Regarding the Relevation Nanoplauge Aftermath

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Regarding the Relevation Nanoplauge Aftermath

Post  UnityPrime on Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:39 am

Sector Generals Palomedes and Deer,

We are terribly sorry for your losses during the ambush of Alice Clegg's fleet. You will be pleased to note that our foremen are currently in the process of reconstructing the millions of Connected killed in this encounter. Despite our efforts at speed, thousands of life-hours will be lost. It is infuriating.

However, while this loss of life-time is terrible, we can prevent such an attack from happening again.

Our agents have found Alice Clegg's flagship, and it seems she ended her own life...days ago. Her lover was also long dead when we arrived. This implies a well laid ambush, but it also suggests that other elements may have been pulling the strings of this ambush. Our investigations to this end may give us clues as to the command/communication protocols of the most dangerous E-strain hives. Further, the method by which Alice and her lover perished may provide us clues as to the nature of her death. After all, one of the most classic ways to cover murder is by making it seem suicide. Further, either the bodies or their ship are almost certainly traps.

As per the nature of our alliance, Unity interests will be extracting the bodies of Alice Clegg and her lover to a forward lab which is isolated and distinct from any population centers; as the information we glean may be used against the E-strain. Your representitives are more than welcome to observe the procedure, but this must be done in a lab isolated from population centers. The lab is equipped to catch any surprises the E-strain may have left. The EEF and I agree that Alice should have a proper burial for her honorable service. I remember my time as her opponent fondly, and I regret that she has seen such an end.

Her body is presently deformed by mutations. Once the forensic study is done, I can, with your permission, restore the body to an unmutated state. This will allow her family the chance to grieve over an open casket funeral.

Beyond this, we will also be downloading all the data from the flagship before whatever trap the E-strain may have set springs. You will also be welcome to this data, once we have fought off the inevitable electronic viruses.

It was a pleasure to work with you; together we averted what should have been disaster. I am looking forward to our efforts on the first seven E-strain planets.


OOC: It was confirmed that the Extermination Fleet will be a mission soon, no worries
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