Mars and the other planets of Sector General Deer

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Mars and the other planets of Sector General Deer

Post  TheSectorGeneralDeer on Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:17 am

Sector General Deer is a master of all he surveys (as long as all he surveys are planets the Iron Republic has given him).
He is currently acting defense commander of Mars after his success against the EEF Draco Liberation movement. While he is stationed on Mars his main fleet still waits at his personal world of Atropos 6.

Codename: Homeworld
Major Colonies: Alpha Dome, Mont Venus Dome, The Face of Mars Dome, and the Green Mars MegaDome
Economic Focus: The Alpha Dome is the first dome built on Mars. It is the first Dome not built on Earth or the Moon. Its old. The other Domes are industrial centers. They build products, and have miles of office space.
Mars is not fully terraformed, and the surface is crawling with crazed cannibal clones who have been raised on human flesh (so Brethren in normal training). The population of Brethren is overwhelming 99 Billion Brethren Clones and only 1 Billion Earthers. Some are Deltas. Some are Omegas. Some are even Alphas, and some are even stranger. Most are Betas. And they are cloned cannibals.

Atropos 6
Codename: Planet 1
Major Colonies: Deer family MegaDome
Economic Focus: The Deer Family MegaDome is the personal home of the family that Sector General Deer has created for himself. They are all clones, made from his genetic code (cept the wife, that would be sick).
This family believes it is real. And the entire Dome thinks so too. The major export of the MegaDome is Cloned Body Parts. Their second major source of income is their factories. The Deer Family Brand is well known for traditional canned food. The cans are sealed for interstellar travel, but are still a low-tech alternative to synthetic foods. And if they are extra meaty because of cloned meat, thats just good business sense.
There are lots of labs working on very very immoral cloning experiments. All legal, just immoral.

Codename: Planet 2
Major Colonies: Nicest Desert in the Galaxy
Economic Focus: This city sprawls as small meeting tents, self-cleaning solar powered lavatories, and hanging gardens that go on for miles across the least verdant land in the Alexa Heloi System. Deer bought it cheep, then sent in Deltas to turn it into a paradise using I.R. technology. The nomadic herders quickly grew in number, and now Drought is the hottest vacation spot in Alexa Heloi. And the credits keep flowing in.

Frogs Landing
Codename: Planet 3
Major Colonies: Frogs Landing Spaceport
Economic Focus: This city is really just a big spaceport, hotel and catering halls for all the smugglers, Free Systems Pirates and other goody two shoes who want to slide through. It doesn't have a customs office and is open to all to use. The only limit is you are under Deer's private surveillance.

Pookah Pookah
Codename: Planet 4
Major Colonies: Big Hill Dome, Marsh Edge Dome
Economic Focus: The Pookah Big Hill Dome is a mining community that uses standard I.R. practices including lots of Delta Brethren. They mine coal, silver and bauxite in the Big Hill. The Pookah Pookah Marsh Edge Dome is considered backwater by most. Its half submerged due to a leak in the Dome. Deer got it a few years back and keeps saying he is going to fix it. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I really got to get that Dome fixed.


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