Week 2 - Looking for Clues at the Moon of Galilie

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Week 2 - Looking for Clues at the Moon of Galilie

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Brethren Pilot ZZ-9091, whose actual number was ZZ543239091, was tired of a very long and very boring shift in an I.R. Gunpod hanging above the Debris field. He slurped away at a straw in his helmet attached to his feed pouch. The reddish brown gravy-like fluid was pure vat-grown human slurry. Some people said the Unity Praetorians had a related fluid in their exoskeleton, and ZZ-9091 liked to think it was true.
ZZ-9091 had been born in his gunpod, lived his last four years of life in his gunpod and would probably die in his gunpod. A head full of combat memories, and synthetic training. He could outfight some of the best aces of Old Earth in an even fight, looked thirty years old, but was emotionally little more than a child. And he was bored.
Looking down he could see Power Armored Furies leaping from chunk of debris to hull section, preparing a terrible sort of ambush. Any force that came in would have to make its way through their crossfire.
On the far side of a debris field, ZZ-9091 could see a small starship not of I.R. design gently cresting through the debris field. The readings seemed consistent with a Unity scout ship. He was about to fire up his engines when a Unity Dreadnaught appeared above his ship. The Dreadnaught positioned itself above the debris field and opened its bay doors. What followed were a series of cannon shots as 8 drop pods and over 500 nebulous orbs fired into the debris field impacting directly on the largest pieces of debris. Amazingly they completely missed a countless number of razor sharp edges found within the clouds of matter. Emerging from each pod were 4 recognized warriors each in propelled space suits, as well as 4 larger propellent packs. As the nebulous orbs gathered into groups of 16, the pieces warped and bent themselves into Nephillim War Giants. Each recognized gravitated to a giant and technomantically attached the propellent packs to the giants.
From inside the debris field a rolling battle began between Brethren Furies and Recognized and their Nephilim Wargiants. Brethren found their armor ripped open by the Nephilim WarGiants spears exposing them to the vacuum of space and killing them. Some Recognized were trapped in their pilot seats by ablative foam rockets to drift helpless until gunned down. Grenades exploded on both sides.
ZZ-9091 prepared to fly down and attack the Recognized, when he was distracted again. In the space by the The Moon of Galilie, five 3 mile long black metal spikes thrust through a small hole in space, moving apart and tearing the hole wider. On the other side, there was an endless expanse of dark towers and silver rivers. It looked to be a Unity Extension, come for the comm satelite. Its gravitics were off the chart, and a dull roar of static could be heard by the poor IR pilots who had to witness such an event. Beams of light struck out from the Extension, striking ships as they veered away from the gravitic pull.
Brethren ZZ-9091 whimpered a little as he saw it, pulling up and firing at it attacking it with his plasma missiles.
He quickly spat coordinates into his communicator, and many Furies diverged from the battle with the Recognized turned to attack the larger threat. I.R. Missiles streaked from the debris field driving the metal spikes back through the holes in reality. They were lead by diving and rolling strafing runs by Brethren ZZ-9091 in his gunpod.
He launched a final EMP missile into the core of the anomaly and it finally disappeared.
By then the Recognized rescued their comrade and prepared to escape. They were met by Unity Seneschals who were on a mission to the Communications beacon. The Beacon City crewman Gregor advised them that the Angels of Desolation Beacon pointed to the derelict penal colony of Saratoga Correctional deep within E-strain Space. The Seneschals were intent on completing their mission, wishing them well and continuing deeper into the debris field.
When the Seneschals moved toward the communications beacon the last few I.R. Brethren launched their final attack. They caught the Seneschals in the perfect crossfire from their Ablative Foam rockets, sealing the seneschals in place.
So while the Recognized escaped with Gregor and the coordinates, fifteen senechals were taken into I.R. custody.
As the Recognized made their way to the edge of the debris field, they were nearly set upon by I.R. Starfighters. However Scout ships from Lt. Ryuk sent intel updates to help the rescue team escape unharmed.


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