Week 1 The Conquest of Nilos

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Week 1 The Conquest of Nilos

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:32 am

This is Elliot Gharret with Holonet Business Reports. HBR news has the latest updates in corporate sponsorship and interplanetary commerce.
Available on some planets in Ultra-vision.
HBR is the first to report the sale of P2115, called Nilos by its previous owners, to Blackheart Security. Here you can see Director Childeen on behalf of Blackheart Security signing the deed to the planet. Medical supplies are being shipped in to Nilos by both Blackheart Security and Maehl Holdings.
Already immigration to the planet has increased, as Blackheart has set up a security training program, and an ecotourism business here.

The Nilos P2115 Forum is now open in the Planets Section.


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