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Casablanca Proposal Request (wk2) Empty Casablanca Proposal Request (wk2)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:44 pm

Greetings Administrator Stewart,

On behalf of Flag Staff Inc and Henner 12, a member of the Free Systems, I write to you in order to request your services.

Henner 12 is a relatively unpopulated planet with plentiful floral resources that I intend to utilize for a mix of agricultural development and eco-tourism. I also intend on utilizing the artistic nature of its residents to develop their artistic endeavors. For both of these to develop properly, we require your expertise.

Regarding artistic development, I envision the Polar Expanses greatest artists wanting to come to Henner 12 to study. I envision the greatest pieces of art being brought here, produced here, shown here. I envision schools dedicated to its study, and people wanting to come here to see it all. This may have to include architecture as well. Some short term development may be required, however, I feel we can start small if we must and then move grander as you see fit.

Regarding eco-tourism, I envisioned a few things coming together.
1) People coming to Henner 12 for the purpose of living a more rustic life for dedicated periods of time. Mostly austere living accommodations, we teach them how to work the land, hunt their own food, prepare their own food, and they get a sense of rural life. The best part, we can charge them for five-star accomodation! I'll let you tweak the design, but the basic intent is to give people a lifestyle change and be able to reap the benefits for the same. We can offer different packages, with varying degrees of accommodation and how much they work the land

2) Similar to the previous design, but longer term and focused on community creation. It's for people who actually tire of wage slavery and want to reconnect with nature. These communities will actually increase our long term population and improve capital development.

3) Agro-tours. People who want to visit the art center we create, who would otherwise refuse the rustic life-style may want to see how the land is worked. Feeds into the previous two ideas but for people who are too prissy to actually work the land. It also creates overlap between the two primary industries.

If, based on what you survey on the planet, there are other possibilities, please let us know. Upon your assessment, please advise the terms and conditions of contract.

We anticipate hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,
Maehl Holdings


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