Week 3 - The Final Destruction of Reclamation Citadel 1

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Week 3 - The Final Destruction of Reclamation Citadel 1

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Commander Verbal Flint took in the sight of chaos as his ship, "Redemption", passed through the edges of the portal. Damaged but operational, the Reclamation Citadel bellowed ominous clouds.

"Status report, where did we end up, what planet is this?"

A young earther answered from his com terminal, "Sir, readings indicate this is Prieydes 7, there are three major settlements, the city below has a population over 1 million."

Verbal's mind went straight to the task. "Send a signal, transmit our coordinates and get us some assistance." Deploy the fighters, I want them to start making a parameter around the contaminated zones. Tell them to herd those things back with weapons fire. However, no pilot is allowed to fly in at close distances. I'm not about to let my men get mind controlled as well. Use what little intel we were able to get from the Da'uhnb agents."


"What is it?" responded the commander to the youth at the com.

"Dreadnaught IVI 717 has responded but they are just coming back from mission and need to be refitted, they won't be able to get out here for a couple more days."

"Damn it, they really need to change the name of that damn ship. Alright then, what additional air support do the other factions commanders have on hand?"

"None sir, we are all the air support there is."

"Damn it, this is a real freaking mess. Alright, coordinate with the other faction commanders and start gathering some intel. I want 20 squads of scout ships, one Jotun and two Sagittae each, get them out their and see what trouble the other settlements are in. Now someone give me a list our weapon stocks, I need to know how much EMP ammunition we have."

Verbal watched direct feeds from his scout squadrons and began to see two larger groups of 100 Red Fists Commandos each surrounded by clouds of juvenile Neliff. The hulking power armor rushed across the terrain. Verbal made a few quick adjustments and commanded, "Scramble more air support, I want those two larger grounds picked apart."

"Sir what about the smaller teams?"

There were at least 500 other Red fists showing up on various scanners as they raced across the terrain towards in pairs or trios trailing juvenile Neliff.

"I need all Recognized onboard deployed. We need them to begin setting up Eye spy controlled remote Magi Cannon positions, and remote operated Nephilim. Set them up between the Red Fists that are running and the Dome City," commanded Verbal, "We can't let them get in there."

Verbal reviewed his impromptu commands. With so few resources on hand, he was at a loss for solving the problem the citadel itself posed. Suddenly he noticed an armored megaphone sitting on the console next to him. That bastard Da'uhnb must have left it there. Who the hell armors a megaphone? Still the thought stuck in his mind and so did the initial speech given through the device. Something snapped in the commanders mind and he went straight to the com link.

"Ensign, I want you to send a transmission to the commander of the 'Freedom's Haste'. I need him to prepare to transfer the crew to his ship. I also need you to get every capable engineer, technomancer, and air layas user we have on board both ships. I need to see them pronto in the engineering room. And get it done yesterday."

As a flurry of building occurred on the Arcturus-class warship, their unluckily allies were hiding behind one of the containment grids hoping to not be spotted. Voora Tel Ganath sat back, a bit overwhelmed from the constant moving and hiding. He knew the rest of his soldiers were just as tired of hiding, but already there were too many Neliff inside to effectively take them all out.
Stealth was the best option.
Sgt. Major approached Voora with a concerned look on the face partially hidden by the bulky envirosuit he wore.
"We got a mess of problems, sir," he said to Voora, holding up a vid pic he had taken. It showed a view from one of the holes in the side of the citadel. Outside they could see Red Fist Commandos charging towards the nearby Dome City.
"We can't do anything about that from inside here," said Voora, "We will have to move out on foot. We won't be moving as fast as they are, but we can mark them with Light Leyas for the aircraft to spot."
"Sir, we are too undergunned to take on Red Fists," replied the Sgt. Major.
"You think I don't know that??? Ive faced them in combat, and Ive lost friends to them before. I won't allow that to happen this time. Any of the boys see a Red Fist they retreat and pop yellow smoke," said Voora, "Get our comms up and running. It'll take us a day at least to catch up with them, and I want any friendlies in the air to know our plans by then."
The day was a flurry of activity for the fleet above the Reclamation Citadel 1, and for Voora's Mercs, but equally so for the Neliff.
The Neliff restarted the Reclamation Citadel's advanced technology using mind-controlled Unity Connected. With 20,000 Quall bodies still viable, the Neliff quickly began restoring Earthers, Children of the Falosini, and a few species even more ancient than themselves. Some escaped into other dimensions, opening Energy Bridges and allowing small teams of Neliff and their slaves to escape.
Others were responsible for keeping the 7,000 Quall Red Fists still serving Le-a Hive Queen chasing their own shadows.
As the second day began, and Captain Verbal Flint was getting his morning reports aboard the bridge of the Arcturus "Redemption".
His aide passed him his coffee and began, "Sir work is going well on your plan, we expect the conversions to be done within 48 hours."
"Time is never on our side," said Verbal as he sipped the acrid beverage, "How is the staff transfer going?"
"Very well sir," said the aide, "By tonight all our crew not involved in the conversion will be aboard Freedom's Haste."
"Good, status on Dome City of Snowy Bluffs?" asked Verbal almost hoping against hope.
"Status not looking good sir," said the aide, "The Leadership of the Dome has already been taken by the Neliff. There is chaos in the city, and they won't allow our troops any entry to hunt down the few Neliff that slipped through. A good tactical team could have taken out the few Mature Neliff that made it into the city, but now... every few hours a few more thousand Juvenile Neliff are spawned. The entire City will be controlled by Neliff within twenty four hours. Luckily it does not appear as though enough Red Fists made it through to the Dome, so only a few hundred have been infected with Quall Larva. Not good, but it could have been far worse if we hadn't set up the defenses."
Verbal felt the pressure, "Not Good, I agree. What is the Status on Horumheff and the Port City?"
"Both are completely free of infestation thanks to our work. But we have no way of stopping every hover vehicle in the Dome City from driving with their passenger and a back seat full of Neliff down into the valley of Horumheff once they finish their infestation," said the aide.
"And the Citadel?" asked Verbal finally.
"No successful action so far by the Allied Quall, but we have gotten communications from a merc team hired by the Unity who is still inside. They will be marking any Neliff they see with Light Leyas for us, and if we see yellow smoke we have a location with Red Fists," said the aide.
"Make sure all our pilots are informed," said Verbal, "And get a direct communication line to those Mercs."
It only took five minutes to locate their signal. It was a highly encrypted transmission.
"We are operators currently under contract with Unity Prime,” said Voora, “If necessary, please confirm that we have important packages for delivery to Prime. Our extraction may become necessary. Presently, we shall use our talents to assist where we can"

As the day wore onward Blackheart Security Forces finally got permission to deploy to the surface of the planet. They quickly assessed the situation, and received updates from a surprising source, a merc force trapped in the war zone.
Blackheart began with attack runs
They were quick to see Light Leyas encircling certain sections of the forest between Snowy Bluffs and the Valley of Horumheff. Blackheart Aegis Starfighters piloted by Ydyara and Earther pilots streaked overhead, dropping Napalm into those zones. The Napalm killed many of the Juvenile Neliff, but those who accompanied Red Fists were unaffected due to Protective Auras created by the Red Fists. A few were marked with yellow smoke, and Sagittae and Jotun carved the Red Fists to pieces.
Blackheart Aegis gave the Beacon city aircraft a wide berth.
The following day, at dawn, there were hovercars of all types. Overnight the Neliff had finished taking over Snowy Bluffs, and now their numbers had swelled to nearly three million. Even with a few thousand killed by Captain Flint’s fleet and the Blackheart backups, there were still so many. So it was very concerning that hundreds of hovercars and small quick vehicles, gathered inside the walls of the Dome City. The second the doors of the Dome Walls opened, a horn sounded and the cars began to race across the terrain. The Sagittae began chasing them, blasting them with Energy Lances. One of the Hover cars used another to jump into the air, and its windows open, releasing a cloud of Juvenile Neliff which used their tentacles to moor themselves to the hull of the Sagittae and Jotun in that formation. They controlled both, and now as Neliff vessels they turned on their allies, shooting down Sagittae and Blackheart security vehicles alike.
Those vessels infested were obvious. The Juvenile Neliff could be seen hanging off the side of the vessels by their tentacles.
Lt. Ryuk’s fleet arrived just in time. Ryuk’s Yrs Starfighters were able to chill the engines of the infested vessels, and they hit the ground hard, but the crew did survive.
Ryuk’s Stiletto Starfighters Pilots were able to chase down even the fastest Hovercars, and destroy them with their artillery cannons.
When yellow smoke popped, Ryuk’s Kasanthian Missile Ships moved into position and began bombardment that could kill the Neliff-controlled Red Fist soldiers below.
As the day progressed it became a massacre. Between Ryuk’s fleet, the Beacon City fleet, and the Blackheart Security operatives it was a meatgrinder for the juvenile Neliff as they sought to reach the Valley of Horumheff.
But as the forces attentions were drawn to the edge of the Valley, the Neliff consolidated their control of the spaceport of the Snowy Bluff Dome city. Starships activated their shadow drives within the spaceport, carrying Neliff and their slaves off far planets via the plane of awareness. At the Reclamation Citadel 1, there were still work going on. Thousands more Quall corpses were reclaimed. Some restored into Earthers, some Children of the Falosini, some Ydyara, some Oleifera, and even some new species, like the seven Shardrax, the ten Gyunan, and the twelve Malcontents that were taken through an energy bridge to the plane of awareness by the Neliff. Adult Neliff along with clouds of juvenile Neliff went off with a Shardrax, a Gyunan, an Oleifera, a trio of Ydyara and ten Children of the Falosini or Earthers to start new “Colonies”. Luckily only seven of these “colonization” groups actually escaped the planet.
The following day, the work on the Redemption Arcturus Warship was done. The Freedom’s Haste was ready for its role as well. With Blackheart and Lt. Ryuk’s forces keeping an eye on the roads and forests between Snowy Bluffs and Horumheff.

When Captain Orig had addressed the Neliff with his megaphone, he had said the species would be cleansed with the "purity of lightning". Whether it was intended or not, it gave the commander an idea. If he could produce a massive electric charge and discharge it upon the citadel, perhaps the connected iron lattice of frost generators would conduct the power through the entire structure. The charge needed would have to massive and ongoing in order to obliterate all on board.

Utilizing what engineers and technomancers he has on hand, Verbal had commanded them to transform the main engine core into a massive static electric drive. Any Air Leyas Users that were onboard any of the allied ships were asked to use their talents to make the hull of the ship into a massive conductor and amplifier of electricity. Finally they were asked to insulate and ward the bridge of the ship. The commander cut and give one of his fingers for resurrection to his Leftenant. Verbal was prepared to pilot the 'Redemption' himself while the rest of the crew had been transferred to 'Freedom's Haste'. Finally, they were ready.

Both ships began their attack run toward the Citadel with 'Freedom's Haste' taking the lead and providing cover for 'Redemption'.
'Freedom's Haste' passes over the Citadel with grapple lines aimed down at friendly units in need of escape. They saved the squad of mercs, including Voora, who was damn happy to be very far away from this planet and the Neliff it contained.
It was interesting to see, that the Beacon City ship rescued many of the Red Fists still serving Le-a HiveQueen who had not been controlled by Neliff.

With the Freedom’s Haste safely away, Commander Flint spoiled the main drive core as his ship hit maximum speed. Already arcs of lightning could be scene passing over the bow of the ship. As the floating isle closed, Flints life passed before his eyes, his time as a slave to the lords of Itash, the time his mother was whipped to death for disobedience, the desperate escape he made to Beacon City, the instant of his shard heart implantation and the feeling of warmth that overtook him, the time he spent training under a master of air flight, the time he married his wife, and the first day witnessed by his new born child. It was only an instant.

Just as the arcturus warship "Redemption" made contact with Reclamation Citadel 1, all communications channels could here Commander Flint curse at the enemy one last time.
There was a crack of crystal on obsidian as the two structures connected, the prow slid into the crack it forced in the obsidian walls of the Reclamation Citadel 1. The metal prow touched the metallic network between the frost generators, and the entire drive powered enough electricity into the network to kill everyone left inside the Reclamation Citadel. Seconds later, the rest of the bulk of the Arcturus struck the citadel, shattering both the floating island of Levi-stone and the obsidian factory. Sections of smashed crystal, and cracked obsidian and sheared metal of machinery and frost generators were scattered across the field. The sound of cracking crystal, echoed as far as the Valley of Horumheff.
The following day, was a day of mourning for both the Beacon City Crew of the Freedom’s Haste and the Mercs and Red Fists they had saved. As afternoon drew on, the 3,500 surviving Red Fists opened energy bridges to return home. Promising to return after they had developed armor that would stop the egg implanting tentactles of the Neliff.
They returned to Le-a HiveQueen, and they began work on attaching obsidian spikes to their armor.

Together with the forces of Ar’yay Hive Queen they returned to the planet. However Ar’yay was far more stealthy deploying Trident Missile Ships on Prieydes 7. They cloaked and landed small groups of Red Fist Commandos at each of the 3 settlements. Once the commandos had been deployed on planet the Trident Missile Ship opened up energy bridges back to Kyrpos and withdrew.
Once on Planet two of three groups of Quall opened up energy bridges to Kyrpos and 30,000 Quall N’Drone came out of each energy bridge (totaling 60,000) and into the settlements along with 50,000 Pit Mongrels each (totaling 100,000). In addition 30,000 Horned Dog cultists shall come into each city and attempt to evacuate and safeguard any non implanted/mind controlled citizens remaining. (a total of 60,000) All forces had a protective aura place on them to protect them from fire and chill.

They were joined by 10 Obsidian Titans each, (equaling 20 overall), the controllers of the Titans stayed in the rear of the forces using the Hive mind to see where the enemy was without risking themselves.
The Obsidian Titians took up defensive positions around the Valley of Horumheff. They used their magma projectors to melt any hostile forces and their Heavy Rail cannon artificed with melt metal and Solar Flare to take out any large concentrations of Juvenile Neliff at long range, trying their best not to inflict friendly fire. When the areas were warded against fire, they used the obsidian blades on their arms to slice up Neliff controlled locals.
The Port saw little action. But every few hours the Obsidian Titans at Horumheff Vally would face Neliff controlled citizens, taken from Snowy Bluffs. Some were armed with heavy weapons, stolen from the Snowy Bluffs Law Enforcer Armory.
However one of the Red Fist Squads was sent to Snowy Bluffs and when it landed and disembarked, it was immediately struck with flash bang grenades stolen from Law Enforcers. The Red Fists were surrounded by Juvenile Neliff. They each killed seven of them but the cloud of juvenile Neliff just kept coming from Snowy Bluffs drawn by the Quall’s Leyas Auras.
They were taken, and the plan was never finished. Ar’yay raged as her views of the memories of that squad was replaced by a sunny beach. However the rest of the planet was in her grasp.

The Praetorian legion emerged from their drop pods on Prieydes 7. Reinforcements were not coming soon, and the battle would be chaotic.

The stakes, though, could not be higher. The Neliff were a threat to the entire Universe, and they would use this planet to their own ends. This could not stand. They formed up and marched towards the citadel. Above the legion were banners, topped with brilliant lights. Made in the time of the border wars of Refuge, banners of the shining legions dispelled all shadows, and would be essential in the fight against the Neliff. Each of the soldiers were ready, and the most dedicated carried specially made hermetically sealed orbs in their abdomen. These carried samples of Dr. Gilmore's fungus. If they fell, the Neliff would still fall. So must it be.

At their side were the Technobroken serving Captain Axis. The Praetorians marched with military precision, but the two thousand Technobroken loped around them. They reached the wall of the Dome, and the Praetorians tried to crack it open with their grenades, but the Dome Wall was too strong.
One of the Technobroken hacked the door and the old IR codes were easy enough to break. It slid open and the Praetorian Army marched inside and a slaughter began.

A few hours later out in orbit, an Iron Republic Mothership appeared, shadow jumped into orbit above the planet of Prieydes 7.
Iron Republic Mothership Captain Imbruglio motioned to battle stations. They had arrived late, and from the many forces that could be picked up on orbital scanners a full battle raged between an unknown alien force, and a combined allied force from many usually warring faction.
Lt Doby said, "Captain are you sure you understood the Sector General Palomedes Orders?"
Captain Imbruglio snarled, "Don't you dare question me aboard my own ship. His orders were clear. NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Orbital bombardment and starfighter blockade only."
"But sir, there are millions of colonists on this planet," said the LT in reply.
"There were millions of colonists. If we had gotten our orders a few days ago, there would still be some Colonists to save. Now we are dealing we approximately 9 Million Neliff, and 3 Million Colonists in three separate cities under their control. Our main goal now is to stop them from leaving the planet. Orders are clear. Orbital bombardment of all spaceports. Starfighters are to shoot down any vessel that attempts to breach the atmosphere. Do not board any craft."
So one Mothership against the world? wondered LT Doby.
"Just us sir? Palomedes didn't send any backup?" asked Doby.
"The Sector General knows what he is doing," said Captain Imbruglio, but he prayed that Palomedes really knew what he was doing, "Lieutenant this is a list of allied units, make sure our gunners don't allow for any friendly fire."
“Good news sir, reports confirmed by Blackheart Security, cities of Horumheff and Nali'deva are safe and held by friendlies with extreme prejudice towards all approaching craft,” said the comm. Officer, “Only Snowy Bluffs fell.”
“A Dome City,” said Imbruglio solemnly, “That was the target the Domebusters mounted on our vessel were designed to destroy. Assume the position for orbital bombardment. Load one plasma domebuster to punch through, then follow it up with one filled with nerve gas, then three more with incendiary warheads.”
“Excuse me sir?” asked Lt. Doby.
“Three hours ago, the Dome sensors picked up the release of a toxic fungus in the air filtration system of Snowy Bluffs. The Dome went into lockdown, and can’t be opened safely now, even if we could assault it. We have to end whatever is going on down there in one action,” said the Iron Republic Officer with certainty.
The Dome of Snowy Bluffs was stuck multiple times from orbit. The entire city was heated until liquefied, the Dome cracked under the heat and sections of it fell inward carving up what remained. The death toll was extreme. All Neliff who didn’t escape earlier must have surely been destroyed in the devastating bombardment.
“Sir what about the TRILAT forces?” asked Lt. Doby, “Some of them are listed as terrorists?”
“They came out in defense of the planet, I cannot hold it against them,” said Imbruglio, “Leave it to the Sector General to figure out.”
The planet had been saved from the Neliff, but seven colonies had escaped. Where they escaped to is unknown.
Except for those lost during the battle, the majority of the inhabited world is saved.


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