The birth of a subsidiary

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The birth of a subsidiary

Post  blackheartsecurity on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:25 pm

Akrea slammed her hands down on the table, “No!” She stated on the verge of rage. “No, and no, we need to talk.”

Childeen sat back, he knew the document she held in her hand was the weekly purchasing request. What she was so angry about was beyond him.

Akrea tucked back a bang that had gotten loose and hung up on data monocle. “10x heavy banking guild frigates, and next to it you wrote “IR motherships?”, one thousand gunpods, 500 dusk class destroyers, and the list goes on. No.”

Childeen looked at her, she was on a very fine line now, normally he encouraged people to test limits. “So you are telling me you won't place the order?”

Akrea shook her head, “Its ludicrious Childeen. You are trying to be your own little Iron Republic, and its a production race you can't win. We need modernization and you, me, and pesh all know it, but this will destroy the one thing we could do the IR never could. You buy this armada and we sacrifice our agility.”

Childeen felt his own temper flaring, “So what then? We are losing our edge, the weapons sales will dry up, and when they do what will keep us relevant if we can't offer a rent-a-fleet?”

Akrea took her monocle off, even her boss was imperfect and he was certainly off on his own tangent, “Economic diversity, dear god childeen, we own partial rights to one of the fastest growing breweries in the galaxy, you have the premiere arms company, you have turned one of the Iron Republics worst prison planets into a economic gold mine while making it humane, we have a plethora of experience in logistics, you have the only interstellar ambulance and rescue service, mineral extraction, hell you even dabbled successfully in hospitality, and you really want me to believe the only answer is to make a merc army?”

Childeen bit his lip, she was right, “So whats next then?”

she passed him some banking guild spread sheets, “Right now merchants are charging more than 400% mark up in some cases. Let me set up a side business, you hired me to be your CFO from the banking guild, I can get my license going and start a subsidiary. All I need is a accounting and logistics small staff and some manual labor. The parent company would get the profits, and we would stay what was the term “relevant.”

Childeen nodded, his mind began thinking outside the box again. “Ok, but keep it honest Akrea.”

She nodded, “Thats probably the best lesson you have taught me, in times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. I will be honest with it.”

Childeen nodded, “I'm going to need client lists and things, this could be a well spring of information on everyone!” He began to get enthusiastic thinking about it.

Akrea shook her head and smiled, “No childeen it won't. You told me to keep it honest, honestly you aren't privy to any of that information.”


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