PreGame Investment Mission- Sigma Mu 6532

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PreGame Investment Mission- Sigma Mu 6532

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:52 pm

This is Elliot Gharret with Holonet Business Reports. HBR news has the latest updates in corporate sponsorship and interplanetary commerce.
Available on some planets in Ultra-vision.
HBR has contacts who report of a probe done by the Iron Republic securities and exchange commission into the work being done by Blackheart Security and Maehl Holdings in the polar expanse. While a site code named Sigma Mu 6532 was mentioned multiple times during the hearings, no location of it could be found. Reports speak of a progressive set of research stations. If it exists then it didn't break any IR Commerce laws a local court ruled earlier today, at least not yet.

The Sigma Mu 6532 Forum is now open in the Planets Section.


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