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AS people play through these campaigns, there are a lot of times where there are months of work going into one bit of a story. Like with Alice Clegg. I figure I would gather some of this into a more story format, with Clegg an Ryuks particular little rivalry that went on for a bit. I know I am missing the communications where she has me declared a warcriminal, if anyone has them I would appreciate it being sent to me. I figure we can post here for admin, or someone else to convert into an actual short story.

(currently this goes up to end of Space campaign 2)


The Th?et Of the MOdel—T—
The heavily modifed Space Transport Ryuk‘s Luck and 3 Kasanthian Missile Ship Ultra-light Frigates
commanded by Kasanthian Leftenant Ryuk. He sneaked an EyeSpy mekanoid aboard the Model T Space station Nemia's Remorse, and used it
to shadow walk his Nightmare soldiers directly onto the bridge of the space station. Ryuk slaughtered the crew and his Nightmarish horde killed
all onboard by venting the space station. All hands onboard died as they were suddenly exposed to the cold vacuum of space. Before their death
a single member of the Nemia's Remorse security patrol sent off a distress call to the nearby Iron Republic Fleet serving under I.R. Captain Alice.
Nemia's Remorse is in deep space, far from both Refuge and Earth, orbiting a star in the Hercules constellation, ?rmly in the territory of Sector
General Palomedes of the Iron Republic.

Captain AXIS STROMS THE PIPELINE- The TRILAT Captain Axis attacked a Warmonger Cult Spaceport on a dead world that was
used as a waypoint for shipping soil from Aloith 4 to an unknown destination. His star?ghters attacked the site, disabled the defenders and
located the entrance to the soil depository which was deep underground.
They transmitted the coordinates to Leftenant Ryuk who was supposed to undertake the critical ?nal attack on the site. Leftenant Ryuk never
arrived with his spaceforce nor with the experimental weapons he had promised. Instead Leftenant Ryuk had been caught in a trap by the I.R.
Captain Alice Clegg. She shadow jumped her I.R. StarCruiser into orbit of Ryuk's stolen Model-T while shadow jumping her Heavy Frigates in
?anking Ryuk's Ultra-Light Frigates. At that moment, Captain Clegg ?red off a trio of missiles ?lled with shrapnel that were Shadow Warded. It
created a temporary blockade to all Shadow Drives trapping the Kasanthian vessels in system.
In another solar system, Captain Axis had to ?ee the Pipeline and return to Unity space, as ?ve Warmonger Cult Reaper Capital Ships shadow
jumped in. By the time the effects of the Shadow Ward had worn off, Leftenant's Ryuk's ?eet was ?ghting a losing battle. The Leftenant's entire
strategy based around a single type of Leyas artifact that could not function in the presence of the Shadow Wards. When Shadow Drives came
back online, Ryuk shadow jumped towards the Pipeline hoping to still reach attack site in time to test his experimental weapons. Unluckily he
was followed by two of Clegg's Frigates. Ryuk jumped away to safety, but Captain Clegg discovered the pipeline and its secrets

Ryuk Tries his Luck- Lt. Ryuk of the Trilat found himself in an untenable
situation. His specially designed weapon had been shut down before battle even began when I.R.
Captain Alice Clegg had set up asteroids arti?ced with shadow wards around his ?eet.
Trapping him, in her forces closed, but the temptation of a weapon that could tum the war against the
Unity on the planet Alioth drew most of Captain Clegg's forces away from the battle in the Hercules
Ryuk saw his advantage. When Clegg hoped to mop him up with a pair of Frigates and a handful of
?ghters, Lt. Ryuk personally led a small horde of Enslaved Nightmares onto the asteroids. Fighting
asteroid to asteroid, Ryuk used Fire Leyas and Earth Leyas to bum and crack the asteroids shattering
them and their wards. When the wards failed, Ryuk was ready.
He ordered his grand work to be unveiled. Hundreds of small sacks tied with explosives were already
drifting by the time the words left Ryuk's lips. The explosives detonated and the shadow cocoons
inside ruptered creating an instant asteroid belt in the middle of the Iron Republic formation.
The Iron Republic ranks were scattered, Lt. Ryuk marked off the destruction of a pair of Century-
Class frigates with particular pride. The loss of those would be a sore blow to the I.R. and a strong
warning to Captain Clegg not to follow him. Ryuk escaped using a recently delivered Unity Shadow
Satellite and used the network to travel to E-strain controlled territory safe from the Iron Republic.
Ryuk took the stolen Model-T space station deep into TRILAT controlled space and opens its doors as
a Casino. Within its first two weeks of business its already brought in a record pro?t. Though some
?nd it uncomfortable to gamble alongside E-strain Manslayers, Univores and Intelligent Nightmares.
It is already listed among the top 5 vacation destinations among the Kasanthian Federation
In two weeks Admiral Layne Yr plans on making a personal visit, both to see the success of Lt. Ryuk
and to enjoy the Casino's exceptional blackjack tables.

D1SCOVeryy at the Alioth Pipeline- Two I.R. Century-class Frigates, and an I.R. Starcruiser shadow jumped into orbit above the
eden planet of the Alioth System. They landed on the far side of the planet and attacked a Wamionger cult shipping facility there. Led by I.R.
Captain Alice Clegg, with secret plans sent from Sector General Sandford Deer, an Iron Republic Red Fist Commando Unit led the squad inside
the laboratory of Dr. Tessengme of the Warmonger Cult.
The mad doctor escaped but not before Captain Clegg leamed what he had been shipping to insurgent groups across Known space. It was
cannisters full of the soil from Alioth 4’s fertile landscape. Sealed inside many layers of lead, because the soil seemed to make the demonic
members of Dr Tessengrue's staff ill, were the soil to be used against the enemies of Warmonger. However Dr. Clegg did not shut down the lab.

Defense at the Alioth Pipeline - The laborotatory kept producing the soul capsules. Captain Clegg called for reinforcements and sector General Palomedes sent an Armada to defend such a vital resource. With the planet now heavily defended, Captain Clegg has befun shipping out her Mega Dispersal Weapon (MDW) missiles to the Iron Republic Splinter fleets across the Polar Expanse. Already Mars and other colonies have been dusted with the soil to permanently protect the Iron Republix's greatest assest from Unity Conversion, Nanoplauge attack and consumption by Technomantic creatures like World Worms.
The Iron Republic has also put out a reward of 6 Billion I.R. credits for anyone who can find a way to replicate the technology or provide them with a working Sephie Planet Healer ship. So far none have taken up the challenge.

The Beauty and the Battle at the edge of Camelopardis- Sitting at the edge ofthe star system being fOl1gl'1I over by the
E-strain and the Iron Republic was the starship Ryuk's Luck. On its bridge was Lt. Ryuk, watching the tiny lights in the distance, a battle between
two huge starforces in the remains of an asteroid ?eld orbiting a dying sun.
The Iron Republic Armada boasted a pair of Motherships, eight Heavy Frigates, and hundreds of Star?ghters. Like a cloud the star?ghters rose
from the Armada and extended out into the asteroid belt, dog?ghting with Yrs Star?ghters and winning kill after kill. The asteroid belt grew
quiet and dark for a few moments and then hundreds of asteroids began moving of their own accord.
Ten Trilat Behemoth Asteroid Capital Ships were formed. Their hail of acid and chill disabled and destroyed the LR. Star?ghters reducing the
Brethren inside to nothing more than spacedust. Two of the LR. Frigates went down, their nanite shields dropped, and then were cut apart by acid
The Domebusters of the I.R. Armada ?red their salvos in reply, pummeling the Behemoths. Asteroids were cracked, and thousands of
Nightmares were hurled into the vacuum of space. One Behemoth bravely moved forward under the direct command of Lt. Basil on a charge for
the lead I.R. Mothership. It suffered three direct hits from Domebuster rounds until all that remained was the Bridge asteroid and three other
asteroid ships acting as physical walls.
Lt. Basil's ?agship smashed into the EM forceshields and barely made it through to careen into the Bridge of the Mothership.
Stockholder Kal Marx barely escaped the attack by the suicidal E-strain, using a quick escape elevator to reach the heart of the ship as half his
bridge crew gave their lives in service to the Iron Republic. The Stockholder demanded they shadow jump to the safety of the new Interdictor
Fleet to perform repairs.
The Mothership escaped the rest of the camage carrying both Stockholder Kal Marx and his enemy Lt. Basil to safety.
Meanwhile the battle raged, the remaining I.R. Mothership moved back behind a screen of the Frigates who continued to bombard the Behemoth
Capital Ships into bits. From the heart of the Gas Giant Waghireh, ?ew 20 Bloom Ships, the entire E-strain Starforce. Their cutting beams cut
four more I.R. Frigates into exploding sections and killed all hands on board. Despite retreating Stockholder Kal Marx's orders still stood and
ten Trident Missile ships revealed themselves also hiding in Waghireh‘s ion storms. They launched a spread of Alioth Soil Missiles and followed
them up with CLEAN bomb warheads. On the other side the remaining Frigates and the Mothership continued their volleys.
When the ?nal Domebuster sounded, the attack was a complete success. Stockholder Kal Marx's attack had destroyed the heart of E-strain
military force.
A trio of Angels of Desolation Kingfisher Starships took off from their secret base to carry the inner cabal of the Angels of Desolation to meet up
with Angel D, who has been hiding out in the darkness of space.
Lt. Ryuk watched the long range viewer, enjoying the show. On a certain level he was sad to see it end. He sat in a captain's chair adorned with
Leyas Generators. They pulsed in time with other Leyas Generators that were carefully installed at key points across the hull of Ryuk's Luck.
They numbered 130, each of the highest quality available in known space, bought with coin gained through Ryuk's Casino.
Even now it was a struggle for the obscurements on his ship to hold in the sheer amount of Leyas that was being generated and stored aboard the
tiny ship at the edge of the solar system. Ryuk tapped into the chuming Maelstrom of Leyas around him and focused it on the Dyring Sun in the
center of the solar system. He forced the energy into it, forcing the dying sun to go supernova. Its explosion destroyed the entire remaining I.R.
Fleet. The waves of energy petered out within sight of his starship and Ryuk had them modulate the shields so he could watch. When it ?nally
ended its display, Ryuk activated his communicator and spoke "My Job Here is Done." and returned to his Casino deep in E-strain space.

Red Fist Strike a Unity Extension- Five squads of Red Fist Commandos piloting Support Mecha attacked a
Unity base on Alkaid 4. The planet was covered in Frost Generators, but the Support Mecha kept the Quall soldiers alive. They landed outside the
main settlement. They snuek inside using Alioth Soil Grenades ?red from Tactical Dispersal Weapons to disable to the sensors and distract the
Unity Praetorians and Triarius who patrolled the icy terrain.
Two squads of Red Fist Commandos focused on disabling the Orochi Defensive Towers barring the way into the settlement at Alkaid 4. Two
other squads of Red Fist Commandos made a larger attack at the north end of thc settlement drawing out thc Triarias and Emissarics and then
engaging them in combat.
With the defenses distracted the remaining Red Fist squad cut a hole in the side of the settlement wall and entered the compound. Making their
way stealthily past platoons of Unity Praetorians. The Red Fist squad found the center of the settlement and set off a trio of Soil Grenades in the
air ?lters of the settlement. Puri?cation settings locked the system down, but even this was a diversion as the Red Fists delivered their package.
They left the way they came in, making sure to cover every trace of their steps. When they ?nally got the chance to report their success to
I.R. Captain Alice C Iegg, she and her commandos watched the entire settlement get wiped out as the package detonated.
The CLEAN Bomb inside the package was strategically placed to kill even the cloned Vrangian Guard stables and Seneschals barracks for Unity
connected stationed on Alkaid 4.

Red Fist Commandos Strike the Lamia 2 Unity Extension- Four squads of Red Fist Commandos piloting Support
Mecha attacked a Unity base on Lamia 2. They snuck inside using Alioth Soil Grenades tired from Tactical Dispersal Weapons to disable to the
sensors and distract the Unity Praetorians and Triarius who patrolled the corridors of the Unity Starbase. Belas Univore was shocked when a pair
of Red Fists came crashing through his labs’ front doors. He escaped under a hail of mach cannon fire.
Meanwhile two squads of Red Fist Commandos focused on getting the sample of the new alien species. What the Iron Republic commandos
found were hundreds of DevilCrabs, advanced hybrids of Quall N‘dronc and Manslaycr. It was the most terrifying sort of trap, if Quall N‘dronc
knew fear. They were the most elite for the I.R. Commandos, and the Red Fists killed the closest DevilCrab and grabbed it as a sample. Under
successive counteriire from Unity Praetorians supported by the DevilCrabs sharp claws.
Five of the Red Fists went down under the claws of the DevilCrabs, and two more died as a Unity Cherub of Fate joined the battle.
The Red Fists met up with their remaining two squads and made the slow slog back to the assault shuttles.
They left the way they came in, and detonated the armor on the downed Red Fists once they escaped. The controlled blasts killed a few
DevilCrabs, but eliminated the entire Red Fist armor, and the Mecha shell. When the survivors ?nally got the chance to report their success to
I.R. Captain Alice Clegg, she was pleased they had even made it out alive. They had even discovered signs Belas Univore has sent ships carrying
DevilCrab eggs all across the galaxy.

The Rocks You Turn o'er - After the loss of the Alioth Weapons production facility, I.R. Captain Alice Clegg launched her fleet to investigate a complaint of an E-Strain world Worm investation in the YEsha Sveny Solar System. What she discovered there was far worse than a simple infestation. As her Starcrusier shadow jumped into orbit above YEsha SV9, they found both YEsha and its neighbor systems, Dapang and Satab, had been infested and turned into 3 Galaxcy drives, whos combined Wormhole would be equal to a quarter of an Iron REpublic Sector in a single jump.
When the cloud of Claw Assualt pods launched from the Yesha Galaxcy Drive they struck CAptain Clegg's Ship, the Titan of Luna. The Titan of Luna was captured within moments and Alice Clegg was caputer and taken while the rest of the crew was slaughtered by E-Strain manslayers.
Captain Clegg's fate remains unknown.

Pirate attack Clegg's Shipment- Up and coming Pirate sora Fleshstealer led his crew of pirates onto a lighting run on the shipment of solar cells that have been tasked for repairs on Captain Clegg's fleet.
Pirate light frigates and HEavy fridates and their compliments of starfighters attack the convoy. The Priates captured five antares Starfighters and there cargo, but there hornet shuttlecraft escaped during the battle, another five antares starfreighters suceeded in cuttin up one of the heavy frigates and one of the light frigates before being destroyed. With halve the cargo stolden and the other half out of the Iron Republics hands, the pirate fleet escaped.

The Rocks You Turn o'er part 2 - ater a week of intenese emotional and physical torture at the hands of the Angels of Desolation, I.R. captain Alice Clegg was implanted with Magnavore larva. Further manipulation by T'rond Vale of the angels of Desolation, an UThvelor trained in the art of mind spike, broke Alice Clegg until she was nothing more than a tool of the E-strain and the creeping Darkness.
Despite her years of loyal IR service, Captian Clegg set out for the STar Cluster where Lt. Basil of the Crab Claw Mercs was always one shadowy jump away from being caught by the Iron REpublic. Since the destruction of his personal escort fleet, I.R. stockholder Kal Marx had railed against the board of Directors, Demanding more ships.
Instead, with only a fraction of his former flee, he contiuned his plan for revenge anfains the BrainCrab that ruined his life, Lt Basil of the CrabClaw Merc. When the I.R. stockholder recieved a signeal from Alice Clegg's flagship, the Titan of Luna, he was overjoyed believing his unanswered calls for aid were finally answered. He signaled them, and set plans coordinating his final attack on the small force of tanks and starships under the control of Lt. basil.
Basil's troop swere currently resuppling on the planet Raufe, a trade a supply outpost run by the banking guild. When the call came in from the I.R. tha basil was a wanted BrainCrab, the banking guild politely asked him to leave. To smooth things over they covered a complementary dinner for the little alien.
Lt.Basil and his fleet moved to the nearby free moon of Lorendale 6 and waited for their seeming death. Instead as the I.R. mother ship of Stockholder Kal Marx approached Lorendale 6, a strange unknown fleet shadow jumped into orbit above them. Still broadcasting Clegg's IFF, it was led by a bllomship created from the wreakage of the Titan of Luna. Its cutting beams hit the mother ship, which was so focus on the planet none of its domebusters could target the E-strain vessel.

Meanwhile the four other E-strain Bloomships under clegg's control used their cutting beams to cut apart the I.R. starfighters as they attempetd to take off from teh ships docking bays. Then the Tribusters cannons under Lt. Basil's control hit the mothership. All hands were lost or persumed dead. the whereabouts of kal Marx are unknown.

The "rescue" of Kal Marx - After Captain Alice Clegg was inplaned witha magnavor larva. she aided the angels of desolation in capturing an I.R. politician. This ploiticion was I.R. Stockholder Kal Marx, a vocal anti-larva Q'uall n'drone propognadist. Wth him as bait, Angel D, leader of the angels of desolation, knew she could draw many types of people.
however none were more perfcet tham I.R. captain Duwan Jinto.
They lured in the naive CAptain Jinto, who thought he was going according to his plan when his Horn-Class starcrusier bombared the two bloom ships into spacedust. His starfighter force attacked the anti-air bunkers with ablative foam rockets. They gummed up the maulers inside their firing ports. With the anti-air defnces sinlenced, Captain Jinto gunships landed the assult force. Breathern Betas, backed up by Bretherne enforcers and I.R. antlion combat mechenoids cleared hallway after hallway of Manslayers. The fought their way in, resuce the I.R. stockholder.
The Stockholder passed all DNA and mdical scans and was taken to an exclusive medical facility on Mars before going to meet with the I.R. board of directors. Captain Jinto recieved a significant promotion for his success being recognized as Colonel Duwam Jinto. However the truth of the matter is the real Kal Marx was never rescued and is currently on board an AOD prison fleet commanded by captain clegg and T'rond vale of the angels of destruction.
Meanwhile, Lt basil of the CrabClaw mercs , set forth to hide the existance of E-strain worlds fro the Iron Republic. He purposely infected nearby FTL communications relays with the Quiet's cocktail of coumpter viruses to keep the IR from picking up on their own encrypted communications. Once on MArs, lt Basil even wiped the main IR database of known E-strain planets before escaping onboard a cleaning mechanoid. the little braincrab saved hundreds of E-strain hives slated for extermination.
By using a shapship artifact, angel D had stolden kal Marx's form and memories. she infiltrated the IR board of directors, and begun twisting them to the will of her master, the ancient evil knwo as the Creeping Darkness.
While most of the board of directors is free of angels D corruption, already two of the board members listen too closely to the evil machinations of the ancient evils.

*** excerpt from final pdf ***
T'rond Vale and his lover Captain Alice Clegg, MAgnavore , have retired together in the hidden systems. These inhabited star systems are frost and frozen due to the infestation of the revelent nanoplauge orbiting thier suns. This has blocked out all solar energy killing the earther and tzira inhabitants, but leaving magnavors, manslayers and maulers to thrive in the cold and darkness. Depsite being brainwashed by the TRILAT, captain clegg still plots against her lover who is a psychopatic uthvelor. She has eve been recorded by TRILAT internal security hiring unity and kansantian federation mercs to try and assassinate T'rond, which would free her from his control.


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