Week 3 - Eta Herculis, or Waking the Via

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Week 3 - Eta Herculis, or Waking the Via

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Eta Herculis is a double star firmly in Sector General Palomedes sector of space.
Since the release of the Sephir energy being known as The Quiet, six months ago, there have been strange radiation signatures coming from the center point of the double star's orbit.
I.R., Unity,Fort Lendill and EEF starships tracking Sephir Broadcasting Station Zero have followed it to the Double Star of Eta Herculis where it has synched up and reactivated a Sephir Via-class Space Station hidden by the stars' own radiation. The signals were now broadcasting on an all call.

The first ship to the system carried Lt. Ryuk of the TRILAT. A single eye spy floated from his vessel into one of the exhaust hatches of the Via-Station. It stealthily made its way to the bridge and focused the Leyas allowing Lt. Ryuk to shadow walk directly there from his own vessel.
Standing on the immense Bridge of the Via Station he saw a flash of light move from one of the panels and scan him up and down.

“Welcome to the Via Sister Station. What is your name and designation?”

Ryuk stood proudly, “I am Leftenant Ryuk of the Trilateral Commission, known as the TRILAT.”

“Welcome Leftenant Ryuk to the Via. What is your purpose here?”

“To copy your database?” asked Ryuk.

“Please present storage device,” said Via, “All stage 1 data will be provided.”

Ryuk lifted up a Unity wireless data storage device and was pleased when it filled. The light went from green to red showing it had reached maximum storage. Ryuk pulled out another and another one. Going through simply the stage 1 data took about twenty minutes. As the time passed, other ships arrived.

It was an Uloh Free Confederacy vessel that arrived next. President Ragman had decided this was something that was too important to delegate. Boarding the Saragosa Bombardier, he had the crew set course for Eta Herculis. Upon entering the system, he had the crew do a complete scan of the system and to log any and all sensor responses and also any anomalies in the radiation fields.

"Why bother with sensor hiccups, sir?" asked one of the Bridge crew.

"Because stealth fields cancel out signals, right? So we look for the shadows and "smooth" spots in the radiation fields that shouldn't be there. That will be where hidden vessels will be. I would prefer if we weren't blown to hell before I have a chance to talk to the station, would you?"

"Helmsman, Bring us in toward the station. Comms, open a channel to the station."

"Ahoy, the Station. This is President Ragman of the Uloh Free Confederacy. I would like to come over and discuss my petition for you to join the UFC. My vessel will be coming along side your boarding port facing the star Eta. If you agree to speak with me, I will then board by myself as unarmed as I can be, and discuss terms with you. Until such time as negotiations are complete or you request us to leave, we offer you the protections of the UFC."

"Comms, Open a System wide frequency"

"To all hearing this, due to diplomacy matters, The station is currently being offered protection From the UFC. Any hostile action against the station will be viewed as an attack on the UFC, so Please everyone play nice. Personal envoys are more than welcome to request a audience with the station, but we will view violence very poorly. thank you for your patience. President Ragman out."

"Acknowledged Uloh task force. Be Advised that EEF vassals are in system. It was an observation mission but should you require assistance they will render it." Came the reply from the nearby patrolling fleets.

Turning to Ensign 'Ralph' Uloh (his liason with the uloh hive and part of his secure comms network), Ragman asked "Well, is the Angel's Descent ready? I want it on standby, ready to come in at a moment's notice. please verify that they are fully loaded with all available fighters and cruisers."

Turning back to the normal Comms officer, "send off a status report to Uloh and EEF command, letting them know what is up but leave out the fact that we have the Angel's Descent in waiting. i want it to be a surprise if any one tries to be funny."

"Helm, Bring us along the station's hatch facing Eta. First officer, you have the bridge. I am gonna go have a talk with a space station. keep an eye for any problems. I will have a comm crystal on me but do your best not to bother us while we are discussing matters. I trust you can handle most matters. I would prefer if we didn't have to kill anyone, so nonlethal attacks unless necessary. ok, everyone ready? time for me to go have tea with the neighbors."

Ragman proceded to walk off the bridge and head to the station.

Ensign ‘Ralph’ Uloh watched their strange elected representative go, and leaned in to a nearby comrade and telepathically shared, “Umm he asked us to pull alongside the boarding port facing the star Eta, but Eta is a Binery Star. There are two of them.”

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Via, Lt. Ryuk was frustrated. He was getting useful data, sephir power condensers, A.I. designs, even starfighter designs and energy weapons. But as he reviewed the data it wasn’t the famed Sephir Bio Weapons or shield technology.

Suddenly the light in the hallway began to illuminate a handsome man in a good suit riding the lift down from a docking bay.

“Stop holding out on me, Via,” said Lt. Ryuk attempting to hack the station.

Everytime he tried to sneak deeper into the system, he was met by strange alien firewalls, and organic algorithms that nearly hacked back into his own Unity uplink.

Finally as the Ragman was approaching the bridge, he saw the strangely dressed K’iorn. Before he could say anything to Ryuk, the Space Station’s A.I. said

“Welcome to the Via Sister Station. What is your name and designation?”

President Ragman said, “I am President Ragman of the Uloh Free Confederacy.”

“Welcome President Ragman to the Via. What is your purpose here?”

“To convince you to join the Uloh Free Confederacy” said President Ragman.

“President Ragman, present your argument for the Via joining the Uloh Free Confederacy,” said the Space Station A.I.

Meanwhile, Unity Prime's stealthy private skiff streaked towards the station. He carried in his hand the sample of zero-metal he had received, hoping that it may be a key to whatever it is that he would find. Prime sent a simple message to whatever may be on the station.

"We wish to learn from you, and to let you learn from us. Carrying a relic of your people, we ask for passage, and the opportunity to free you from those who would make you do violence."

Prime's skiff docked smoothly, and he boarded along with three of his most skilled Seneschals and three of his most trusted Vrangian guard. They looked for the data cores to download the information, as Ragman argued why the Via should go.

“If you could only see the society we have created there,” said the Ragman.

“Then let us go. We will take scans and decide” replied the Via, beginning its FTL preparations.

“What about my data?” asked Lt. Ryuk.

The Via replied sternly, “It takes many attempts to earn the trust of the Via. Your attempt to hack and steal additional data, and your attempts to delete our data does not help you walk that road. Your request for additional data beyond stage 1 data is currently denied.”

As Ryuk prepared to leave a small satellite appeared next to the wide viewing window. It flared to life, creating a wormhole which sucked in the Via station and quickly closed.

Prime still onboard was automatically alerted right as he stood before the data storage pedastle.

Garmin Fe, in his obsession with defending Refuge from the Quall N'Drone, ignored the plight to the stars when factions like the Unity and EEF went off for the sake of glory and power. When the Sephir known as the Quiet overtook galactic communications it managed to make its way into Coalition branded communications as well. Beacon City itself suffered greatly and it was not until after the Warmonger had been virtually released and resealed that knowledge from the outside world became available once again. Alone in the cold, Garmin Fe was denied a chance to participate in a matter of such importance.

Though it is true that the front with the Quall N'Drone had opened up, it was contact with the Quiet that really brought Beacon City into the sphere of intergalactic politics.
And so it was Garmin Fe’s fleet which witnessed the Red Star Satellite activating and drawing the Station through a wormhole. They relayed information to Unity Prime, but could not triangulate their new location.
Luckily there had been no anomalous signals or signs of the Quite’s broadcasting, so the Judge in charge of the mission ordered them to follow before the wormhole closed.
They were not alone as some of the EEF patrol vessels were pulled through as well.

What they found waiting for them was an Iron Republic Fleet. Three I.R. Starcruisers supported by four Interdictor ships and their entire compliments of starfighters.

Meanwhile onboard the Via, Prime held up the Zero metal, and the Via began to scan it. Moments later it activated some alteration in program. The outer hull began to transform.
All those onboard watched in concern as all boarding ports, or ways off the ship were sealed as Zero metal was manufactured across the entire Via Station.

“E.O.D. Protocol 121 Engaged, Sealing hull from all threats.”

Ryuk, President Ragman, and the Unity and his entourage all found themselves trapped in an unknown star system inside a sealed vessel while a battle was about to break out around them.

Continued in Missions Week 4 - Via E.O.D. Protocol 121 Engaged


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Re: Week 3 - Eta Herculis, or Waking the Via

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Rewards are as follows

Lt. Ryuk can now produce Sephir Space Superiority Mekanoids, Sephir Condensors and basic Sephir mekanoids.

All others gain 100,000 ghaz in budgetary surplus.


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