I just showed up but it feels like lots of stuff has happened?

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I just showed up but it feels like lots of stuff has happened?

Post  TemporalEmpire on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:22 am

Umm did I screw up? I showed up on the link and it looks like three plus weeks of gaming has already gone on.
Did the game start? If not when does it start?

Im confused!!!???

Sorry for panicking but I'd hate to be leading the Time Travelers who end up showing up late to everything. Suspect

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Re: I just showed up but it feels like lots of stuff has happened?

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:58 am

Yes, we started with just Don, and a handfull of players a few weeks ago to test basic message functions and test presentation.
Then last week we brought on the rest of the EEF Players, IR Players and Unity Players. This coming week and next week we will be bringing onboard the last remaining Free Systems players and Angels of Desolation.

It will be a few more weeks of test games, and testing game types before the game opens and new players will be allowed to join.

Hope everyone enjoys, and no worries everyone is coming onboard right when they are supposed to!
Feel free to read through old mission threads and then read the corresponding events to see how plans can play out in forming the direction of the game. We already have some Pregame Space battles completed for you to read through.


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