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Post  CasablancaStation on Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:27 pm

Casablanca Station

The war has been long and arduous. Battles wear on men and societies. Populations fall and fall some more.

This is the horrible state of things. It is regrettable but also completely avoidable.

Your planets, both new and renewed can be veritable goldmines. They offer resources well beyond those of simple metals, fuels and the like. Vistas, getaways, beaches, sightseeing all seem quite frivolous, however they can be as important as a new star cruiser. Your peoples morale can make or break battles. Other peoples tourism ghaz can purchase those swords of the stars.

Casablanca station offers those tours. We offer to assist in the growth of population centers on new or prexisting worlds.

Tourists that will learn of the great wonders that your societies have to offer but are hidden away by propaganda of your enemies.

Casablanca station is a truly neutral corporation in this conflict. We have nothing to gain by siding with any side. You have everything to gain by siding with us

Duncan Stewart
Administrator Casablanca Station
Faction Commander
Faction Commander

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wk5 response

Post  MaehlHoldings on Thu May 19, 2011 11:48 am

***encrypted to Stewart, cc: Flag Staff***

Dear Administrator Stewart:

On behalf of the Free Systems and Maehl Holdings, we'd like to hire your services for two planets: Maxa Provo 9 and Henner 12.

Maxa Provo 9 is highly industrialized, with significant mining capabilities being its primary industry. My associates at Flag Staff Inc have reworked the mining capabilities of the planet, as well as vastly improved infrastructure. Our primary goal is to fortify the population, make the population less migrant and attract new revenue streams.

Henner 12 is significantly less developed. It's a planet full of artesans and otherwise bohemian peoples. Our current plan is to utilize is beautiful greenscapes for two purposes. 1) improved agricultural development; 2) eco-tourism. We have currently set up a university on Henner 12 that I hope will serve to develop its inhabitant's artistic abilities and attract artists from all over the universe. We also want to bring in more artists from other planets, as well as develop a theatre and performing arts culture.

If you choose to accept this contract, I will provide all relevant documents and statistics regarding both planets. Please advise the required next step in order to finalize this matter. We are anxious to form a partnership and continue the development of both these Free Systems planets.

Yours sincerely,
Su Mael, CEO
Maehl Holdings


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