Week 1 The Moon of Galilie

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Week 1 The Moon of Galilie

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Twain smiled as the Iron Republic ships left Quarantine over Druzi Prime. They would go to a distant moon, and leave the people of Druzi alone, at least as long as his data mining programs could continue redirecting the fleet.
As they left, a Beacon City starship tailed the Iron Republic Splinter fleet.
The I.R. Fleet arrived hours later near the planet Qu Galilie on the edge of what is now known as E-strain space.
The Moon of Galilie was covered in pustules created by E-strain Hives. Inside them E-strain Bioships were being grown. Even from orbit, the I.R. Captains could see the fleet that was growing here. Easily thousands of Bloom Ships, hundreds of Asteroid Pelters, and countless E-strain Manslayers scurrying along the top.
The I.R. Fleet hesitated as suddenly a wormhole opened near them and from it flew three Grey Saucers, followed by another three and another three until thirty saucers were flying towards the I.R. Fleet.
Their disablers fired catching the I.R. Starships, and putting them out of comission. Life support was still viable, and their crews were unharmed as the Grey Fleet left them drifting and attacked the moon of Galilie.
The Saucers flew in formation, melting the Bloom Ships where they were growing with their death rays.
The I.R. ships couldn't calculate how many Manslayers were melted where they stood as the Saucers glassed the Moon. Then the saucers flew away from the Moon of Galilie, the Manslayer fleet utterly destroyed there. The Saucers opened up another wormhole and left the I.R. Vessels drifting until they could restart their reactors.

--Only known by I.R. and TRILAT--


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