Oleiferan Holdings - Planet Descriptions

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Oleiferan Holdings - Planet Descriptions

Post  Oleifera on Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:05 am

Oleiferan Holdings

Zahaz (Planet 1)
Once a barren, rocky planet with a barely breathable atmosphere, Zahaz is being quickly transformed into a lush, tropical paradise. After the Oleifera was received in the Builder network, many Builders with a love of the natural world have come to visit, work, and study. The main spaceport area is quickly becoming a sprawling research facility encased in tropical forest, with the major labs on the forest floor. Some artisitic and enterprising Builders are creating living areas within and overlooking the forest canopy. Fields of Moringa are being tended as well, to provide crops for consumption and sale off world.

Calderra (Planet 2)
This small volcanic world will be sown with Moringa, Electric carpet, and tropical forest in approximately equal amounts. The carpet will be hooked up to power cells to provide the colonists with free energy, and Moringa will provide basic food. Extra food and energy will be available for trade, the funds will evetually be used to build another research facility. The colonists will be given the option for transport into I.R. space, but first they must spend a month at one of many Builder retreats in one of the newly created forest glades (conveniently located near all population centers). If at that time they still wish to return to I.R. space, they will be free to go.

John 13 (Bodhi 1)
The nodules on the side of Bodhi 1 are slowly enlarging, as John 13/Oleifera commune in determining the best rates of growth in the temporal radiation. Some Builders are aboard, securing the nodes of zela metal and monitoring the vessel’s physiological processes.

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