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Moving frieght

Post  Lions of Earth on Sat May 21, 2011 1:17 am

Major TJ stood on the bridge of the Free System Flagged Freighter the “Lion’s Cub”. The crew glanced at him nervously. They knew like he did no one had tried something this ballsy in centuries. At the same time they all believed in the rightness of it.
The traffic around Europa Outpost, the main customs hub for the system, was heavier than normal. Freighters bringing materials for starship construction were flowing to mars like blood to a heart. A few interstellar cruise ships mingled, those were heading to earth, along with a few specialty consumer goods corporations freighters. “Begin jockeying for position with them.” TJ ordered, “But don’t show too much gusto. Also make sure the paperwork is correct. We need to raise eyebrows but not flags.”
With that he retired to his private chamber. Playing out the plan in his mind. The ship carried paperwork claiming it to be part of a Maehl Holdings subsidiary. Its cargo was in shielded containers and marked “Sector General Deers Personal Goods.” Top it off it was stamped for rush delivery with a suspense time that meant by the time the brethren and IR Officers inspecting it got on board they would need to release it quickly or face the anger of the Sector General.
If they decided to open the containers they would see all manner of household goods and furniture on the surface, only digging around would they find the real cargo. The first officer knew to stress the suspense time.
Then the ship, while landing on Earth, would jettison the majority of its cargo into a specified location in the toxic swamp known as South Jersey. He knew the contacts would be on the ground to collect the containers and get them where they were needed. The corporation he was delivering to on paper was a friend of his new friends and would report successful delivery of the Sector General’s things.
Despite all the research done into stealth technology, teleportation, etc, the art of smuggling was still very much the same.
Hopefully the EEF wouldn’t get word of Major TJ’s actions, the consequences would be dire indeed for what could be technically construed as a violation of the treaty of 2220.

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