New Company Announcement (wk5)

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New Company Announcement (wk5)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Fri May 27, 2011 4:20 am

Published through all IR legal channels, for the purpose of announcing the existence of a new business:

Maehl Holdings, IRLC, proudly announces the creation of its new retail division that shall hereby be referred to as 'U-Mart Retail', whose individual locations will be referred to as "U-Mart". U-Mart Retail is wholly owned subsidiary of Maehl Holdings, IRLC, and enjoys all the rights granted to Maehl Holdings as an IRLC. U-Mart announces the opening of it's flagship location on Esiroh 6, with initial openings on Esiroh 7 and Druzi Prime as well. An additional 17 locations are slotted to open soon throughout the Polar Expanse in the coming week. U-Mart Retail will serve as a low-cost, high-value one-stop-shop for consumers, specializing in imported goods from the Polar Expanse. A primary highlight of U-Mart will be the availability of food, both raw and pre-cooked, not normally found throughout the Iron Republic. These food options are courtesy of InterGalactic Extravaganzas, who have scoured the Polar Expanse for the best and most exciting recipes for its customers.

**OOC - Above posting followed by all the formalities, by the book, required for such actions**


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