the blockade. They had been given strict orders to keep the cloaked EEF Gunships safe. But once they reached the atmosphere, they had to pull away or risk giving away the Gunships positions.

So they waited and watched.

And while they watched they saw the strangest thing. A pack of 100 Stilletos disable two Blackheart Starfighters. Knowing they were outmatched 10 to 1 the Catskinners kept hidden and followed the Stilletos across a few Shadows jumps designed to throw off pursuit.

The Stilletos were succesful escaping and the Catskinners found themselves left behind in an unknown sector of space. Finally getting their bearings they found they were deep within the Brethren expanse.

They were floating in orbit above an Eden-class planet where a rebel Heavy Frigate was fighting off a pack of five IR Gunship Light Frigates and 250 IR Gunpod Starfighters. The rebel Frigates crew has open mayday on all non-Iron Republic frequencies.

Alco analyzed the situation quickly, knowing that there was no way it's small squad would have a chance against the IR fleet amassed there. It sent an encrypted burst message with all pertinent data to Ft. Lendill Command and the main S.U.A.R.M Fleet while remaining out of range of the battle.

As his fleet moved onward through space, their destination SUARM controlled territories, Mor'aye'ahn was distracted by matters with family as well as with promises he made. He would need time, resources, and more importantly people to give him a break!

Sitting at his chair on the bridge he was letting his mind lapse into several different trains of thought when one of the bridge officers tapped him on the shoulder. "Sir, we have received a distress signal from the Brethren Expanse. It appears that a Heavy Frigate is in a skirmish with Iron Republic Forces."

The officer, a female Kumfei whose name temporarily escaped the commander, had Mor'aye'ahn's attention. "What is the full status?"

"Broad Mayday call so far sir, all we can gather is that they're outnumbered above an unclaimed planet."
Unclaimed she said, it provoked opportunities. "I want all vessels to change course... we're taking a bit of a detour."

At his command the kumfei went back to her chair and put on her headset relaying orders to all ships.
His tactical officer, an Earther male whose name didn't escape Mor'aye'ahn, went over their current stock of weapons. As they had done very little combat their stock was generally untouched. "Crewman Izzik I want the majority of our EMP charges converted into missiles. I don't plan on shooting down the Iron Republic while we still haven't made them want to outright attack us. I want to disable the aggressors and have that frigate towed out of there as soon as possible."

"Aye S--" was all that Izzik could get out before the K'ias started to speak again.

"Also I want all vessels capable to scan the planet. If it is uninhabited and matches all criteria we need I want a NESA ready to run it's programming. We are going to see if we can finally make a Factory World."

As he stood there with glee he saw his relative Rol'aye'ahn looking at him with a sinister smile.

Rol walked up to Mor'aye'ahn and told him, "Cousin, my fighters will be in reserve just in case the IR decides to attack us for assisting the rebels.

We could use another planet for research and production. Let me know if you need any assistance. If the rebels don't have enough men to fly that ship when this is over, that ship could be the ship you owe me."

As the Dragon's Teeth began its FTL travel preparations, Rol'aye'ahn stalked off the bridge back to Rol's temporary quarters.

In short time of drifting in space, Alco of Alpha Cat Bravo received a reply.
"Observe, but do not engage, Dragon's Teeth and Chameleon's Grace en route, with Rosethorn and Willowwhip joining them. Captains V'zon and V'lpec commanding. Shadow jumping to your coordinates."

Meanwhile as Alco waited for support, the Pirate Captain Fleshstealer was listening closely to reports from his forward scouts.

A smile crept across his lips as he heard the distress call.

Over the comm system Captain Fleshstealers voice crackled. "To squarons 1 thru 4 you are to dispatch to assist the rebal ship. Offer full aid when area is secure.

Wing 1 will be on hand for support. I want that planet."

So it was not surprising when the Dragons Teeth and Chameleon's Grace arrived they were confronted not just by the battle underway, but also by a large Free Systems splinter fleet.

Sitting aboard the Dragons teeth Mor'aye'ahn awaited the results of the scans when a warning klaxon sounded the arrival of a new fleet in the area. "Now what?!" was beginning to be the song of the K'ias commanders existence lately.

"Sir perimeter scanners are picking up signs of a fleet. We are beginning to get word that they are Pirate vessels."

"Just gr--" As the shape-shifter thought briefly they began to receive word of the actions of the fleet and he began to wonder who the captain might be.

"They seem to be focusing their efforts on the Iron Republic vessels sir, orders?"

"Very well. Crewman Hollister signal our combined fleets, advise to aid the pirates as well as the freighter."
He then began to think once more. There must be more than one reason to do this than simply piss off the iron republic, and he wasn't sure that Pirates helped ships in distress out of the goodness of their own heart.

"Oh hell, they probably want the planet."

It just wasn't his year, it wasn't. First being attacked by unknown mercenaries, Admiral Yr annoying him, and then the Battle City event that lost him half of a planet. "Send word to the NESA bay, tell them to stand down and put the missiles back into storage... we may not be getting our prototype but we are definitely getting a piece of that rock even if we have to share!"

Upon arrival, the starships Rosethorn and Willowwhip deployed their compliment of Variable Fighters, as well as Alpha Cat Squads Delta and Gamma. AC Squads Bravo, Delta, and Gamma surrounded the Frigate in a shielding defense grid. As the enemy Gunpod Starfighters attacked they were fended off by Variables using EMP to disable the attacking vessels. The Grace began assisting in towing the Frigate to safety.

The Entire S.U.A.R.M. fleet began its first major dogfight, and the I.R. Pilots were no pushovers. It was when the Pirate Recyclers began striking the Interplanetary Gunships from behind that the battle turned decisively in Mor'aye'ahn's favor. It gave him the few moments he needed to position his own Echinea Heavy Capital Ships to be able to take out the last two Interplanetary Gunships in one pass. They swallowed the Gunships crew and all.

As the Fleets floated above the Eden Class world, envoys moved between the fleets to decide the fate of the world they had just fought over.

They received word from the crew of the Heavy Frigate, Volan's Hope, rebels from the Volans Constellation who were carrying needed medical supplies. The crew of the Volan's Hope has promised to return with colonists and building materials to help those who aided them in escaping the Iron Republic.


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Re: Week 7 - A CatSkinner will Lead them

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All players have access to Tapestry, an Eden-Class world they will split.
Tapestry has been opened in the Planets Forum

All players involved will gain the following on their character sheet to represent it

Industry 25%
Research 25%
Population 1 Million
Defense Force: Green


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