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Free Freighter Service

Post  F.KalMarx on Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:30 am

"Welcome any and all who ascribe to the idea that aliens are by their nature evil. Do you believe god made humans, and the devil made everyone else. Then join the crusade bus to Infernos. Anyone who can prove their devotion to killing aliens, and their hatred of all things non-religious, can get free transport to Infernos to join the crusader army gathering there."

All applicants will be given a full medical scan for any parasites or other threats to protect the health of those aboard the freighters. But all Director Kal Marx's freighters will be diverted to offer this free service. If possible he would like to move 100,000 people a day to Infernos, until all the violent racists he can get access to are transferred to Infernos.


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