Questions to the man behind the curtian

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Questions to the man behind the curtian

Post  LeftenantRyuk on Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:54 pm

I posted that I wanted to build small arms for the army I was building, how should I go about this?
I know construction is set up for ships but I need to outfit my army, and I don't know how I should set this up/
(I don't have my core book, but I was just doing basics, because I have ~35 million troops to arm.)

For training my rabble and the prisoner soldiers, how much detail do you want me to give?

As my main focus for my character was Clegg, and the fact I do not foresee anything that is happening to take a long time, I will have time to add detail, I just need to know how much to add.

As always any and all guidance is appreciated.


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Re: Questions to the man behind the curtian

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:05 pm

Couple of different ways

First is to build weapons which unless you use WPCs can take a bit of time.

Second and much faster way is to request weapons from TRILAT leadership as they have an insane stockpile built up.

Right now the rabble have standard springshots in rifle and pistol size and the prisoners just have close combat weapons.

Third option is to turn the Rabble into broken so they have internal weaponry. Captain Axis couldhelp you do this enmass.

If you do decide to go with option 1 you are limited to building Gauss Rifles 12 missile dmg technomantic weapon and plasma lances


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