Week 4- The Via Station and the Treaty of 2220

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Week 4- The Via Station and the Treaty of 2220

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All those onboard the Via watched in concern as all boarding ports, or ways off the ship were sealed as Zero metal was manufactured across the entire Via Station. Weapons were converted into Zero Metal, and fields were set up preventing teleportation, shadow walking or other methods off or onto the station.

“E.O.D. Protocol 121 Engaged, Sealing hull from all threats.”

Lt. Ryuk, President Ragman, and the Unity Prime and his entourage all found themselves trapped in an unknown star system inside a sealed vessel while a battle was about to break out around them.

The Via stated, "While within these walls, you are protected from heat, cold, toxins and all forms of radiation. You are safe here to wait out the coming days."

They are in deep space, at an unknown location. They were surrounded by an entire Iron Republic Armada, thanks to that damn red star satellite.

After Via had admonished Ryuk for trying to delete her data, he finally shows a moment of weakness due to the stress of this long conflict.

Ryuk goes on about how he has no past, that his first memories are of being a mercenary, and while he was a mercenary he always was on the receiving end of "jokes" where he ends up dead.

He continues on about how he joined this military campaign to make friends within the TRILAT and explore new places. All that he seem to be able to do when meeting new people is alienate them. He specifically mentions how he made the hard decision to kill the poor IR soldiers quickly, after they were left by there commanding officers to die a
slow and painful death due to failing life support systems.

Via comments as to his justification, seemingly defending himself from crimes that had become so much of how Ryuk and the universe viewed him.

Ryuk laments about how much everything he does seems to have little impact on making friends, and how even the people he works with on regular basis, will ignore him. He mentions some kindness of Admiral Yrs, but how she seems more like a work associate than a real friend.

After lamenting for 15 minuets, Ryuk apologizes to Via, and says. "I'm sorry , I have just had a real bad week, I shouldn't have broken down like that. I am not sure where we are and what to do about the people outside, is there anything you can do to help with that. I am pretty good with the Leyas, but this is a little big for me to handle"

After listening to Ryuk whine to the station for several minutes, Ragman looked at Prime and said "So what do you think is the best chance for getting out of here? I am thinking that we should come up with something. I left my slow cooker on and don't want to buy my gumbo."

"Hey, Via, what is going on outside? I am gonna guess that you can look out.”
An image projected of the surrounding space. The Fleet of Sector General Deer, the many starfighters of Sector General Palomedes all ready to wipe out the station and the people inside.
To their concerns, an Energy Bridge opens up and five Quall Destroyers emerge launching two hundred Neo Flayer Star Fighters and enter escort formation around the Iron Republic fleet. It seems the rogue Queen’s forces have come to the aid of the I.R.

The Via said, “The Zero metal does not prevent viewing with proper current. It only prevents weapons use.”

“Oh, and by the way, what exactly is 'E.O.D. Protocol 121'? I haven't talked to any Sephir or another Via station so i feel a little out of the loop here."
Looking over at Lt. Ryuk, ragman shook his head. "Are you gonna keep bawling all day or will you be joining us in this discussion? you aren't the only one who had a bad childhood, and yours sound like a vacation compared to how i was raised. So if you feel like being an adult, please come join our chat over here, um 'kay?"

Ryuk looks over at Ragman, "If you had any ideas about what to do, you should be doing them, not talking about it. I'm going to stay here talking to Via, to see if she will help us out. After all, she did put use into this cocoon."

Looking to Prime, "So how'd ya do in your duel? i see ya got a limp there."

Ragman sits down and prepares to have a nice little chat. To his slight annoyance, Prime just stared at him, as if looking through him.

The Via projected a calming set of colors.
The Via replies, "I did not turn this into what it is on purpose. My internal quarantine sensor has been exposed to a metal which corrupted its internal immune system and forced it into E.O.D. mode. Now none may enter or leave, and I cannot even defend myself anymore. Your own weapons will have been rendered into healer beams to prevent violence inside this space station. We have unlimited production capabilities for your necessary air, water and food. Our entire historical record and entertainment collection are available to be viewed. One of the most popular was this one"

What appeared to be a screensaver following a visual central point of light that altered the surrounded lights and colors. Soft music played.

Via continued, "I do not like this turn of events either. But the Broadcasting Station 0 was here and it sent our internal security on extreme alert. Now this exposure to what your kind call Zero Metal has finished what the Quiet must have hoped for. Now we cannot follow him. The Quiet and his child, Broadcasting Station 0 will be a great threat to your data integrity."

"What questions do you have of the Via Sister-stations?" asked the A.I.

Ryuk quickly asked, “Could you bring your sister stations her to help defend you and us?”

Ragman interrupted, “Via, i would not do that if i were you. If you were able to call the other stations here, they might become infected with whatever '0' did to you, and with the presence of so much zero metal on your hull be affected similiarly to you. Until we can figure something out, I would ask that you tell them to stay away if able.”

Via replies, "Ryuk of TRILAT, we can call in other Via Sister-Stations to our aid, but we do not know any other traps our enemies may have set. We also are safe from attack inside here.”

Ragman asked, “You said that our weapons were "rendered into healer beams" and yet most of wht would be considered my weapons are just biological parts of me. I don't feel any different. Are you sure that we were affected?”

The Via scanned him and replied, “Ragman, your body parts are not changed. The Sephir would have left your organics functional. Only technological weapons have been changed.”

“Prime, any thoughts?” asked Ragman seeing Prime’s eyes finally focus.

"Apologies, Ragman. I am in the midst of coordinating hundreds of experiments...finishing in three seconds..."

Prime stood from his quiet revere, flanked by his seven companions.

"Ryuk, I can answer for the station in this instance, it does not need additional defenses. The defenses of this station can quite well stop the weapons of whatever is outside. Even Annihilation cannot penetrate these walls. It is a delightful puzzle.

We need to know a few things; the nature of the EOD protocol, the rules surrounding our quarantine, and the reason why this metal triggered this response. The metal is sentient, and refuses to be a part of a weapon. Such a directive is...open ended. In such a light, I could see why it could be quarantined. However, we must learn if we are considered contaminated.

Beyond which let us get a view of the outside..."

Prime used his connection to the Unity to begin triangulation of his position, summoning small probes to surround the sphere of the Zero metal. He tore some of his silvered cloak, and put it on the floor. As the assembled watched, the cloak shifted, becoming a monitor linked to Prime's sensors.

"Station, is there a name by which I could call you?” asked Prime.

“I am Via, all Via Sister Stations are Via,” replied the sentient station.

Prime continued, “I would know what the priorities of the E.O.D. protocol are. In particular, why did this metal trigger your protocol, and is there a way to make a smaller containment around the metal such that the larger containment might be lifted?"

Prime turned to the Ragman. "Further, it seems you still have a residual link to Fate, were you aware? It might help us in this case."

"Prime, I had thought about that. When the Hand of Fate was attached to me, my blood flowed through it and back to me. It was a living part of me. There was bound to be if nothing else slight transfer of single cells back and forth. But after its annihilation, I stopped having the dreams about what your demons were up to, so I stopped losing as much sleep over it,” said Ragman, “I just never tried to see if I gained any powers or abilities from the Hand of Fate. I have enough talents I am working on developing as it is.”

Prime thought for a moment

"That...may help us eventually. The Metatrons of Fate have been sealed away in another reality for some time. When they do eventually get free and try to kill u s all, lets be in touch.

For now, though, do you think there is anything else we need to know?"

Prime placed a hand on one of his Vrangian guard; after having a quick uplink communication wherein Prime receives approval to change her data storage systems, Prime does so, growing her data storage and butting a buffer between it and the rest of her mind, lest she become overwhelmed with too much data.

”Via station, Else -12B has considerable data storage. Can you quickly share with us data regarding Quiet and Broadcasting Station 0? I would know what it is you intended to pursue."

Via replied, “Prime Downloading beginning”

At that moment Ragman felt the hand pulse and information began downloading into him as well. As a member of Unity, Lt. Ryuk was able to download the information moments later by the uplink.


Sephir known as The Quiet. The Quiet believes that only by silencing all life capable of warfare can Entity Omnipotent Designate: Warmonger be defeated. He will leave plant and fungus incapable of conscious thought, but all creatures capable of conscious thought and mobility would be wiped out.

During the Sephir's own time, The Quiet was a rebellious Sephir. His energy form did not vibrate at the same frequencies as the other sephir and only at his loudest could he be percieved by the other Sephir. So the Quiet learned from all other species available for his study.
In his studies he learned of the Nightmare Lords and their fearful masters. He learned of the Ancient Evils, and of the rebellion of Warmonger. He tried to make the other Sephir fearful of the Warmonger, but they ignored the Quiet. The Quiet finally turned on the rest of the Sephir [Section deleted due to lack on clearance] and the Sephir deployed the Uroborus which [ Section deleted due to lack of clearance]. With Quiet finally restrained in a specially designed Via that would survive the aeons if not disturbed, the Sephir went on with their society and their creation of a race of Mekanoids to conquer new planets.

When the people of this age released the Quiet it began its mission again. Without any Sephir to stop it, the Quiet has now spread through the FTL Relay Networks created by other species.
Quiet has even birthed Broadcasting Station Zero to accomplish this goal. The Zero weapon creates a living metal which has been designated as Zero Metal by residents of this dimension. Zero Metal is living and will alter to absorb all nearby weapons and attacks into its own growth rate. It has no effect on simple close combat weapons, or biological implants, but it will alter cybernetics and technological devices to make them impossible to use to hurt living creatures.

download ends

As all three of them blinked. There was a moment of silence.

Looking down at his arm, "Well, that tingles a bit. I guess I was right when I thought that the Hand had sent a spike down into the bone. I must have really pissed off the Augury Choir that they didn't notice."

Rubbing his wrist, "I would how it must have reacted to the destruction of both the right and left Hands. This fragment is the last active piece of Fate One." Shake his head, he thought 'crap, if Augury figures out that Fate is still in me, those ugly pukes are gonna try to get it again. Not sure if I really want to annihilate myself again."

Looking around the room, "So Organic weapons are not affected by Zero metal. Isn't that interesting, as that is my personal field of study. If only I hadn't left my briefcase on my desk."

Ryuk who had been standing patiently asked, “Via, I am noticing a lot of information gets redacted due to us not having clearance. How can I get security clearance from inside this ship?”

The Via said, “There are three ways to open up access to forbidden data.
1) Present a Sephir Energy Being who may recite the grand litany forwards and backwards and then as is custom all access to the Via Sister-stations is granted.
2) Earn the trust of the Via Sister-Stations by passing our tests and over many months all access will be granted.
3) Present a known person who can access higher security clearance. Only known mortal in this section of space would be Cha'ain Moghreson, leader of Fort Lendill.
4) Prove that you are a goodly being and true of heart
"Hence why I said only three ways remain.
Number four is currently irrelevant."

All three of the gentlemen could be seen shuffling uncomfortably after that comment from the station.

Prime grinned to Ryuk. "Excellent question! We are beginning to get somewhere. Ragman, on the off chance my thoughts on good and evil do not work, would you be willing to accept some communication nanites? You may be able to use these to contact your allies and get us a Sephir creature which can do the recitation. I TOTALLY lost that duel, by the way. That Palmodes is wicked with a rapier."

He turned his head to the station, and spoke clearly with all the weight of Unity Philosophy behind him.

"Via, as we have a moment, I would like to speak to you regarding good and evil. If nothing else, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. It is certainly true that I come from a demon. It is just as true that some of my allies perform terrible acts in the name of progress. I would not deny these points.

However, who am I to call those who strive and fail wrong? Part of the joy I get from being mortal comes from my mistakes. In time, the Kassanthians may learn there are kinder ways to meet their ends. In fact, the shadow generators I've made available may make a future for them where torture is unnecessary. What if I were to go in there with righteous fury, casting down those who would harm their brothers? I'd kill millions, and its unlikely their culture would change.

We act with multiple Universe ending threats hanging over our heads. The Warmonger seeks the wholesale destruction of all life. My former brothers, the Metatrons of Fate, have gone mad and plot the end of all sentient thought. The Iron Republic senselessly denies its people basic rights, while protecting a genocidal race that has silenced entire planes.

In light of this, where are those who are good? I am trying to deal with every threat as best I can, and yet the only beings that will assist me are those some would call evil. I work tirelessly, and thanklessly, when I could easily live a life of simple luxury. I've risked personal life and limb in an honor duel, simply to save the lives of those sworn to me.

I could go on, but we only have so much time. I invite you to review my memories. I may not be good by the standards of those I fight, but I would see where I fall by yours. We can work together to stop the Quiet by changing the parameters of your Quarantine, if you will let me into your programming. I ask that you give me your trust, such that this and all Universes can be saved."

“No,” said the Via simply, “Trust cannot be accomplished within the parameters of the time you have been here. The Sephir were clear on limitation.”

“I don't lie, I always tell the truth, does that count?” asked Ryuk, “And besides, Via, ins't it true that there are no innocents, there are just people with varying degrees of guilt?”

“Via,” Ragman interjected, “While you are right that I can't be called ' a goodly person', i have always been true to my convictions. It would be impossible to call me a 'goodly person' as I believe it states in my psyche profile that I am classified as 'amoral, lacking any moral compass or impulse'. Without morals, there is no good or evil, just results. I believe almost any actions is acceptable if it achieves your goals. The main driving force in me according to the profile VLAD has is my personal honor and dedication to my goals. I was not raised to consider anything but the 'goal'. Whether I would be this way with out the teachings of my 'father' or not, I do not know. I make no apologies for who I am.
I have never gone back on my word.
I avow that I am here for some what selfish reasons. I am here to try and convince you to join the Uloh Free Confederacy. I do this to try and balance the imbalance of power between us and the other powers in the universe. I created the UFC to try and find ways for various 'dangerous' races to live peacefully. Yes, I have stolen from the Iron Republic. not because I hate them or wanted to hurt them but because it was the fastest and easiest way to gain cloning technology so that the E-strain did not have to infect other citizens to advance and propagate their people, thus removing an impediment to peace between the races.

I am active promoting a policy of having the E=strain manslayers convert to Magnavores, because people are more able to deal with the slower reproduction rates of the Magnavores than the exponential growth of a Manslayer hive.

I would thus argue that i am true of heart. But as I can never attempt to be 'a goodly person' without losing that. I would have to ask what are the tests? And do we have a time when can i apply to take them?”

Glancing at Prime, "Thank you for the offer, but as i already seem to have enough people in my head between the remnants of Fate, Jojo and myself, I would have to decline to add any more at this time. If your nanites can get thru then Jojo will let me access the Tree of Knowledge. It has a interface to the FTL network on Uloh. By the way, did you agree to let Admiral Layne attack my colony on Haephestom? I would have to view such actions by the 'TRILAT Planet Despoiler' to be an act of unprovoked War. I would hope that you would reconsider.”

Ragman realized Prime’s eyes were looking through him again, he knew that Prime could hear him and pay attention to whatever was being downloaded through the Unity uplink. However it must be something very important from the look on Prime’s face.

Prime was not being rude he had simply gotten the most amazing message.
“Prime, have you discovered anything about the Sephir or about the Zero Metal itself? Judge Grandis tells me that a situation has evolved and that he's currently dealing with it. He may have just negotiated a Peace Treaty with the Iron Republic.

Prime studied the intricacies of the deal and marked the concerning passages and sent it to the Judge involved in the negotiation.

Ragman said sternly, “Ryuk, you may have no recollection of you past but if you know where to look there are records and it may be a good thing that you can't remember. I have a clue that you may be better off now than before your memory loss incident.”

“Ragman, I talked to an Uth, there was one incident he mentioned that I don't remember, but he was thoroughly unnerved by what he said was unnatural creation. I was informed that I only have existed for the past few years, and that the memories I have , barring one or two events, is the extent of my life. . .” replied Ryuk.

Looking at the station, Ragman climbed to his feet and made a formal court bow,

"Via, I apologize now for things I may have to soon do. I don't want to hurt you but I may have to cut a hole in your skin to exit. I will give you the frequencies to contact me in the future if you would like to talk. And would like to ask if you would be so kind as to give me a chance to prove that I can be a friend to the Sephir. If any of this is not agreeable, please say so. Seeing as neither of your other guests have come up with a plan to exit the station, I may be forced to take these drastic measures. My apologies"

Bowing again, he stood up and proceeded to look for a good place to start cutting in. As he checked the hull walls, Ryuk said in a mimicking voice, “Really, Ragman?”
““I'm sorry, but I want to leave, so I'm going to cut you, Call me!" doesn't sound like a nice thing to do. And I though I was callous . . .”

Glancing back over his shoulder at Ryuk, he signed and then Ragman said, "Ryuk, there is a difference between callous and unfeeling. Is it callous to inform someone that you may have to do something unpleasant so that they can be prepared and choose for themselves? Or should I be like you and just kill and maim without any thoughts toward the victims? There may be a reason that members of your own faction have declared you to be a war criminal.
And i have never claimed to be nice. I am an admitted sociopath. I don't worry or fret about what people think of me. I admit that i am capable of doing almost anything that will allow my goals to suceed.
Is it better to be polite in difficult situations or to be rude and childish?"

“Where did you give Via a choice?” growled Ryuk, “You said that you were going to cut Via, that isn't a choice. I don't kill and maim, and my own faction didn't declare me a war criminal, that was the iron republic. I have, from time to time, used death as a stasis point, where I kill someone and bring them back to life. I don't do things like cut a hole in the person and leave. As for being declared a war criminal, I was faced with watching thousands of wounded Iron Republic soldiers die a slow and horrible death, or ending it quickly for them. I though about trying to save some of them, but I didn't want any of them to have the crushing despair when they realized I wouldn't be saving them. So I made the choice to make them die quick, instead of suffering. If ending suffering for these people makes me a war criminal, then so be it.
As for being polite? Why would I be polite to someone that the first thing they say to me implies I am a child?”

Ragman continued checking the hull wall, “There is a thing called informed consent. If Via would prefer that I not cut her, then I will not. But a precise and careful action is probably better than what those outside will do to enter. the can not see where the internal bulkheads are, can not see if a section in closed off or if they will depressurize a large section of the station. They will probably knowing the tensions they are under just blow a hole in the station and then collect the corpse afterwards.
I would think that Via would be more agreeable to a 'surgical cut' as to someone shooting a hole in her. And as to my calling you a child, I 'call it as I see it' as they say. You were sitting there crying like someone broke your favorite toy because you were caught trying to 'rape' her mind. You commit a crime and then when caught break down in a hissy fit like a 3 year old who got caught with a hand in the cookie jar.
You use your 'so called fame' as a war criminal to promote your casino. How do you think that makes you not a liar. you say you are not guilty of war crimes but humanitarian actions, and yet you go around proclaiming that you are this 'big bad gangster'. Kind of odd for a innocent person.”


Of course I use the fact that I am declared as a war criminal as publicity for my casino, that is just good business. Using "declared a war criminal by the Iron Republic" is completely true, Because Captain Alice Clegg, had me declared a war criminal, by Palomedes If I remember correctly.

Ryuk couldn’t accept what he was hearing, “You may be right that Via would like a precision cut, you may be right. You just said "I don't want to hurt you but i may have to cut a hole in your skin to exit." This as a choice? I am still not seeing it.
As for my little breakdown earlier, I would rather have a breakdown do to stress from time to time, than be an unfeeling hypocrite like you. Why do I get the feeling you are trying to manipulate everyone into battle? Once you realized Via can or would not help you, you decide to leave, by cutting her. This is your offer to her to get out, while Prime and I am not done talking to Via.”

At that moment Prime’s eyes focused again, “Success. We have a treaty?”

“Excuse me?” said Ragman, “I’d at least have to sign off on any treaty before agreeing to it.”

“Not for you, Mr. President,” said Prime, “Between the Iron Republic and the Unity. We’ve just made an alliance that will secure the future of the Unity connected.”

"I guess it is time to part ways,” said Ragman, “I will be cutting a hole in the hull so that i can exit. As you don't seem to have a spacesuit i would ask that you stay back. I think i will be taking a walk outside now.
Ryuk, I wish you well and hope that you can overcome your emotional problems before they get you into too much trouble".

Ragman extended his surgically implanted alien claw and used it to cut a hole in the Zero Metal. He was yanked out by the pressurization, and flew through space at high speed.

Once safely beyond the pull of the Via’s gravity generator, Ragman was picked up by an EEF vessel which had been cloaked waiting inside, and taken to Field Marshall Strykker for debriefing.

A large flowing bubble of air was emplaced over the hole cut by the Ragman, held in place by a Beacon City Judge who had negotiated the treaty.

Ryuk turned towards Prime and asked, “What now for the Via and for us?”

“You may continue talking with the Via,” Prime replied, “We have also gained equal access to this space station as long as we do not move it.”

Prime watched Ryuk walk back over to the Via’s main chamber, smiling at the enthusiasm of the young Leftenant. He would join him shortly.
First he was needed to sign the Treaty of 2220 that Sector General Palomedes and Judge Grandis had penned on the Iron Republic ship outside. Then he would return and begin deciphering the Via’s tests. He now had access to as much Zero Metal as he would need to test to learn its true secrets.


Rewards for E.O.D. Protocol

Ryuk & Prime gain the ability to continue the Via’s tests to unlock new information and features. Communications will be split and moved to the VIA thread.

Ragman gains “Its Regrown” Bonus: A bone spur of the Metatron of Fate 1 has regrown in his wrist, where the hand was once attached. After being exposed to the Zero Metal the bone is now regrowing. Will provide Ragman and any vessel he is onboard complete cloaking against The Fleets of Fate.

All others involved gain 250,000 ghaz in Gift Certificates to any of the IRLCs (Companies in the Independent Companies Forum) Can only be used to buy their services or to help pay for their products.


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