Week 5 - The Recognition of Lil'aye'ahn of S.U.A.R.M.

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Week 5 - The Recognition of Lil'aye'ahn of S.U.A.R.M.

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Lief stood before the gathering. It was composed of planetary governors, merchant nobles, and military leaders. Behind Lief in the marble columned chamber were colorful nano-silk banners of the major houses in the center and three times as large hung the standard of House Moghreson. Before Lief stood Lil'ye'ahn, the kias looked particularly hot and dangerous in the tight formfitting uniform she had chosen to give herself.
The crowd quieted down as Lief, Prince of fort Lendil and head of its intelligence and foreign services held up his hand. Lief was dressed in his standard attire, a black leather jacket with a bandana bearing Fort Lendill's flag wrapped around his head. He hardly looked the part of one of the rulers, but that was the image he cultivated. In a society that rewarded conformity and punished free spirits he stood alone as the ultimate rebel. Lief motioned to the SUARM scribe who was decked out in gold gilt. The scribe unrolled an official scroll and read his words being amplified across the chamber by hidden speakers.
“Bear ye witness all that hear this decree. For her unrelenting service for the greater good of Fort Lendill against the insidious cult of warmonger our Beloved Leader has found it fit to reward Lil'ye'ayhn with the title of Master Vanguard of Fort Lendill, signed this date by our Dear Leader Cha'ain Moghreson.”
On cue Lil'ye'ahn dropped to a knee. A quick silver translucent sword slid out of the hilt Lief held. He quickly knighted her. After ward she rose and turned to face the crowd. Lief knew a speech was necessary, he even had some of his brother’s many assistants prepare one for him. Too bad he forgot that on his desk.
“My brother couldn't be here today, but know this people of Fort Lendill when he hears the reports of your suffering he sheds tears and prays for each of you to find happiness.” It was a lie, when he heard reports of their suffering Cha'ain didn't cry, instead he dove into his research with a focus and dedication that bordered on madness.
“Lil'ye'ahn has proven herself, she met one of the most vile enemies in the galaxy and sent them packing. You can write off her title as honorific, but you know what you are lying to yourselves. She showed courage, you showed apathy. Keep it up Lil and you will go far, you have proven that Fort Lendill AIN'T a Punk Ass Bitch. Fort Lendill is feared for our decisive and overwhelming action, no one ever won a war based only on defense, all of you remember that!”
With that applause rose from the gathered crowd. At this dark hour Fort Lendill needs its heroes.

--OOC Submitted by the player who actually played Lief in Space Campaign Part 1 and 2, not by Admin. He sends his best regards, and hopes to return for --


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Re: Week 5 - The Recognition of Lil'aye'ahn of S.U.A.R.M.

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