Week 6 - Dinner and a Flogging over Hephaestom

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Week 6 - Dinner and a Flogging over Hephaestom

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:01 am

After all the guests had arrived, and taken their seat across the wide banquet hall aboard the bridge of the Iron Republic Mothership, “The Dreaded”. The seats were comfortable form-adjusting materials, and the tables had bartender meks pre-installed so none had to get up from their seats once the ceremony began.

Up on the stage was a prepared area where the six technicians, three EEF and three I.R. had prepared their testing equipment.

Sector General Deer was standing by the podium proudly. He motioned to his two guests of honor, Field Marshall Strykker of the EEF and President John Doe of the Uloh Free Confederacy (known in military circles as Agent:Ragman).

“There has been much violence as of late,” said Sector General Deer reading from the holoprompter, “And people on all worlds, from all backgrounds need to know they are safe. There was an incident that occurred one month ago on the planet Druzi Prime, in the Fire Dome City. An attack by Manslayers which disrupted a military quarantine of the planet. Last week many of you saw on IRPPV the graphic images of that attack, and the news that it was the Uloh Free Confederacy who committed it.
The Iron Republic Military moved immediately to apprehend the suspects involved. You will be please to know, the suspects involved were already suffering a harsh prison sentence on the Uloh Free Confederacy for their actions. However the man who delivered the orders which resulted in this disruption of Quarantine stands before you, and asks your forgiveness.
Like a true military officer he has offered to take the lashes on behalf of his subordinates.
Now this event may be graphic for many of you, but know it is the proper and acceptable punishment and will be administered by Mr. Doe’s direct supervisor, Field Marshall Jeremiah Strykker. I would like to thank both gentleman publicly for their civility in this matter.
All should be pleased to know the Uloh Free Confederacy condemns this disruption of Quarantine as well. However as they have been forthcoming in their presentation of all facts of the case, our lawyers have already signed paperwork that will result in the end of the blockade.
Field Marshall, you may begin the discipline whenever you are ready.”

Deer had purposely not given Jeremiah a mic, and he was happy for it. If Jeremiah had spoken up about his disdain for these proceedings the treaty would come to an end in less than a minute. Instead Jeremiah flicked out the monofilament whipblade. It glistened red and blue and it wavered in the light of the room, between seeming invisible.

President Doe walked over to the designated position, removing his suit jacket and tie and white shirt. Jeremiah tossed him a Zela metal bracelet which Doe affixed to his wrist. Once it was touching his skin a shimmer rose up his body. It revealed a massive creature from the darkest corner’s of a mad surgeon’s mind.
The creature turned and showed his back to the audience. It was covered in surgically attached melded scaly skin and armor. At its shoulders darted a pair of implanted serpentine heads that seemed more intelligent than they should be.
The creature signaled to Strykker.
The 17 lashes were done with speed, efficiency, and without unnecessary damage. Even with his thick living armor, the creature was obviously bleeding. Its armor had been split deep enough to show the pink human flesh deep inside.

President Ragman didn’t utter a sound. When he was signaled that the lashings were done he took off the Zela bracelet, and his body returned to the more normal human form. Even the wounds seemed to disappear.

President Ragman put on his shirt, tie and suit jacket, and took his place once more at Sector General Deer’s dinner table. For Ragman one interesting fact was noticed. He had checked with his agents on other worlds, and other Deers had been spotted. The man had to be sending out clones on certain missions.

Deer continued his speech at various times, inviting Ragman up to announce their Deer and Doe scholarship. The dinner was actually magnificent as far as food.

Outside, the blockade was lifted. The fleets that had been waiting to leave Hephaestom did so safely. When Lil’ye’ahn and Mor’aye’ahn finally left Hephaestom, they were shocked to find out their cousin Rol’aye’ahn had gathered a fleet and was rushing to their aid.

When the meal ended Sector General Deer thanked them.

As Jeremiah Strykker walked back to his ship with his honor guard of EEF Colonial Marines, he actually considered Deer had meant it.


Sector General Deer and Ragman gain the Diplomacy wins the day
+20 Morale boost to maximum Morale

Field Marshall Strykker gains That didn’t Sit well with me, but whats done is done.
+5 Bonus to all discipline checks for all officers under Strykker’s command.

Mor’aye’ahn and Lil’ye’ahn gain Successful tactical retreat from Hephaestom
Morale restored to maximum, +50% Industry to one of Lil and Mor’s worlds each (please note in construction threads which planet with number)
Free Passage back and forth to Hephaestom to trade (will not be hassled by IR) No taxes or tarrifs required
Mor also gains 500,000 ghaz payment from Yr

General Garmin Fe gains Ears on the ground
Can see all private conversations in the Hephaestom planets thread and no other characters know he is spying there.

Admiral Layne Yr gets Independent Factory
+50% Industry to one planet (please list in construction thread).
This is an independent factory.


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Re: Week 6 - Dinner and a Flogging over Hephaestom

Post  Mor'aye'ahn on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:01 pm

Mor'aye'ahn did not go planet side for the punishment of President Ragman. Instead he watched the first few lashings on the main monitor of his ship before he himself became disgusted with it all. Standing up he said aloud to anyone who was even paying attention "Let me know when it is all over."

The walk about the Dragon's Teeth was calming but he could not settle himself completely. The Kassanthian Federation and the Iron Republic were beginning to annoy him greatly. Now he had to work on another project and he had no idea where to start. What's more depending on how events happened in space things would definitely go out the airlock for him if he didn't stay calm. He did do the right thing didn't he? Telling Viv to keep strong and to be the face that SUARM space needed if things were to go bad? Yes, if he lost his temper or these pushy leaders backed him into a corner there would need to be someone who the S.U.A.R.M. could look to. He could not damn his children just for his own mistakes.

The walk down to the armory was fast enough and every being he passes, organic or not, had reminded him of who he really should be working for.

Everyone was distracted, either the transmissions from hephaestom or their own duties kept everyone busy, busy enough not to really pay attention that he had come down away from the bridge. He went to where the NESA missiles had been readied and personally disarmed them. The programming would be reformatted and they would be put into storage for their next use... hopefully a peaceful one. "Commander Mor'aye'ahn the transmission has ended..." He slowly walked to a comms panel "Has the blockade begun to lift?"
"Yes sir."
"Good" he said with a sigh "Send word to the fleet, we're heading out. I want all units that may still be planet side on board immediately, no one is left behind. Oh and Send word to the President that he now has control over the planet 100%"
"Aye sir, where shall we set a course?"
"Home. We are headed back to SUARM Space. We have repairs to make and hopefully more ships to add to our fleet. I say we expand our empire closer to home anyways."

Turning off the comms he decided to keep walking for a while. He had to clear his head from what has been before he could concentrate on what he had to do. J'khal's request was going to be difficult, not to mention he had a whole list of projects that he had to finish.

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