Week 5- Ejected from CV Beta 4

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Week 5- Ejected from CV Beta 4

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The planet of CV Beta 4 has had two more years of growth thanks to the temporal radiation from a nearby unstable wormhole. The planet is now completely covered by a specially designed habitat of Michael Herbert Gilmour, which is augmented by Mor’aye’ahn’s Sporekint.
The entire planet, except one section of mountains, has been consumed by fungus which is now miles deep into the core of the planet. This section of Mountains is protected by Nightmare flesh which was grown from the Nighmare pits of Viggo the Kasanthian.
With all the breeding going on the Nightmare Kulieks now number in this hundreds of thousands, but they are cramped in closely inside the Nightmare pits being let out every few months through grown multilayered sphincters that prevent the fungal spores from entering the tunnels of Nightmare flesh.
Packs of Nightmare Kulieks hunt the Sporekint and Housekeeping fungus, but the fungus have kept growing. At this point fifty feet below the mountain is fungus, and fungus is on all sides. Only the mountain itself is protected and is now honeycombed with Nightmare Flesh tunnels.
Deep inside the Mountain is the beautiful Oleifera Kasanthian now known for its stunning black and white flowering branches. The Oleifera Kasanthian was speaking telepathically to the Apprentice, Balthazar, who was tending her. She was always impressed that he was not a Choate, yet he cared for her with the tenderness of a Soasis.
Yet their conversation was interrupted by the sounds of marching feet.
Balthazar turned towards her and said, “That would be the forces of Ryuk’s Rabble. Most of them are prison scum from the IR worlds. Im amazed they would even keep such useless scum alive. The Kasanthian Federation would normally use such rabble as Nightmare Fodder.”
He prepared the armored cage around the Oleifera Kasanthian now three years old and quite a strong sapling, assuring her she would be safe for the battle.
“Calm dearest they will launch the missiles, and they will form new habitats where your own seedlings will be able to be raised,” said Balthazar as he locked the cage. The Apprentice was hoping the enemy never struck deep enough for his makeshift armor to be necessary for the sapling he had raised since it was but a seedling in the wilderness of CV Beta 4.

Outside, the fungus was trying to consume the entire mountain, but like a tumor the Nightmare flesh would not be crushed, consumed or eaten through. As the two years had gone by, more and more of Gilmour neural network fungus moved forward, growing under the roots of the mountain and cutting it out and thrusting it upwards.
And now it was time to extract this tumor once and for all. The very fact that it still remained entrenched in its little hole was niggling in the back of Michael's mind for some time. The longer he thought about it the worse it got... and slowly it was starting to feel as if he had something crawling under his skin. Some sort of insect, burrowing deep into his tissues, further and further...

Restraining himself, The Scientist watches his plans unfurl below a quickly maddening gaze. The fungal sheets that permeated the planet had arranged themselves into only the most pleasant designs, perfectly hidden to all but himself. The fact that biological matter tended to have a nearly uniform density made it all too easy to keep such structures hidden to all but the most careful observers, and those observers would still have to know exactly what they were looking for.

Unexpectedly the sphincters on each side opend launching missiles into the skies of CV Beta 4. As the spore clouds, fungal tendrils and housekeeping fungus rushed into the open holes they killed hundreds of Ryuk’s Rabble who were guarding the entrances. However they did hold the breach. The Leyas Chill attacks of the Apprentices drew the lifeforce from living matter that tried to breach deeper. But the initial death toll in the outer sphincters was horrifically high among the Kasanthian defenders.
The Missiles spiraled into the sky, and Gilmour teleported debris into the way of the missiles, and were able to shatter them in mid air. Their shrapnel was scattered across the country side.
Viggo’s artifacts struck the countryside. Chill Life artifacts sucked the life force from acres of territory. But their shape stone artifacts had no effect on the dead fungal matter.
Others were like infectious splinters in the skin of the fungal planet. They continuously leaked fleshworms, a type of ameobic nightmare known for its resistance to penetration, voracious hunger and its oil-slick appearance.
They seeped out, forming bigger cavities for the artifacts to fill with hungry nightmare flesh.
The teleport networks flared to life and the entire Nightmare Mountain of Viggo and its citizens were launched into orbit. The Nightmare Sphicters pulled tight and sealed the insides from the void of space as the entire mountain passed the Bodhi station in orbit and keep on drifting into deep space.
With the last of the TRILAT citizens offworld, the silver twisting space station that had once been John 13 unfurled hundreds of delicate wings. The massive station, and its smaller progeny, shared in the song of the Builders. The directive was simple; keep civilians and the Olifera safe. It would do what was needed with healing, if it must. As the nightmare infestation grew too substantial, the station began bathe the planet in Healing & Light Leyas. It kept the spreading corruption to a minimum, and allowed the fungal network to teleport the cysts full of dead fungi and nightmare flesh out into orbit. Finally the station send orbs of silver deep into the planet to root out the infection from the shadow artifacts.


Viggo has lost all holdings on CV Beta 4 and gained a floating island instead.

Other rewards will be posted in Faction Forums.


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