Legal Proceedings - Tort Complaint Against Terra Nova Industries (wk5)

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Legal Proceedings - Tort Complaint Against Terra Nova Industries (wk5)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Wed May 18, 2011 6:32 am

**encypted message to IR Administration ONLY (no Quall)**

Honorable Iron Republic Administrators,

I write to you a formal writ of complaint, whereby I charge that Terra Nova Industries did engage in acts of industrial espionage against Maehl Holdings, violating security protocols and damaging our data integrity, adversely affecting our operations as an IRLC.

I provide to you evidence of this espionage, in the form of data mining of our systems, whereby Terra Nova penetrated our communications and computer systems and altered our data files. In turn, this affected our communications relays with the Iron Republic, causing falsification of data regarding nature of Maehl Holdings' staff. While this evidence only points to a few actions occurring, we claim this act was malicious in nature, in violation of Iron Republic law, and was an attempt to damage our credibility and capacity to operate per the entitlements as an IRLC. Furthermore, while we were only able to gather evidence regarding this specific series of acts, the very action of data mining is a violation of our independent status as an IRLC and an attempt to undermine our operations.

In light of this evidence, we humbly request punitive action be taken against Terra Nova Industries. The cost to repair the damage caused by Terra Nova industries has been great, and we demand monetary restitution in the amount of 1 billion credits in addition to other legal repercussions per Iron Republic law.

We, at Maehl Holdings, humbly await your response.

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings

Enclosure - 50 pieces of evidence verifying data mining from Terra Nova (over 150 additional pieces of evidence can be provided upon request)


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Re: Legal Proceedings - Tort Complaint Against Terra Nova Industries (wk5)

Post  F.KalMarx on Wed May 18, 2011 6:27 pm

These are some concerning statements and accusations you have made.

If it were not for the evidence your claim would be egregious.

We must of course set up a trial.

As the man who oversaw the expansion of IRLC BUSINESS MODEL I will preside

Director KalMarx


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