PreGame Planetary Conquest- The Planet of Hener 12

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PreGame Planetary Conquest- The Planet of Hener 12

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:25 pm

This is Elliot Gharret with Holonet Business Reports. HBR news has the latest updates in corporate sponsorship and interplanetary commerce.
Available on some planets in Ultra-vision.
Its been a busy week for Maehl Holdings who initiated another partnership with Flag Staff Inc. opening the Hener 12 rebuilding project. With the recent death of the Planetary Governor of Hener 12, many suspected the planet would fall into chaos. However it looks like the recent influx of building materials and credits has only been a small part of the overall security plan. Powerful warriors calling themselves the judges of Beacon City set forth as peacekeepers preventing any looting or violence from breaking out in the power vacuum left by the death of the Planetary Governor.

The Hener 12 Forum is now open in the Planets Section.


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