Week 2 - Into Reclamation Citadel 1

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Week 2 - Into Reclamation Citadel 1

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The floating isle of Serpenthead bobbed above the Lava seas of the dimension of Kyrpos.
On it was a manufacturing factory of the most malicious design. It was normally pumping up clouds of black fumes, as the Necromancers inside turned corpses of Quall N’drone Warriors into Dead Quall. But with the doors of the Reclamation Center 1 closed the flow of material to make the intelligent undead soldiers, had stopped.
On the obsidian beach of the floating island stood Lot Mannings. Lot had been a Kasanthian Nightmare Slaver since the age of six when he had used his pet nightmares to tease and taunt the other children and the staff in his school.
Right now he sat out sunning under the Red Sky. It was bright but there was no Light Leyas in Kyrpos and the Vampyr’s cursed flesh did not burn. He was in a pair of boardshorts and his Nightmares were fishing with raw pieces of meat.
It drew a pack of the Aquatic Nightmare that Layne Yr had from the Border Wars which she made swallow artifacts that protected them from Lava, as well as a bellyful of Frost Generators and hurled them down into the Fire Seas. They were swimming down there in dangerous deadly packs. However since the Frost Generator was deep inside the gullet of a Nightmare it could not extend its nodes to create a network which would create an obsidian isle. However its mere presence in packs of two of more would instantly kill Quall N’drone. They wouldn’t see them & wouldn’t hear them through the lava. How the Nightmares even survived were a mystery, but Lot knew from the sadistic experiments of his youth that Nightmares didn’t need to breathe and they ate for pleasure not for sustenance.
They were drawn by the hunks of Flayer meat from failed restorations.
Lot commanded a nightmare which had the beaked head of a vulture, “You, see if any more Quall bodies have come to the Surface.”
Since the Research islands had been created, and the Nightmare predators seeded these lava seas, there had been thousands of Quall corpses that just floated to the surface. All had been shipped into the Reclamation Citadel.
Lot picked up his commcrystal and tapped it. “Hey any word on when Production is going to continue. We might need more meat to keep the Nightmares down in the magma fed.”
He stood up yawned and looked down into the churning depths as hundreds of the nightmares were churning up the magma. Even if the nightmare was killed, it would just release a frost generator to begin spreading out its tendrils creating increased networks and an obsidian isle.
As Lot watched the “aquatic” Nightmares thrash and wondered how many miles around the islands they covered in their hunting patterns.
“Hello?” asked Lot.
“Yes, all is well in the Reclamation Citadel. It now serves a higher purpose,” said the strange voice from an alien breathing apparatus, “Soon production can start, but you must unbar the doors and let us out”
“Huh?” asked Lot.
A strange alien creature rose up in front of him. It has six tentacles each ending in an organic spikes with a humanoid body. Lot took in its strange alien visage and suddenly everything became sweetly scented. He was on a beach under a beautiful sun. It reminded Lot of everything he missed as a Vampyr.
However actually what happened was the creature rose up. It possessed his mind, and as he stood there it sunk three of its tentacles into Lot’s belly and deposited eggs that had been gestating inside its own body. A few moments later the eggs used the stomach to go through its final phase, draining a bit of its host’s lifeforce but not killing it. Small creatures, juveniles burst forth from Lot’s stomach. And Lot lived through it.

It was the perfect symbiotic organism to the Quall.

It was the Neliff.

Captain Orig appeared. He teleported onto the top of a nearby Obsidian Crag, and had an armored megaphone.
He placed it to his fanged reptiliod mouth. The Da'uhnb roared!
"Neliff you will not be allowed to return to our reality. Your kind cannot be allowed to spread. While we usually only focus on Demons, and you are clearly just a very malicious alien, we have decided to call in friends trained to take you out.
We have called the Falosini and requested their aid. When they and their armies of Children of the Falosini arrive, you will be cleansed in the purity of lightning."

The Neliff could have taken control of him but it had more pressing concerns. It retreated into the armored orb that was the reclamation citadel.

Alerts went up on the Arcturus Warship "Redemption", capitol ship of Garmin Fe's armada. Soon after a prerecorded message was sent through a secure line to Unity Prime.

"Dear Prime, I don't want you to think that I have no trust in the Unity Consensus, or its technological abilities, but I have always seen the Reclamation Citadel as a liability that needed to be mitigated. As such, I made preparations for an occasion such as now without your knowledge. As we speak my men are moving in on the citadel. They have orders to coordinate and work with our allies. If I am not able to command, you will superficially be in charge of my forces. I say this because you will not be able to dissuade my commanders from their primary objective, that is, all activity within the citadel will be shut down."

Beacon City Technomagi tapped into the Frost Generators that made up the Floating Reclamation citadel. The temperature dropped rapidly inside the Citadel,At 0 degrees Celsius (273 Kelvin), temperatures reach freezing. Masses of water particles will begin to crystallize. The survival of most living species begins to become difficult.At -15 degrees Celsius (258 Kelvin), nearly all unmodified earther plant-life will die if temperatures are sustained.

At -20 degrees Celsius (253 Kelvin), most species will find it impossible to avoid hypothermia without some form of protection. Yet the Unity feeds from known people, normal uplinked Earthers still is just showing the tropical beach and sun. At -100 degrees Celsius (173 Kelvin), traditional CPU systems will expire due to temperature stress. The internal security systems begin to crack and break. At -215 degrees Celsius (58 Kelvin), the average air mixture (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, ect.) will begin to liquefy at normal atmospheric pressure. It was at this point that one after another the Unity feeds from people inside the Reclamation Citadel stopped broadcasting the tropical islands, and replaced it with a final death signal.
At -273 degrees Celsius (0 Kelvin), all molecular activity stops. Only hydrogen can maintain a non-solid state at this temperature while under normal atmospheric pressure. And yet as the air and surface temperatures dropped beyond dangerously low, there were still flares of heat that were unwavering that could be seen using advanced thermal scanners.

Garmin Fe could not understand how anything could survive in there. Then one of his adepts reminded him, "Sir, if this species once worked alongside the Quall N'drone, it would be simple enough for them to learn to use Fire Leyas to cover themselves in a protective aura. The aura would keep them at a comfortable temperature, even transfer the air back into its normal form, that is if the Neliff even need to breathe."

The defenses of the island surrounding the citadel were huge, stark. Monolithic structures hummed, ready to tear invaders to shreds. Smaller gun turrets sat on rails, ready to launch kinetic death upon those who would approach. Line after line of Praetorian infantry stood at attention, their shields at the ready and their long plasma lances at the ready.

There was an understanding amongst the consensus. The Quall were well equipped to deal with the Neliff, as they had once before. The Unity did not yet have the time it needed to make a sufficient defense against the Neliff.

The Quall were honored foes, the first opponent the Unity had fought which did not resort to cowardly tactics. Even now, they walked forward, risking their lives. The silent legions of the Praetorian parted, allowing the Quall to pass.

A messenger probe was sent to the blue scaled alien with an...armored megaphone. The Unity consensus shuddered as one at the thought. An armored megaphone? Did the blue scaled aliens have NO taste?

"Captain Orig. We would ask you to consider your current ostentatious tactical position of not aligning with the particular elements which could most help your cause. we can defend your forces, and your allies, from the counter-attack if it comes. Further, we could provide you schematics of the citadel. We will do these things, defending with our static defenses, if you but ask. Further, our contingency plan is to obliterate the citadel if it cannot be salvaged. As you are working in good faith, we will warn you if such an eventuality occurs."

The monolithic defenses hummed, ready to fire on the charge they once protected if the command was given by Prime.

Prime watched the situation from his lab. He would not be with the Mercs in the flesh, but he would in spirit. He would remotely hack defenses to allow them through, and he has provided them with a particular mechanical key through which he can directly manipulate machines, if need be. If the worst looked to happen, he was prepared to destroy the citadel.

The Quall Red Fist Commandos marched up to the armored door at the front of the citadel and proceeded to melt the material that it was made of. They marched proudly into the now open doorway, two by two, with their impregnation lances held high.
They were ready for the first Neliff they found who floated forward to meet them in the middle of a dimly lit hallway. Its walls were bathed in shadows due to the lights bursting from the cold. The only light source was a small torchlight floating above the Neliff, obviously kept in place by the Fire Leyas the creature channelled to keep it aloft and keep itself from freezing instantly in the intense cold.

The Red Fists followed their Queen's command, instead of incinerating the Neliff on sight they struck at it with their lances. Moments before the lances struck, more Neliff revealed themselves. They instantly took control of key Quall along the column, using them to push other commandos into prepared shadows leading to cages throughout the Citadel for "rowdy reclaimed races".
It didn't stop the ten thousand, but it disrupted their attack, and the tight corridors worked against their increased numbers.
With 1,000 Quall of the initial 10,000 under their control, and another 2,000 diverted into the containment cells, the Neliff were ready to escape with their prizes.
An Energy Bridge formed under the Reclamation Citadel, created by 1,000 Quall N'drone, and the Levistone was disrupted. The Energy Bridge was easily large enough to swallow the entire floating castle and deposit it on the world of Prieydes 7. Seeing the Reclamation Citadel 1, its technology for restoring lost species from Quall N'drone, and 1,000 dangerous aliens attempt to escape, the Unity ordered all weapons to fire.
The weapons tore into the Citadel as it fell, shearing the roof cleanly off, but much of it escaped intact.
And inside it, slowly slinking through the corridors were the mercs under Voora Tel Ganath. They knew they had just slipped between dimensions. Voora leaned back, and shrugged. It was going to be one of those days.


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