Week 5 - The Shocking Trial of TNI?

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Week 5 - The Shocking Trial of TNI?

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The Iron Republic had laws, they were so convoluted and draconian that the only person not expected to end up guilty would be a Director on the Board of Directors, and that was if their lawyer was really good.
TNI had a better lawyer than that, but he knew the case stunk to high heaven.
Nawt Patel Esq. hoped to get it all thrown out on a technicality. Luckily it was only arbitration. If it had been a criminal trial, his client would have to worry about a death sentence for treason.

“Director Kal Marx, my name is Nawt Patel and I will be the council representing Terra Nova Industries.

The evidence in this case is troubling to the defense. Not only is our client being accused of several illegal acts but the source and timing of the accusations are troubling.

Missing from all the presented evidence are timestamps showing when the Unity presented their so called findings to Maehl Holdings as well as any timestamps showing when the alleged incursions took place. Director Kal Marx, for the defense to continue its job it requires these times, the nature of the employee information that was allegedly tampered with and the process by which Maehl Holdings came into possession of the alleged Terra Nova Industries code.”

“Council Patel,

May I make you aware that San Martin is a treatied planet with the Iron Republic?
I don't know where this line of questioning is leading.
The security professionals who brought this breach in security to our attention did so through appropriate legal channels. The Time date stamp is dated after the treaty with San Martin so this evidence is admissible in court.
In addition and with a power of the law our own IR AntiCyber Terrorism team have confirmed these breaches were made using quite advanced data mining techniques. They have been traced back to your company and its operations A.I.
It is quite ironic really. If this change in our databases had not been discovered Mr. Maehl would have been stopped and taken into custody for passport fraud. He would have been stopped because our official records had been changed. He would have said but I'm a boy and our border enforcing department would have said according to our records the "real" Su is a girl & would have shipped him off to a penal colony. All of his property would be seized by the IR and he would be trapped in a living hell. That is how serious this crime is. This is no harmless prank Council Patel.

I assume your company has some way of explaining this?”

Nawt’s mind raced, he had never expected the IR’s own coders to confirm it. Damn, this case was a sinking ship.

“Director Kal Marx,

The reasons why the defense asked for the specific timestamps of the alleged incursions is to establish a reliable timeline for the location of Terra Nova Industries' AI and staff. As per the timestamps now available to the defense, there may be some information that the court was not made aware of.

Immediately following the opening of Druzi Prime to Iron Republic Independent Corporations Terra Nova Industries was highered by the legal government to produce plans and production means for a geothermal power plant. While in the pursuit of the fulfillment of this contract Druzi Prime was attacked by TRILAT forces. Instead of just standing by Terra Nova Industries joined with Blackheart Security and helped to repel most of the invading force. What is not known to many outside of the Druzi Prime Government and C.A.B. is that Terra Nova Industries took over the systems running joint communications and in fact still maintains the central communications hub on Druzi Prime. During the period in question though, Terra Nova Industries AI was the central hub for all planetary communications and data transfers. As per Iron Republic law no data packets were analyzed except to fit them into the outgoing and incoming data streams as efficiently as possible. During the TRILAT attack on Druzi Prime Kasanthian and Unity forces were able to insert themselves into Druzi Prime and its near moon.

Defense Exhibit A - These are the seismic and magnetic readings Terra Nova Industries took before the battle to clear the Kasanthian infection from the Dome. These readings indicate large mechanoid worm like shapes which were in the process of hollowing out the near moon. These findings can be corroborated by any specialist from Blackheart Security.

While the objective and full capabilities of these "worms" are not known they are obviously of Unity dimensions and technology. Director Kal Marx, as I assume you are aware the Unity itself uses advanced data mining techniques and is more than capable of hacking a relatively new corporations' AI.

Defense Exhibit B - These are public communications logs and private Terra Nova Industries communications. I would like to direct you to look at the highlighted sections of code. These are Terra Nova Industries routing algorithms, which just so happen to be the same identifying algorithms used by the prosecution. I am sure that the Iron Republics AntiCyber Terrorism team will be able to confirm this. These algorithms can be found on every data communication from Druzi Prime since that initial attack weather they were sent by Terra Nova Industries or not.

Director Kal Marx, Maehl Holdings timing is unusual. The timestamps on the prosecutions evidence show that the initial incursion took place more than two months ago and that Maehl Holdings was informed by the Unity of its findings less than a month after that. Why wait to bring a known weakness in Iron Republic core systems to light? While the defense will not try to explain Maehl Holdings' lack of action it is curious none the less. This timing along with Maehl Holdings outrageously large punitive damages request beg the question why wait?”

Director Kal Marx said “I will direct that question to Mr. Maehl’s lawyer.”

Petra stepped forward saying, “On behalf of Su Maehl and Maehl Holdings, IRLC, we thank you, Director Marx, for agreeing to hear this case.

My name is Petra Mikolze, and I will serve as legal council for Su Maehl. Honored Tribune, we would not have bothered you regarding this matter if we did not feel there was a gross violation of law with malicious intent. We have presented evidence to this tribune that shows there was an attempt to engage in industrial espionage and industrial sabatoge against Maehl Holdings while attempting to cause the personal ruination of its CEO, Su Maehl. We would also like to point out these actions were nothing but the vilest and most malicious in nature. We hope this tribune will find Terra Nova Industries, hereby referred to as TNI, in violation of the law and should be sanctioned to the highest extent of the law. In addition, Maehl Holdings formally requests monetary compensation for damages incurred as a result of this incursion against us, in the amount of one billion credits.

Honored Tribune and Director Marx, we have submitted 50 pieces of evidence that show several things. TNI engaged in acts of industrial espionage by using data mining techniques and invading Maehl Systems infrastructure, which is illegal.TNI, through this action, stole proprietary information that is not regarded as public information, which is theft. With nothing but the most malicious of intents, TNI inserted viral code that adjusted documentation throughout the Iron Republic to adjust Mr Su Maehl's gender from male to female, which is breaking into government property and in turn considered treason against the Iron Republic. In the act of doing so, TNI caused injury to Mr Maehl in that had he gone through any immigration check point throughout the Iron Republic he would have been incarcerated for falsification of documentation and impersonating another citizen. This act would have ruined the reputation of Mr Maehl, caused significant injury to Maehl Holdings, and might have resulted in the loss of privileges as an IRLC.
This evidence shows that the aforementioned acts were committed purposefully and with malicious intent, requiring active processes to both hack into Maehl Holdings and the Iron Republic's computer and communications systems.
This evidence, honored tribune, is irrefutable and can be verified by all third parties. Should you request or require it, Director Kal Marx, you can question the evidence from the coder who found and corrected this breach.”

“Where are these third parties?” asked the Director.

Timothy, the coder responsible for putting together the information which would be in this trial, was nervous. He had prepared all of the video of their fixing the problem, relevent code, and was even prepared to give testimony. However, he did not know what would be needed.

He hoped the defense would get back to him soon, to let him know if he were to be a witness. He kept the data in hand, one of many copies, and hoped that the defense would use his understanding of what happened.

Timothy 12 pulled at his tie. Earther dress customs were STRANGE. This thing cut off blood flow!

On the other hand...he could not wait to tell his fellow esoterics that he was in a real Iron Republic trial! Amazing!

Then he realized all the disconnected were staring at him, he stood from his position in the witness booth. “I am here Director.”

“Do you testify that these fifty pieces of evidence labeled before us are all confirmed as true and without distortion or alteration?” asked the Director.

“I do Director,” said Timothy 12, “I checked the code against 2700 different variations. It is a unique combat A.I. program. I can trace the algorithm code through twelve different changes in Earther history. Earth Authority Triple Red Artifical Intelligence, with sections repaired and upgraded during EEF period of the Earther colonies of Refuge. With VLAD password hacks, if I may say sir.”

“VLAD was involved? Damn it,” said the Director, “That casts a shadow of doubt. But only on the level of crime involved. What do you have to say about Council Patel’s ”

In response to allegations regarding the timeliness of action, I provide a timeline of the events as they have occurred. Approximately 4.5 weeks ago Mr Maehl was advised that there was a security breach in his systems. Specialized coders were hired for the purpose of fixing the breach, studying its effects, and figuring out who was responsible. Approximately 3 weeks ago the aforementioned information was provided to Mr Maehl
After approximately two weeks of review and deliberation to Mr Maehl's legal entitlements, Mr Maehl's legal team drafted a formal writ of complaint, which was signed and forwarded to Iron Republic Administration. This occurred within the last week.
Therefore, unless the time stamps prove me wrong, less than 5 weeks have elapsed since the transgression was found, rectified, and brought to the attention of Iron Republic administration.

As a final point, we are unaware of any legal code mandating immediate response to action. Considering the relative newness of IRLC legal code, it took our legal team additional time to prepare action. In the interim no additional breaches, as I am aware, have been made between any of the systems in question and thus no additional risk to Iron Republic systems.”
“Interesting, so it all hinges on a simple matter who was responsible for system integrity,” said Director Kal Marx,
Petra rose up, “Director I request the right to make a final statement.”
The Director replied with a grimace, “Granted.”

Petra said, “We, of Maehl Holdings, request this tribune to consider the evidence presented to you. We hope to have proved beyond doubt that the infiltration of Maehl Holdings computer systems was am intentional attempt to engage in industrial espionage, industrial and personal sabotage, and bring shame and discredit to Maehl Holdings and its ownership. As a result of these acts, TNI has engaged in acts that are also treasonous and in violation of Iron Republic law. While it may appear to be excessive, considering the intent and gravity of the actions taken against Maehl Holdings, we request the amount of one billion credits as suitable compensation based on the maliciousness of the action and consider the amount to serve as a natural deterrent against any future incursions.

We subject ourselves to the ruling of this tribune, and hope that you will adhere to our requests for justice and retribution. On behalf of Su Maehl and Maehl Holdings, we again thank you for your time”

“I bet you do want a billion credits,” said Director Kal Marx looking over the documents, “Request denied. I said I would follow this to the letter of IR law and I will. There is not enough proof that TNI knowingly hacked your system or the Iron Republic systems to warrant criminal charges or exorbitant fines. Let us assume that TNI did not commit a crime of hacking. It did happen on their watch. They misrepresented their capabilities to a government, and accessed Iron Republic Systems. Therefore any crimes committed on those networks are the responsibility of Druzi Prime. Council Patel, please present your insurance documentation showing that your company was hired to take on this role.”
“No sir,” said Nawt, checking his palm computer, “We worked probono.”
Director Kal Marx became very quiet, “What?”
“Probono, we offered our services in a time of need,” said Nawt.
“So you assumed all liability?” asked the Director steepling his hands.
“Well umm…we did take over the security systems,” said Nawt.
“Then you assumed liability for what those systems are used for,” said the Director, “In other words under IR Law if the network had just been shut down, the attack on Maehl Holdings would have never happened. You assume all liability. Of Council Patel, I mean your client TNI assumed all liability. I am ready to declare my arbitration of this case.
I find the defendant TNI innocent on the first count of Misdemeanor Hacking.
I find the defendant TNI innocent on the first count of Felony Industrial Espionage.
I find the defendant TNI innocent on the second count of Felony Hacking of a Government database.
I do find TNI Guilty of 50 counts of Gross Negligence while providing a government utility. With that said no monetary claim will be levied against TNI. They will lose all rights to their IRLC. They must stop ALL contracts in Iron Republic space, and they cannot continue any commerce. They may retain their work as stewards of the technology they granted to Druzi Prime in the form of Geothermal Power plants, and may still gain money off those worlds WHO HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED IT.
TNI may not have continue sales on any IR planets, and must hire an IRLC to be a middleman.”
Rewards for The Shocking Trial of TNI
Maehl Holdings gains Revenge is a Dish best served Torte!
+25 Max Morale

TNI gains Screwed without Lube Legal Style
-25 Morale Loses IRLC status. Can still sell to EEF, Free Systems, Unity and Fort Lendill but cannot sell or own property in IR space. Ships are now searched in transit and at checkpoints.

Director Kal Marx gets Solid Overtime!
1 Million Ghaz

Any witnesses at the case gains I was in a Trial?!
One beautiful hovercar (worth 25,000 ghaz) from Dos Marx Brewery and a case of Dos Marx Beer in the back seat.


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