The Vicious Attack -Week 0-

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The Vicious Attack -Week 0-

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The Fort Lendill Heavy Frigate "Cha'ain's Vigilante Defense" patrolled the void between S.U.A.R.M. Space and Fort Lendill's Binary System. Onboard was Lil'ye'ahn and her brother Mor'aye'ahn. The siblings were K'ias, ancient shapeshifters who personally predated the Earther rise as an interstellar power. Mor'aye'ahn had worked his way up to the rank of Commander in the Kingdom of Fort Lendill, and put in charge of an important research mission which created a new race of sentient mekanoids known as the S.U.A.R.M.
Then with the blessing of Fort Lendill's Dear Leader Cha'ain Moghreson, Mor'aye'ahn and his sister Lil'ye'ahn left the planet Refuge to begin colonizing the stars with their creations.
It was this mission of colonization that brought the pair to the war room aboard a ship controlled by forces loyal to Cha'ain. They were here to meet with a Banking Guild operative who was going to begin carrying S.U.A.R.M. upgrades and gear for those of their creations who emigrated across Known Space.
Halfway through negotiations they were interrupted by an alert from the Engineering room.

In a small vent deep in the heart of the starship was Voora Tal Ganath. And as team leader of Merc Fireteam Alpha, he was annoyed that after all their hard work sneaking around it was a Fort Lendill noncombatant who had accidentally spotted them.
A Technofetish with a Mouse fetish (the input device not the animal) had gotten himself lodged in the vents while playing with his S.U.A.R.M. "roomate". The Security team had come down to help pull him out, and they all spotted the team as they were finishing up. When they reported it in to their leaders, the ships intercoms sounded with the voice of Lil'ye'ahn:

"Attention all organic crew. Due to a slight fire in the messhall, today's Crew Appreciation Tea will be held in the brig. Attendance is mandatory, anyone not in attendance will not only be shot, but will also forfit their fruitcup and raffle ticket. Reminder, this week's raffle prize is a 3-day PAID leave at our next port! Please have your crew ID and raffle ticket in hand when entering the brig."

The security team and the Technofetishists were only following orders when they fled the battle without firing a shot.
"Of all the luck," said Voora as he lit up a cigar.
"Umm sir won't the smoke bring their troops to our position?" asked the newest member of the squad.
"They already know where we are Rookie," said Voora, "This provides us a couple of benefits in manipulating our targets."
Voora looked out the vent hole to the wide room containing the ship's shadow drive. As much distance between that thing and the rest of the reactor's computers the better. The Shadow Drive went from floor to ceiling in matte black composites. The immense amount of Shadow Leyas that pooled near it was bleeding into the visible spectrum.
A pair of Hive Stingers rolled into position across from them surrounded by S.U.A.R.M. and a single S.U.A.R.M. Commander. Voora waved the cigar back and forth drawing the Hive Stinger's Thermal Sensors. The mekanoids turned and charged towards the vents firing their weapons.
Voora pulled back around the corner of a vent and said, "See Rookie, thats why we choose this position. Look out and tell me what you see?"
The newest recruit, leaned his head out to see railgun rounds were pinging off the vent walls inches from his face. He did see Fireteam Bravo take up position behind the S.U.A.R.M.
"Sir, Fireteam Bravo is attaching charges to the FTL Drive. They are retreating now that the S.U.A.R.M. have spotted them."
"Did Sgt. Major get the charges locked in?" asked Voora still keeping the cigar lit. Its smoke trailed up to the top of the vents.
"Yes Sir," said the newest recruit pulling his head away from the weapons fire, "They're fleeing back to the vents.
"Good," Voora said still very intent on the cherry on the top of his cigar.
"Sir...?" asked the newest recruit.
Voora said, "Shh" as he watched the tip of the cherry finally go out.
"Good news boys," said Voora, "They've just shut off life support. That means all their living troops are somewhere safe, and we'll only be facing their mekanoids. The air artifacts will keep us going, but lets not give the Fort Lendill troops a chance to ruin our day. Rookie, we are moving to the plasma reactor, I want you taking point."
Voora could feel the elation pouring from the newbie. He sighed, but at least the rookie was enthusiastic.
They made their way forward through the network of vents, stealthily reaching the Reactor Core. There were multiple S.U.A.R.M. and Hive Stingers defending it.
The Rookie was about to charge in when Voora leaned forward and grabbed him by the arm,
"Hey Rookie, you trying to ruin our position?"
"No Sir, I thought we'd just sneak up on them," said the newest recruit.
"Don't make work harder for yourself than it needs to be," replied Voora showing the rookie the pair of EMP grenades he held already primed.
He rolled them out the open air conditioning duct into the Reactor room. Another pair of grenades rolled from the other vent in the room.
Four electromagnetic pulses were perfectly timed to knock out all the Hive Stingers and their S.U.A.R.M. comrades. Fire Team Bravo and Fire Team Alpha opened up the vents and climbed down.
"Rookie go learn from Sgt. Major. He's going to be sabotaging the coolant lines. Pay close attention, those EMPs we dropped put the computers in here offline. The coolant lines will go into emergency mode, we screw that up and the reactor goes critical and we get more than a sabotague and a whole bunch of innocent casaulties. Not acceptable," said Voora.
He watched the young recruit run over to Sgt Major and begin attaching demolitions on specific lines under the older officer's guidance. The rest of his fireteam fanned out collecting heads from the currently shut down S.U.A.R.M.
Voora made his way over to the sublight drives, which were offline due to the EMP grenades.
A few precise demo charges and the entire team was out the door and running down the hall towards the escape pods. They tossed EMPs behind them, keeping any following soldiers back.
Voora slammed up next to the first pod. He flipped the emergency switch and launched the escape pod (still empty). Then some controlled explosives ripped the wall away, and their ship the Mary Jane II, pulled alongside. Both fireteams boarded the starship, and slammed the door shut behind them. The unmarked starship flew off carrying the entire team, with nothing more than a few cuts and scrapes.
Mor'aye'ahn walked among the damaged chassis of his S.U.A.R.M. impressed by the precision of the strike.
"Who could do such a horrible thing?" asked Lil'ye'ahn.
"Fort Lendill and I have many enemies," said Mor'aye'ahn, "I am sure the real culprits will present themselves to take credit soon enough."
"But why would they take the heads? It is simply brutal with little class or nobility," Lil'ye'ahn said without any respect for their attackers.
"No, whomever did this knew they faced S.U.A.R.M. and they used EMP to great effect," said Mor'aye'ahn as he examined the tool marks on the neck of a neaby chassis, "But they left the memory core in its chest intact. If the goal of this was simply the death of the S.U.A.R.M. they could have set the drive to go critical, but our attackers did not."
"This was done to send a message," said Lil'ye'ahn.
"Seems like it," said Mor'aye'ahn, "I wonder what that message is? Simply that they could kill us? Not a concern when madmen like Magnus Ironbane were launching Blackhole bombs left and right."
Two days later Mor'aye'ahn returned to his office deep within S.U.A.R.M. space. On his desk, waiting for him on a silver platter, was the head of one of the S.U.A.R.M. Commander's.

--Fort Lendill got no usuable data on whom committed the attack from this event--


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