First sermon in the Holy Cathedral of the Noble Paladin

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First sermon in the Holy Cathedral of the Noble Paladin

Post  Lions of Earth on Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:15 am

To all members of the Church of One. 3000 of your brothers in faith sought to rid the universe of the hated Xenos and spread gods word. They came to the Quall Na'Drone world of Infernuis, and their holy wrath slaughtered thousands of the forsaken hell spawn.

Today they stand at gods side. They have died for your sins, and the sins of all people everywhere. When each one fell it was with a single tear. They cried that they could only give one life to save yours.

I call on all who believe in the one true church to make a pilgrimage to Infernuis. The 3000 nobly died fighting the Aliens so that this world, once the holy world of the Alien's godless religions, can be converted into the paradise the true god can offer.

Death to the Aliens, to the heretics, to the witches, to the mutants, and other tools of the devil. We shall strike out across the galaxy, and where they hide our fire shall incinerate, where they corrupt we shall purify, and where the ignorant reside we will teach the true faith of man.

There is but one god, and he has blessed humanity to be his pious sons and daughters.

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