Information for Le-a **encrypted and timely* (wk6)

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Information for Le-a **encrypted and timely* (wk6)

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Dear Le-a Hive Queen,

It came to pass that there was a security breach at one of my facilities. At first I thought this crime would be an isolated incident, but the line of questioning that occurred yielded interesting results. I share the details of this questioning for two reasons: 1) I want the perpetrator caught, and I imagine that by the end of this narrative, you may as well. 2) I do not like being anyone's unwitting pawn. Do with this information as you wish; I only can request that the person of interest be handed over to me once you're done with him.

Sincerely yours,
Su Maehl

[begin transcript]
Inspector Dekh: For the record, please provide your name and occupation.
Rey Verboso: uhm, *pause* my name is Rey Verboso, and I'm a loading specialist for Maehl Holdings.
ID: What's a loading specialist?
RV: I handle invoices management for all ships at the spaceport. I review inventory and make sure everything is loaded right and matches the shipping manifest.
ID: How did a guu with your rap sheet end up with such a cushy job?
RV: Well, most of that rap sheet is Iron Republic based
..and Maehl is all about new chances in light of 2218.
ID: Were you cleaned up?
RV: I was, I was.. i mean it I was!
ID: Then how'd you get involved in this thing?
RV: Its funny about that rap sheet... a while back I got brought in for a v-line (virtual line up) for some routine bust for smuggling. There was an actual witness, so they brought five of us in at our location so they can show the witness different people. We played our part, though why we were chosen is beyond us.
ID: What was your connection?
RV: Back then we didn't know, but we were all at one point working for Captain Q. So while we were in overnight we started talking about the old days...back when things were tough, and Babyface Johnson started talking about some new gig he was going to get into. Most of us ignored him, liking our new found legality, but he wouldn't shut up...
ID: What was the job?
RV: It was working with the Unity. It was supposed to be one last piracy gig.
ID: What were you supposed to do?
RV: This guy from the Unity was interested in procuring safe passage.
ID: And how was that a piracy gig?
RV: For whatever reason the contractor didn't want legit passage. Something about total secrecy. Back then I didn't understand or care. I just wanted to fulfill my civic duty and get the hell out of there.
ID: Why'd you take the job?
RV: The contractor was very convincing.
ID: What the hell does that mean?
RV: It means that he had methods of ensuring we took the job.
ID: Who was the contractor?
RV: I don't know. All we ever met was the middle man some legal rep. Had a Unity uplink. That's all we knew.
ID: How'd he gather you all?
RV: Babyface called us together one evening.
ID: Who was there?
RV: Me, Babyface, Crimi Nalleh, Pilf Mahzer and Fahl Mahan.
ID: That's some compamy to keep! Babyface has always been a two-bitter, never left the business. Crimi and Pilf ran with Ironsbane before he bit the dust, and Fahl... he was the worst of them all!
RV: Don't talk that way about Fahl!
ID: Why not?!?!?
RV: He was a stand up guy!
ID: No he wasn't, Verboso! He was a vile, manipulate pirate criminal that plundered every corner of the Polar Expanse!
RV: [stammers] He was a really nice guy... besides he didn't even want to do the job. He was clean for years.
ID: Don't feed me that bullshit Rey, once a crook always a crook.
RV: That's not true! Most of us didn't even want to do the job.
ID: Then why'd you do it?
RV: So Babyface got us all together, and he said he had a job. He knew a middle man who would get us this contract for a one-time gig. It was easy money, nobody was supposed to get hurt and there was little risk involved.
ID: What was the job?
RV: It was a freighter heist. Empty dockyard, the ship was doing routine maintenance. I had the access codes, Crimi would hack the security codes, Babyface would take out the guards, Pilf would arrange for the escape distraction, and Fahl would be the brains of the op from the eagle's nest.
ID: Why didn't you guys take on the deal.
RV: Fahl didn't want to do it. I didn't either.
ID: Then why did you?
RV: We didn't ... at first. But two weeks after we met at Babyface's, we were "picked up"...
ID: Picked up?
RV: Lead by gunpoint
ID: Who arranged for that?
RV: The contractor's representative...this guy named Vayter. He took us to a stereotypical luxury condo, to a penthouse, dangled a bunch of ghaz under our noses, and told us if we didn't tske the job he'd kill us and our families, friends, and thenarrange for us tobe transported to an IR penal colony.
ID: Why did you believe that this guy Vayter could do that?
RV: Because he had five guys transported from all over the planet to a single location, most of us who couldn't be tracked due to either significant personal security systems ....
ID: Say what?
RV: Unity technology.
ID: And he found you anyway? ?
RV: He and his team had Unity uplinks.
[Detective Hiplon enters the room and requests Inspector Dekh's presence. After two minutes, the Inspector charges back into the room]
ID: You've been fucking lying to me this whole time Verboso!
RV: You weren't supposed to know about him.
ID: We are the police, Rey, what do you mean that we weren't supposed to find out about him? !?
RV: Sheikh Ragay is a myth. He used to work with Captain Q. He was Magnus Ironsbane mean, but not bent on mass destruction. Some rumors had him being the real reason Q retired.
ID: He's not in our systems.
RV: I know. We did our research. Thats why I said he was a myth. Like the boogey man. Back under Q he would supposedly lead the roughest missions, do the craziest exploits, and if you ever crossed him, you'd bled to death by leeches that suck the life out of you. I knew no less than 20 men who crossed Sheikh Ragay over the years and all ended up the same way. And let me tell you, some of them were plucked right out from under Iron Republic stockholder's houses.
ID: Like who?
RV: I can give you names...
[names redacted, post interview notes confirm all 20 people's deaths, all gruesome]
ID: What was Sheikh Ragay's story?
RV: He was a planetary governor once upon a time, don't know what planet. We tried double checking, but it was one of those planets that was consumed by a blackhole bomb that Ironsbane unleashed...I wouldn't be surprised if the Sheikh arranged for that personally.
ID: What happened to him?
RV: He's accused of accepting act of treason. He apparently had a personal issue with some local stockholder who wanted to do something illegal and the Sheikh Ragay wouldn't allow it. So this stockholder pinned some breach of security on Sheikh Ragay. The Sheikh and his entire family was taken to some penal colony.
ID: I fail to see the relevance, Verboso. You're trying my fucking patience.
RV: I'm getting there, Inspector. It is rumored that he was forced to watch his entire family be subjected to genetic alteration.
ID: What the fuck is that?
RV: Its when the Iron Republic's Qual NDrone implants you with genetic coding, making you a super soldier.
ID: Say what?
RV: You get this horn driven into your head, and you become genetically enhanced, at the expense of your individuality. Eventually, your body explodes, losing all sense of what you were, and are a genetic freak of nature.
ID: Holy fuck!
RV: ...and he was forced to watch his family die, person by person. It drove him mad. *pause* They kept him in this penal colony for a few years, letting him languish....until he managed to escape their grasp and perform a jailbreak. Nobody knew how, but he left a wake of death and destruction as he did. Hundreds of bretheren were found dead, as was the warden of the colony.
ID: What does any of this have to do with the price of tea on Earth?
RV: He's carried a grudge ever since. Especially against the Qual. So he waited... and waited ... plotting his revenge. It sounds trite, but what isn't anymore? So he starts a piracy ring, in relative secret, doing who knows what. He escapes into myth, but everytime there's a job that's a little off, a little too bloody, it gets attributed to him. I'd even wager half of what Ironsbane was blamed for was really Sheikh Ragay.
ID: So what did any of this have to do with you guys?
RV: So the Sheikh has this grudge against the Qual, right? And he wants revenge. So word gets out that the Unity is at war with the Qual Ndrone, which is strange considering the Iron Republic just signed a treaty with the Unity, however, it was apparently the perfect time for Sheikh Ragay to make some moves.
ID: What kind of move?
RV: Well, some guys at the docks had been taking side gigs ... of the not at all legal kind. They tend to be lucrative, until you get caught. Su Mael has a no-tolerance policy on any warrants for arrests. But I digress, so rumor had it, from some guys at the docks that the Unity was looking for genetic samples of Qual genetic engineering.
ID: Rey, get to the point!!! What does this have to do with the bloodbath back there today?!?!?
RV: Everything. So Sheikh Ragay is looking for Qual specimens, and he's looking for ways to get them to Unity territory for testing.
ID: What kind of testing?
RV: I'm getting there, Inspector. Let me finish my story. So there are rumors that the Sheikh is sponsoring Iron Republic heists in an attempt to get his hands on genetic coding both prior to and after transformation. Some people tried, most failed.
ID: How has this been going on without our knowledge?
RV:There's always a middle man. It's never the same guy either. Vayter was the only person we ever met. When he first brought us on, he was truthful with us. He said that he was working for Sheikh Ragay, who had specifically recruited us for this job. He wanted us to get into the space hangar, procure a ship, and get it to this Iron Republic planet near the Draco Constellation.
ID: Why didn't he just buy one?
RV: Because Maehl Holdings ships have automatic access Iron Republic space, no questions asked.
ID: For what purpose?
RV: Fahl asked the same question. Vayter told him, "Because Sheikh Ragay said so, which is enough for me." Fahl told him to fuck off and started to leave, as did I and Pilf...until Vayter showed us our lives on screen, who we owed money to, what crimes were still outstanding, and how we could fuck over our jobs. Pilf went nuts and tried rushing Vayter, but was tasered immediately. Vayter then told us that if we wanted to keep our lives we would do what he said, and he'd make sure our rap sheets and accounts would stay clean. None of us liked it, but we didn't have a choice.
ID: What you all do next?
RV: Crimi did what he does best, he did some less than legal investigations of his own..
ID: What did he find out?
RV: He found out that the reason Sheikh wanted a ship was because he knew someone that actually succeeded in procuring specimens for testing.
ID: What kind of testing?
RV: The kind that results in the retro-gration of Qual NDrone.
ID: Which means? ??
RV: Crimi found out that there's a General in the Unity who is conducting tests on Qual Ndrone, and that they're on the verge of a breakthrough that will allow the Unity to systematically deconstruct, on a genetic level, any Qual being and revert them back to what they were...and would be able to do so on a wide-scale. All they needed were a few more specimens and their weapon would be complete.
ID: So the Sheikh wanted to ensure that these specimens were delivered to...?
RV: General Garmin Fe.
ID: Ok, why couldn't Garmin Fe hire Maehl Holdings himself and avoid the middle man?
RV: Crimi found out that Garmin Fe wasn't too keen on civvies. Besides, Babyface had a point, deniability.
ID: What does that mean?
RV: It means that if there's no formal contract, there'd be no way to track it down to him.
ID: Who is "him"??
RV: Anyone.
ID: Fair enough. So you were going to fulfil a contract between this General Garmin Fe and Sheikh Ragay. What was the plan?
RV: It was supposed to be straightforward. We planned it two weeks ago. My job was the easiest, get the security accesses we needed. I would arrange for this freighter to be alone to minimize third parties. Crimi was going to hack the system, find the space logs, and give us clearance. Babyface was the brute force..he was going to use ablative rockets to demobilize the four guards on duty, sneak onto the ship with Crimi, and take off. Pilf was going to set explosives on other parts of the area, start a few fights using mechs and drones, and ensure that at least one fire was started. It would require some time, but between him and Fahl, who was coordinating with Pilf, they'd get the job done. The plan was foolproof well, as foolproof as plans can get.
ID: Did you have any connection with Vayter or Sheikh Ragay?
RV: Fahl was in contact with Vayter, asking him for supplies and upfront payment that would enable us to build the drones, get the explosives, and procure the ablative rockets and other guns.
ID: Who did most of the purchases?
RV: Fahl did ... he had the blackmarket connections.
ID: What else?
RV: Nothing really ... I had a day job so I didn't know what they did in their spare time. I went to work and ensured that the plans were set for the day of.
ID: So tell me, Rey Verboso, what the fuck happened here?
RV: Fahl was at the Eagle's nest two blocks away. We all had cameras and two-way comms. Crimi hacked into the security feeds and fed them to Fahl. Fahl would coordinate the heist with Pilf's distractions. This meant Crimi was up first. He first showed up for work and, using a Unity uplink...
ID: He was connected? !?!
RV: No, he had a separated's like a mini computer, only not so archaic (he used to say).
ID: Ok, so using Unity tech he hacked into Maehl Holdings
RV: Not into their entire system, only for this facility.
ID: What's the difference? ?
RV: Ever since TerraNova hacked into Maehl Holdings systems, there has been a significant increase in security... only a team of Unity connected could do it.
ID: And how was this any different??
RV: Its not an entire network, its a wholly enclosed system ... Maehl hadn't gotten around to securing this particular facility, which allowed Crimi to successfully hack and feed.
ID: Then what?
RV: Then it was Pilf and Babyface's turn. Explosions went off throughout the complex, and as they did, I heard Fahl bark instructions to Babyface. I heard the pops go off as the guards shouted as they were encased in foam.
ID: Where were you at the time?
RV: I was in the offices upstairs, making sure that there weren't any admin running around and to make sure that all the information logs were synced to clear our path once we were done.
ID: Wouldn't the nature of the crime making wiping out a paper trail unnecessary?
RV: Maybe, but I figured if the paper trail was clean, it would be harder to track down what was missing, as most people wouldn't be able to track down the serials. Then, when we got to a safe port, we'd be able to do a serial wipe and they'd never be able to track us down.
ID: Good idea...when did things go wrong?
RV: Pilf did everyone right by the distraction. Local forces never made to port... but neither did Pilf. He was rendez-vousing back to the port when we all heard a plasma round fired on our comms. Pilf's comm went out. Fahl tried to call us off when Pilf went down, because it wasn't right and it meant something was going wrong, but Crimi and Babyface weren't having it. They had managed to neutralize the guards and make their way to the ship. Crimi asked me to do clean up on the computer stuff once they were spaceborne and liaise with Fahl with them to take a civvie ship to the rendez-vous. I said ok, but Fahl told me to hold my position.
ID: Then what?
RV: I held my position, and then heard Crimi tell Babyface to start up the engines that he'd follow suit once he synced up the comms with the ship and ensure they got clearance. So there was babyface, launching sequence, when another round of shots went off, this time in the hangar, as Crimi's comms went dead. Fahl was yelling at Babyface to abort the mission, as this whole thing stank of set-up. Babyface was yelling at Fahl, telling him that he was 1 min from launch and that they should all just run and he'd be ok. They argued for 30 seconds, when suddenly Babyface's comm suddenly went dead.
ID: Where was Fahl at this point?
RV: He told me that he had been en route to lend support, but that I should head out. He said that this whole thing must have been a set-up, that a few seconds earlier he caught footage of a masked man approaching the ship. He said it must have been Sheik Ragay.
ID: Why would Sheikh Ragay show up to the heist?
RV: That's what I asked. Fahl said that he wanted to cut out the middle men at the end of the heist. Other people do the dirty work, he doesn't have to pay them off, and get's exactly what he wanted. I asked him why would he do this, and Fahl said that we were the dirty minions sent on a crusade to distract everyone. And we were expendable. He told me to get out of there as there was no way the Sheikh could track my movements as I was in a different building. He told me to get off the comms and to save myself.
ID: What did you do then?
RV: I heard gunfire, not plasma, but a large caliber rifle. And then I heard Fahl say his last words....
ID: Which were?
RV: Through clenched teeth, " hell... Sheikh Ragay!" And then another gunshot.
ID: Why didn't he go after you then?
RV: I hid. I locked the doors of where I was... and I called the authorities. I reported the entire thing, and the authorities were there within minutes.
ID: But the Sheikh never stole the ship.
RV: No, he didn't. I prevented that. It's why I'm not heading to jail today.
ID: What did the Sheikh really want then?
RV: I don't know, Inspector, I really don't.
ID: I think you're lying to me Verboso.
RV: Why would you say that? Why would I lie??
ID: Because you're protecting your friend, Fahl Mahan.
RV: What do you mean?!?!?
ID: I mean that this whole story of Sheikh Ragay is a lie perpetuated by Fahl Mahan!
RV: No, that can't be! I heard the shots. I heard him die!
ID: No, Rey, you didn't. He didn't go after you because you never crossed him.
RV: Wait, what?!
ID: Babyface, Pilf, and Crimi all crossed heists once, and gypped him out of money. Four years ago, in fact. It was his retirement gig, last I remember.
RV: No! That day, the first time we were all in the brig, they worked it out, transactions were made. It was cleared up.
ID: You're lying, Verboso, because as we spoke, there were no records of money being transferred over.
RV: That can't be... we've been working together this whole time.
ID: Rey, stop lying to yourself. Wasn't it convenient that Fahl was in the eagle's nest? He knew where everyone would be...
RV: no!
ID: He set everything up, like only he can. First, he isolates you all. He keeps you in the back, where'd you be quiet and out of the way. He chooses a remote location on a Unity planet where Maehl could keep this quiet and be none the wiser. He then exacts his revenge on the very people who screwed him over. The middle man was his contact, someone he knew from way back when <interrupted>
RV: NO! NO! NO! Fahl did not do this! I <interrupted>
ID: Rey! Say it, because you know it's true! I see it in your face. Fahl ... Mahan ... is ... Sheikh Ragay! He set up the heist on bogus terms, he conveniently kept everyone in limbo while he took everyone out one person at a time. He killed the feeds so he wouldn't get caught. He had you run to keep everything quiet, and then he faked his own death!
RV: <tearing> ...but he wouldn't.
ID: But he did! While we've been talking I've gotten three fact sheets verifying the nature of the security feeds, and how Fahl would have had the information to combat this.
RV: How'd... you get that?
ID: We're on a Unity planet... you figure it out!
RV: but...
ID: Face it, Rey, you'd been had. You were the pawn of Fahl Mahan, because if Fahl were dead, like you said, there'd be a body! And there ain't a body.
RV: You didn't find his body?! <dries tear>
ID: No. We. Didn't.
RV: I think I'd like to go home now.
ID: Tell me where Fahl Mahan is, Rey.
RV: He's dead, Inspector.
<two detectives enter the room, speak off the record for two minutes>
ID: Ok, Rey. You're free to promised for your testimony. But we'll be keeping an eye on you.
RV: Thank you, Inspector. I'm sure you will.
<end transcript>

Post Script:
ID: Final report, for Free Systems authorities and for release to Maehl Holdings:
Five minutes after Rey left our offices, Fahl's body was found. 7 Minutes later, our comm-team were able to decipher footage of the scene, and confirm that there was indeed a third party on the premises, who had a gun. While at first there was no face, they were able to clear the image. It came up as Rey Verboso, who we let go... and couldn't find once we did. Sheikh Ragay is no myth, but he's a man who wanted something. It took four hours, but Maehl Holdings then were able to advise us of what we should have seen from the beginning... security codes were stolen. It is my determination that Sheikh Ragay wanted to steal the codes, and convinced these men they were doing something else so that he could. Once he did, and sure that he'd get caught and would be traced in some way, shape, or form, he killed his crew and made up the fairy tale above. Further investigations show that at least some of what he said was true, in that he *was* after Qual DNA and wanting to sell it to Garmin Fe and/or keep it for himself. We were able to find trace communications between the Sheikh and Garmin Fe, but Garmin Fe denies everything and we can't prove the nature and extent of this communication. Word on the underground confirms that people have been talking about Sheikh Ragay's intents, so Rey aka Sheik wasn't necessarily lying about that. Goes to show the best lies are those that are made of truths. The rumor mill is on overdrive these days, as everyone in the Free Systems knows about this by now, so there's no telling what's true about this story and what isn't. Officially, I cannot make a determination based on hearsay, but if you asked me he wants to use the codes for some nefarious purpose to ensure that he fulfills his desire to destroy the Qual. All we can do is wait for the codes to be used, if they are used, and see if he can be apprehended. Until then, the deaths of Crimi Nalleh, Pilf Mahzer, and Fahl Mahan are attributed to Sheikh Ragay aka Rey Verboso.
<end transcript>

***ooc - sorry for taking so long to get this out, Le-a, as you can see, there was a lot of information to convey ***


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Re: Information for Le-a **encrypted and timely* (wk6)

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OCC yeah it's long but Usual Suspects is my favorite movie so i forgive you Very Happy And yes I agree this is indeed troubling news and i thank you for sharing it's content with me.


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