Week 1 The Recovery of Wyanda P815

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Week 1 The Recovery of Wyanda P815

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Sgt. Derrick Donaldson pulled the tranquilizer dart from the E-strain Manslayer. He was the last of the teams to catch their manslayer target and stun them using Healing Leyas and Tranquilizers. Once they found it and took off in the AAV with the Manslayer safely in the ICU. High enough tranqs to kill a horse were coursing through the creature keeping it sedated, as far as the Sergeant was concerned.
“Donaldson, you in position yet?” asked the voice of Childeen Blackheart from the commlink.
“No sir, sorry we’re running late. Do you want to start without us?” asked the Sergeant.
“Sure Donaldson, drop off yours when you get a chance. We’ll set these rogue E-strain on each other,” replied Childeen.
Childeen sat back at his desk offworld, and activated the vid feeds from all five teams. Four were setting down their manslayers, the fifth had taken too long and was still enroute.
They were placing the supposedly tranquilized Manslayers on the ground, when one one of the lions of Earth, a Lieutenant named Marcus Freen, asked a question Childeen hadn’t thought about.
“Hey Director? These E-strain got a larva in their head right? Its not like a Quall larva is it?” asked Lt. Freen.
“Why yes, LT, that is a Quall Larvae,” said Childeen.
“I fought the Cult of the Horned Dogs outside Dunesphere a few years back, they don’t go down from poison gases, or even from Tranq darts, so whats the special mix?” asked Freen as he undid the Manslayer’s bindings, preparing to turn and run for the AAV.
The Manslayer’s claw came up and grabbed Freen’s leg, the rest of the team turned to see Manslayers stalking from the forest.
“These things are different Hives Director, they’ve been faking us this entire time,” said Freen as the image disintegrated to static.
Childeen switched screens from his desk, to reach Sergeant Donaldson.
“Donaldson, you there?” asked Childeen on the edge of panic.
“What sir?” asked Donaldson with an air of annoyance.
“The crabs aren’t tranquilized they’re faking it,” said Childeen, “Kill that thing, quick.”
The shadow of something blocked the holovid camera, and the image went to static.
As the static from the five screens filled his office, Childeen swallowed hard.
He then straightened his tie, and called down to the Cloning Lab, “Team, I’m transmitting which guys we just lost. Lets get them back in the field quickly, their families deserve it.”
“Sir yes sir,” said the lab tech who answered.
Childeen sighed as the reports came in.
Lamia Bio Units had moved in to defend the Wyanda Dome alongside the Horned Dog Cultists who went in to serve Le-a HiveQueen. He watched the city being protected in real time, and saw the energy bridges open near the Manslayer hives.
“Sir we just got a report from Fort Lendill on the capabilities of their rogue virus. Apparently all E-strain on a single planet are of the same hive. Splits it by planetary codes,” reported his secretary.
“A little late,” said Childeen sadly, “We just lost some good men.”
“For now sir, just for now,” said the secretary.
“Yes,” agreed Childeen, “I need you to put in a request to President Ragman of the Uloh Free Confederacy and see if he will allow us to continue our security work here.”

Suddenly one of the staticy screens flickered back on. It was Sergeant Donaldson, streaked with blood, and a background of trees.
“Director Childeen, we went down. I’m transmitting my location now,” said Donaldson, “We got E-strain on all sides, and need extraction. Have my team is missing in the crash. The one we had onboard got up and killed some good men sir.”
“I’m just happy you survived Sgt. Donaldson,” replied Childeen, “Do you visual on the target?”
“Yes Sir, can see the Hive in the distance Sir,” said Sgt. Donaldson, “Its surrounded by Quall N’drone who are incinerating the entire Manslayer Hive. The six horned fuckers are killing massacring them, Sir. The E-strain don’t have a chance.”

“Any tribal markings on those Quall, Donaldson?” asked Childeen as he signaled an AAV to lift off an recover the team.
“Yes sir, looks like Le-a Hive Queen sir,” replied Donaldson, “Hope Extraction is on the way sir, we don’t have enough ammo.”
“Hold out for five minutes, and you’ll be safe Sergeant,” said Childeen, “I know you can do it soldier.”

An email icon popped up on his communicator. Childeen clicked on it.

“BlackHeart Security,

We will be sending 100 Lamia Biounits and 50 Immutable soldiers to help you maintain security around Wyanda Dome. These units have had extensive anti-E-strain training and will be there to prevent Estrain from entering the dome.

They have orders to leave your forces alone and aid them if asked.

President Ragman”

Childeen breathed a sigh of relief. Wyanda might be under new management after all.

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