New Predator Spotted: The Nilosian Nightstalker

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New Predator Spotted: The Nilosian Nightstalker

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:45 am

The Nilosian Nightstalker is the size of an Earther tiger, and technically an advanced form of vermin. Its easily large enough to eat a human in three bites. It has a long leathery tail, and heavy scales made of hardened hair. So far two training teams have been killed off by a pack of Nilosian Nightstalkers.


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Re: New Predator Spotted: The Nilosian Nightstalker

Post  blackheartsecurity on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:11 am

Peshareen looked over the map another time. The hunt would be fairly simple he decided. they were taking a ightly armored AAV to search out one of the so called Nilosian Nightstalkers. Tag it with enough tranqs to bring it down and then bring it back for study.

Pesh knew Childeen had no desire to hunt the beasts to extinction, as one analysts noted the predatory biodiversity was arguably a defense feature of the largely depopulated planet. He just wanted to know how it ticked and how to mitigate its habits from killing off the trainees.

He had heard colonists were enroute from Casablanca station. Better they not end up on this things hunting territory.


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