Reverse Engineering Project

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Reverse Engineering Project

Post  TerraNovaIndustries on Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:16 pm



Terra Nova Industries has completed its contract as specified by Sector General Stark. Please prepare for a high security data transfer. ****DATA BURST**** These security packets are assigned to each of your unique biometric reading for security purposes. If your personal AI is not loaded with the proper biometric scans then please take a moment to enter them before attempting to open the packet. As you can see Terra Nova Industries has completely reverse engineered the Unity Frost Generators which were provided to Terra Nova Industries by Sector General Stark. Included in this packet are the control protocols and complete schematics for the Unity Frost Generators as requested by Sector General Stark. Terra Nova Industries asks that the next time you need a technological innovation that you think of Terra Nova Industries first.

Bon Voyage!
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