Week 1 The Sweet Little Girl

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Week 1 The Sweet Little Girl

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Director Armand Soregi smiled as the four of his closest friends right now were assembled for him. No one denied the request of a Director, and Soregi was angry. So angry that he was fidgeting with a pencil that was already broken in half.
Director Soregi smiled a hard smile.
"Most Respecyed Military Leaders explain why a rag holonews network in the Free Systems has images of my daughter with an alien parasite in her goddamn head???
And don't tell me its just a picture. I've already medics confirm it."

He clicked a remote and a holovid began to project. It was an old guy.

"Welcome to the Great Wall of Information. Its time to get schooled!
The Daughter of Director Soregi has something weird growing in her and its not growing in her belly.
Come back for all the gritty pictures and scans, of the infection of the century."

Images flashed of the daughter of Mr. Soregi stepping over to a window and waving down at the party with a pair of security goons on either side of her. Then alongside it a long range medical scan which showed a larve growing in her head.

Director Soregi clicked the pause on the image, "Tell me the truth. What is going on in the polar expanse."
"And you better have a good damn reason or all of you will be killed."

This event continues in the I.R. Forum.


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