MP_9 Needs a Brewery

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MP_9 Needs a Brewery

Post  F.KalMarx on Mon May 16, 2011 11:01 pm

Leaders of Maxa Provo 9,

Dos Marx Beer, a new company owned by Director Kal Marx himself would like to build a Brewery on MP9. Pollution will be min and taxes will be max.
Would an initial investment of 200,000 ghaz be enough so we can build it?

Maki Taco Esq
On behalf of Dos Marx Beer
And Director Kal Marx


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weighing your proposal (wk5)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Sat May 28, 2011 3:14 am

Honorable Director Marc,

Thank you for considering Maxa Provo 9 for this endeavor. However, in light of recent pending litigation, I must withold any response to this project until my legal issues have been settled. I do not wish there to be any connection between our companies and I want to ensure the trial is impartial, most specifically in the eyes of the defense.

I do not wish to offend you by not responding to your offer, or by rejecting your offer outright. Oncethe verdict has been decided and the dust has settled I will review the matter accordingly. It may take a few weeks for this to occur, so I encourage you to seek other avenues if you require immediate action. Otherwise, I look forward to speaking with you further regarding this business opportunity.

On behalf of Flag Staff Inc and Maehl Holdings,
Su Maehl


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