Week 1 The Hunt for the Forgotten

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Week 1 The Hunt for the Forgotten

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Unity Prime stood as the builders materialized around the islands the Forgotten had used to hide. The mists of Garmin Fe’s Continent of Dead Quall receded and the Builders were like beacons of light. Prime sighed feeling the Builder’s Song surge up his spine.
There was a calm and a peacefulness. It was so perfect, the song was building, being fed energy by the Liberation Choir.
Unity Prime smiled feeling true hope for the first time since being created by the consensus.
The Forgotten manifested a cloud of silver, truly evil and frightening in form, as it recoiled from the Builder’s song.
Prime felt he should be, should bring the full power of the Unity’s love and compassion forward to free the souls that made up the forgotten from their torment. But the Purifier had gone mad and was killing innocents.
It became his top priority.
He left the battlefield on Kyrpos to stomp on board his assault ship and take off. The Purifier’s builder’s song was building to a crescendo sapping the rage of the Forgotten.
It consolidated further.
Then it began reaching out and hurling spires of obsidian at the Builders using its Gravitic Generators. One after another they were slaughtered. But the remaining builders sang louder and with more passion.
Five Nodatchi Starfighters swept in, their Kasanthian pilots using their Acid cannons to unload on the side of the Fiend, drawing its attention away from the helpless Builders. It reached up and pulled one of the Nodatchi towards itself with the Gravity Generators. Adding the scything pieces of Void metal and Acid-gland based cannons to its repertoire of attacks. The Kasanthian Pilots screamed for a long time as the Forgotten devoured them. Gaining back some of the power sapped by the Builders, it turned away following the Nodatchi for a few moment as it destroyed the remaining three. Adding them to the Forgotten took minutes. Long painfull minutes for the Kasanthian pilots serving Captain Axis, who knowingly sent them to die.
The blistered sky of Krypos was split by a slash of blackness like an old knife wound. The line twisted and expanded becoming a ragged circle. The portal offered a glimpse of another dark alien sky for a moment until it was obscured by a swarm of Gunpods proceeding a battle line of war ships. First the Duskan destroyers prowled out of the darkness falling into a screening formation as the larger battleships plunged into the tortured air above the Continent of Dead Quall.
Jeremiah Strykker stood on the bridge of the taskforce flagship holding on to a handrail which ringed the main fire control station as he looked at the blasted landscape through the main viewer. Activity bustled around him but all he saw was the image depicted in the viewer. The Unity Reclamation Citadel glimmered in the blast furnace light of the plane. A few miles from them the large hemispheres of Quall hives loomed up into the sky like giant obsidian ant hills. Between them sat the target.
The Forgotten of Warmonger who still raged above the Teeth of the Dead.
It reminded him of the dust devils that used to pass through Dusk except that it darkened the sky for miles and had a metallic shine to it. It sat between the two forces occasionally flicking out a tendril of nano-plague or a sudden wave of magma at one side or the other, taunting them to attack, confident in its strength.
“Field Marshall, all ships report ready status as does the Blackheart detachment and the Unity forces.” The captain informed him turning her chair to face him and looking down from her command dais. “The fire mission and air wing are also standing by. We're only waiting for your word, Sir”
“Very good, Captain.” He replied with a nod. “Signal all elements to begin the attack.” It was a good plan he mentally reassured himself. As he watched the leading fighters surge forward he prayed it was good enough.
The EEF Pilots were now the necessary step in drawing the creature out.
Six Arc-light upgraded Gunpods used their boom’s to drop off EMP and surges to corral the creature into the target zone.
The EEF didn’t know the Quall were helping them, digging deep into the obsidian spires using their obsidian piercer submarines that made up the Teeth of the Dead, and into the Mahk Islands, depositing holy symbols of the Cult of the Horned Dog to drive the corrupted demon from their lands. It also had a side effect of weakening many of the Dead Quall still prowling the islands.
As the Forgotten reached the target zone, twenty hurricane bombers and twenty-five missile pods entered the area through Energy Bridges. They streaked across the red tinged yellow sky and engaged the target with EMP weapons (blessed by Unity builders to be holy). After the final pass they'd exhausted their weapons and they bugged out exiting through Energy bridges back to the planet Refuge in our dimension.
During the bombing two City of the Gods-Class Heavy Capital Ships engaged the Forgotten from extreme range using its blessed dome buster rounds. The Forgotten used its gravitic generators to parry the Dome Buster rounds. On the third shot it broke open when hit by the gravitic generator, because it was a rail ship filled with artifact tiles worked with EEF Artificers with Banish.
The Forgetten contracted, weakened significantly.
As the battle raged, the Nighthawks of Blackheart Security flew across the battlefield rescuing pilots who had been shot down by the Forgotten’s Acid Cannons. Those who had been pulled inside the beast could not be rescued. Those who could not be healed aboard the Nighthawks were taken to a Lions of Earth medical site.
Finally the Liberation Choir’s power was complete, and the souls of the forgotten ascended, pulling the creature with it as it ascended. It changed in waves of power.
Then the EEF prepared to deliver its knockout blow to the Forgotten of Warmonger, as it was locked in the throes of ascension. An Energy Bridge appeared above the target, and it lead out into the Draco Constellation. The Forgotten was now aware of the Damoclese projectile coming down towards it. The Forgotten thrust its gravitic thrusters downward hurling the entire cloud upward toward the open energy bridge. As it popped out on the surface on Draco Epsilon 7, the Forgotten raised its gravitic generators upward. It caught all the power of the Damoclese projectile falling towards the ground, and the reversed it back into the projectile. The projectile hurled upward cutting cleanly through the station that maintained and fired the Damoclese projectiles above Draco Epsilon 7.
The Forgotten had escaped Kyrpos, was now an ascended being, and was growing mad with power.


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