Week 2 - Scavenging from the Spaceship Graveyard

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Week 2 - Scavenging from the Spaceship Graveyard

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Captain Bohleroh Rogers was strapped into the cockpit of his VLAD Assault Strider. The Vlahadassi technomagi had been a technician for decades before the border wars, having fled to the Colonies during the assault on Makuf. Then during the border wars he had strapped into the cockpit of an EEF Strider when the pilot was killed by a Gnomish Slammer. It had been a rebirth for Rogers, and he put his life into it with passion.
And the strider corps were happy to have him, especially on missions like this one. Captain Rogers had three squads of Striders under his command. They had marched from the Dark Side Base at the lead of an infantry army that was prepared to salvage starships from the spaceship graveyard on the plane of Awareness. Some said this was a suicide mission, but Captain Rogers had joined Project Dark Side to complete missions that others said were suicide missions. Dead didn't scare Captain Rogers, death was transitory. What scared Captain Rogers was the Undead Spacers that made their home for eternity in the graveyard.
They spooled up their VLAD Laser Cannons, the heavily armored mirrors moving into position to divert multiple combat grade lasers onto targets as necessary. And targets were everywhere.
Above them the Gunpods made a third pass dropping more healing mist artifacts which filled the air with a golden cloud. Many of the Undead Spacers were in full power armor or spacesuits, environmentally sealed and protected from the purifying golden cloud.
Those who had tears in their suits lost limbs or turned to dust, but many survived the bombing run.
The VLAD Laser Cannons were online, and Captain Rogers followed Field Marshal Strykker's orders to shoot on sight.
The Striders strafed and as their beams pierced the spacer's enviroseals the healing mist touched them as well. There were flashes of golden light as hundreds of spacers went down.
The signal was given and they set up a perimeter as the Lions of Earth continued pushing forward past their position to continue salvage deeper in. Four Dumbar-Class Salvage Ships shadowjumped in and joined the EEF vehicles. A fast and furious salvage operation began.

Far away in a suburban house in the Suburb of Yr in the Kingdom of Kasanth on the planet Refuge, sat TRILAT Grand Admiral Layne Yr.
Layne Yr was surrounded by child-sized Nightmares. A good twenty of them surrounded her, in her stunning pumpkin colored bodice and matching thigh high boots. She even held a little plastic pumpkin in her hand, like one children once used for trick or treating.
She held a remote control in her hand, a big blocky, boxy piece of plastic.
Each of its oversized buttons had a different location written on it.
Each of the Nightmares had an Eyespy viewer, much like a 2D television screen set inside their heads. Layne Yr was flicking through channels, watching battles and wars, and a single Eyespy seeing a beautiful sandy beach (that one was at Reclamation Citadel 1).

The channel she was paying attention to showed the Spaceship graveyard, and EEF forces moving through it.

Layne Yr pulled down a huge commcrystal the size of a disco ball, and spoke loudly into it. Her words would get projected from altered Nightmares stationed around the Spaceship graveyard.

"Forces of the EEF,
Though you tresspass without any communication across territory annexed by the Kasanthian Federation.
Though you trod upon ground which was fought for and won over a year ago by the Kasanthian Federation.
Though you walk with guns drawn into an area where our forces could potentially converge in violence,
Despite all these things, in light of them, in fact, I, Grand Admiral Layne Yr of the Kasanthian Federation order a summary withdrawl of all Kasanthian Federation forces from the region of the Plane of Awareness that you are visiting.
We are NOT giving you endless access to the Spaceship Graveyard, nor are we allowing the EEF or any others a Beach-head here.
But we also do not desire war with the EEF.

You have 48 hours Refuge time in which to do you salvage operations.
I will send you a bill for the cost of the salvage you are taking based on 10% of the total original cost of the vessels involve.
If you pay this bill, then we shall consider it a step towards further peace between our great Nations.
If you do not we will consider the EEF uninterested in further peace talks."

Layne Yr let go and the disco ball whipped up to the ceiling.
She lifted another smaller commcrystal from her little pumpkin.

It was highly encrypted and ONLY went to Kasanthian Federation members.

She said "Lliw Uoy Sa Od"

Back on the plane of Awareness, the EEF soldiers and their Uthvelor allies stopped the salvage work. They expected some sort of covert attack. And when one didn't come, they returned to their work. The EEF had specific goals in mind when they went into this mission.

Celyse listened to the announcement in silence from the shadows. The uth woman waited patiently for the other to finish her speech before stepping forward, crushing a skull beneath her foot with a hollow crunch.

“I must confess, Kasanthian leader,” she spoke. “I find it curious you would claim a zone within the homeland of the Uthvelor and Pelebor as your own.” She inclined her head, her face expressionless as usual as she surveyed the land with dull gray eyes.

“The EEF are here because I invited them. They are guests in our lands, as you have been. Do not mistake our tolerance for your presence as proof of ownership, Kasanthian. My people were born in this plane and have lived as the dominant race for thousands of years, your armies and claims will not change this.”

“If you are not satisfied by our proclamation of territory, I invite you to send your bill to our Lord Azrael. I warn you, however, he will not be nearly as patient with this issue as I have been.”

Celyse knew the Kasanthian Admiral was listening, and wondered if she had just gained a new enemy.

In the wake of Admiral Yr's announcement General Gifford (RCT 1 commanding) glanced around uneasily. As if this mission wasn't bad enough just for being in this God forsaken place now the Kasanthians were were feeling frisky. Prefect.
The bleak surroundings and derelict ships as far as the eye could see didn't do much to improve his mood either. Seemed rather presumptuous to him as well not only was it Uth land but most of these ships had been lost by the old Earther Authority. If anything they were taking back their property. Still the deployment was going well so far he told himself and, surprisingly he found the Uth Zaodonai's response somewhat reassuring.

"General," his aid Jenkens called as he trotted up and saluted. "All elements have reported in, so far so good and the gunpods are forming the CAP with the Uth wyrmriders. But, alot of the men are pretty nervous and getting jumpy. I'm worried about friendly fire." Gifford nodded.

"Yes I'm concerned myself." the General replied. "This interest the Kasanthians are taking is troubling to. I'm issuing new orders. The boarding parties will act in tandem and all ships will be reconned by fire with laser or light and healing stones before anyone enters them. No one goes anywhere alone and all squads are to maintain visual contact with at least one other squad at all times. Relay that to battalions, I'm going to call back to H.Q and see if we can get some back up if we need it."

Further up the Lions of Earth had found their primary target, a bulk fueler, often used by the banking guild to carry very expensive fuels. They charged in, weapons raised on their spacesuits. Huge railcannons mounted on a Dusk-class Destroyer, Lions' Claw raked the ground with strikes that flipped the undead spacers to the side, piercing their armor and exposing them to the healing mists. The Lions of Earth security team breached the door of the bulk fueler, and entered. The inside seemed very dark and wet.
As the security team was inside, the technicians waited outside and it was that one technician, Harold Watson, who noticed something strange.
He walked a few steps around the side of the Bulk fueler and noticed several dead men and women. Smoke rose from their bodies, but they wore the flameproof robes of the Kasanthian apprentice. In each of their hands was a scepter.
Watson approached the bodies, noticing they looked cooked from inside out.
He raised his commcrystal, "Sir we have a problem. I found a few Kasanthian devotees out here, nope sir, they're dead. Looks like the poor fools were trying to use light artifacts. The Light Leyas feedback cooked them inside out."
Watson kicked the hand, and one of the artifacts fell from the apprentice's hand.
Behind him the Bulk fueler had lost its pristine hue. It was obviously old and derelict, and it obviously had some sort of giant monster inside it. Watson gulped as he realized their entire security element had been swallowed up.
Then he remembered the contingency plans and lifted his commcrystal. "AAV backup, Need AAV backup"
Minutes later an AAV was landing in front of them. Heavily armed Lions of Earth marched from the AAVs and formed up around the technicians. Their LT turned and asked, "What the hell happened to your security detail?"
"They went in there and I think they got eaten. We can't signal to them," said Watson on the edge of panic. He swore he could see what looked like mercs in crappy store-bought camo moving towars their position, "LT can you see those people?"
The LT turned, and then grabbed Watson throwing them both prone as the weekend warriors opened up with civilian firearms.
Bullets kicked up the ground around them, and pancaked against their EEF Infantry armor.
Watson held his hands over his ears, but could still hear the LT yell, "Return fire!"
The Lions of Earth raised their rifles and began gunning down the weekend warriors remorselessly and efficiently.
The LT signalled, and one of the soldiers walked up towards one of the downed weekend warriors and dragged him back.
The LT leaned down and resurrected the fool. The fool was dressed in cheap grey camouflage and held a Caleb autobolt pistol.
The LT let him keep it, his own shotgun was pointed at the fool's head.
"Who do you work for?" asked the LT.
"I..I..I'm a freelancer. I was at Ryuk's Casino gambling when the owner came in and offered a gambling tournament," whimpered the fool.
"What sort of gambling tournament?" asked the LT.
"Whomever kills the most EEF soldiers gets lots of cash, and prizes," said the fool.
"And who paid for this game?" asked Watson.
"Ryuk, he used to be part of the Kasanthians or the TRILAT or something," said the fool.
"How many people?" asked the LT.
"Thousands," whispered the fool, before he was beheaded by the LT's shotgun.
The LT called it in, and the shook his head in annoyance and said, "Orders still stand, We still have a supercarrier to find." and Watson wished he had called in sick that day.
Back at the EEF salvage operation, the first of the wild shooting began. EEF General Gifford signalled to their backup, and twenty five Hunter-Killer Combat Drones and twenty-five Missile Drones shadow jumped to their position and lit the "game-players" up where they hid. The slaughter was horrendous. But as thousands of gamblers came out of the woodwork, some did get off lucky shots and EEF soldiers were shot. Some were wounded and some were killed. And those that were resurrected would always bear the ridicule for having fallen to such obvious amateurs.
A few of the rocknrollas had smuggled RPGs and explosives with them, and they returned fire at the salvage teams, and further casualties were suffered. Celyse signalled and the Falsewyrms unleashed their chilling breath on the positions of the rocknrollas and there was just frozen corpse remaining.
However semi-success was has as a pair of I.R. motherships were recovered and a pair of Gunships that had been used by the old Earther Authority. However the three battleships that were found in the wreckage that hadn't been booby trapped by Nightmares were recovered by the Uthvelor before the EEF could claim them.

Together with a single Tzira Supercarrier that had been recovered by the Lions of Earth they retreated back to EEF controlled space near the Draco for repairs and retrofitting.

--Rewards: Lions of Earth gain 1 Tzira Supercarrier, the EEF gains 2 I.R. Style Motherships and 2 Interplanetary Gunships, and the Uthvelor have gained three Battleships with the same stats as I.R. Starcruisers for their Uth Doom Fleet--

--TRILAT Rewards can be chosen in the TRILAT Forum--


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