PreGame Hunt- The Black Cats of Ryloiyh UV

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PreGame Hunt- The Black Cats of Ryloiyh UV

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Early that morning before the sun rose on the Megadome of Nykosa V, they received a communication from a man named Viggo. He promised to eliminate all the Black Cats who had been terrorizing the MegaDome. They offered him the bounty they had placed on the end of the threat, but he declined asking instead for a simple laboratory set up near the volcano.
He arrived with nothing more than a freighter and its starfighter escort. Setting out scraps of Quall flesh to draw in the alpha members of the pack, the Kasanthian Devotee spoke to the Nightmares and learned of their unique struggle. It seemed there were four packs of Black Cat Nightmares of Ryloiyh UV who had been captured by Space Pirates hoping to sell them to Gladiatorial Matches across the Polar Expanse. They had chilled the ship when it was trying to take off after a short refuelling stop here on Nykosa V, and it had crashed killing the pilot and releasing the four packs.
One pack came with him quickly, giving Viggo 20 live Black Cats that chose to serve his cause. But as he struggled to track the other packs of Black Cats, another force contacted the Dome.
They flew above the fields and forests hunting the Black Cats and dropping down fast moving combat mekanoids who quickly killed and captured any Black Cats they came across. Viggo quickly recognized them as the Hive Stingers of the S.U.A.R.M.. It drove many other Black Cat Nightmares his way, and a few more could be saved. The angry K'iou nearly roared in rage when he saw the magestic nightmares being slaughtered by the S.U.A.R.M.
Both Viggo and the S.U.A.R.M. returned to the Megadome for payment and both were pleased. The people of the Megadome didn't care they had both ended up working together to remove the threat of the Black Cats.
The S.U.A.R.M. were paid 50,000 Ghaz and had thirty corpses of Black Cat Nightmares.
Viggo was given his foundry on the side of the volcano, and escaped with 25 of the veteran intelligent Black Cat Nightmares.


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