The moon of Falayis

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The moon of Falayis

Post  Ar'yayhivequeen on Mon May 09, 2011 9:54 pm

This is Prelate Ye'seren of the Church of the Horned Dog, as my Queen is quite busy with an E Strain issue on Kyrpos I will be speaking for her on this issue, she is able to express her thoughts to me over great distances so take my words as hers.

The Moon of Falayis is the next major E Strain target, with two down the elimination of this target will be a crippling blow to the Angels of Desolation and their allies. Failing twice will make the Trilat desperate and we can expect a major defense to be mounted. The Cult of the Horned Dog stationed on the Mobile Colony "Light of Dawn" has 10 Banking guild heavy frigates available for assistance. I hear that Sector General Palomedes just upgraded his fleet with quite a few new fighters and Frigates.
We have done very well so far but we cannot rest until the E Strain is wiped out from existence. However we cannot just rush blindly into the situation.
There are 1,000 Bloom Ships within the Gas Giant of Falayis while the Moon has ten times that number growing. Needless to say 10,000 Bloom Ships being deployed in this war would most likely cause the loss of a sizable portion of the Polar Expanse before your Board of Directors would grant you enough vessels to stop them.

Perhaps here we can discuss plans to defeat this force, maybe one more major loss might cause the Trilat to lose their taste for direct battle. Well not all the Trilat, Kasanth will probably have to be exterminated just like the E Strain.


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Re: The moon of Falayis

Post  blackheartsecurity on Mon May 09, 2011 10:38 pm

A book wormish human analyst named Simmons stood in the back. He looked nervous but spoke clearly. "I have been assigned as the Blackheart Liason. Blackheart forces have committed to a search pattern for the mysterious ship. They will be jumping in on the far side from the battle."

He used a small laser pointer to show where they projected entry into the system. "From there half the forces 10 fighters and an SAV will conduct a search of the gas giant attempting to force out the UFO. Once that happens they will attempt to disable and storm it taking control of the bridge and engineering."

"However it was made clear our force can be redirected in the event of an emergency. Also if the E-strain pushes the majority of its forces to attack us we will retreat but will be slow enough that your forces can inflict massive damage when they turn from you."

Barring any questions this concludes my brief."


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