Planets Thread: Sector General Palomedes' Personal Planets

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Planets Thread: Sector General Palomedes' Personal Planets

Post  Palomedes on Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:18 pm

A lot of planets may answer to Sector General Palomedes, but the Palomedes family have been private "collectors" of planets for Generations. An old I.R. statuate allows certain ranks of I.R. officers to take planets instead of pay in credits. A nice deal for both parties because planets always cost credits, and credits eventually run out. But not for the Palomedes Family, they build big, they export big, and they are happy that their wage slaves have the highest percentage of morbid obesity in the Iron Republic.

Codename: Planet 1
Major Colonies: B'oz MegaDome
Economic Focus: The B'oz MegaDome specializes in making starship parts for the Iron Republic. It exports Plasma Weaponry and Turret mechanisms. Its a tough task, but with 5 Billion Earthers and 1 Billion Brethren on the task, the world is thriving. Buy Big, Buy B'oz!

Kumanusafon 2
Codename: Planet 2
Major Colonies: The Dockyard City of Mogg's Revenge
Economic Focus: This city has been in the Palomedes family since the early days of the Iron Republic, when Colonel Palomedes took it over from the Pirates who were stealing from the spacelanes. Since then its been expanded. Bigger and better. With more ports, more fast food, and one and a half billion Earthers and one billion Brethren building starships, refitting starships and repairing starship.

--more to come-- Cool


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