PreGame Planetary Recover- The Planet of Maxa Provo 9

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PreGame Planetary Recover- The Planet of Maxa Provo 9

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:21 pm

This is Elliot Gharret with Holonet Business Reports. HBR news has the latest updates in corporate sponsorship and interplanetary commerce.
Available on some planets in Ultra-vision.
HBR is the first to report the signing of the MP9 Accords, uniting the migrant tribes of Maxa Provo 9 under a new corporate-run government. Here you can see Su Maehl on behalf of Maehl Holdings and Henry Dillinger of Flag Staff Incorporated signing the deed to the planet.
Already production on the planet has increased, as new mining techniques developed in the Draco Constellation are brought over to the colony.

The Maxa Provo 9 Forum is now open in the Planets Section.


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