Battle Report - Pregame Space Battle 1

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Battle Report - Pregame Space Battle 1

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:33 am

The Legend of the Dragon of Doom

Its name was End of Worlds, and it had been bred by the Falosini at the end of the K’ias Wars. In that ancient age, Lord Falos would give his life to lead the last of the K’ias citizens to the golden portal of Kotrice, where their life-force was recycled by the Universe. But before he left, the old king was worried the universe would one day fall before the evil of Warmonger again. He had his greatest scientists breed a Doomwyrm of epic size, whose breath would annihilate reality. In the event that Warmonger ever escaped the prison dimension of Les’tas’tral, End of Worlds would awaken and destroy all reality nearby Warmonger hopefully forcing him from our reality.
But the toll would have been high, with countless dead, and entire species extinct.
So when Warmonger nearly escaped six months ago, End of Worlds rose, only to be gunned down by the combined fleet of the EEF and the Iron Republic.
The Kasanthian Federation hold the Doomwyrms as holy in their twisted faith, and when the End of Worlds fell near dead onto the glacial wastes of the planet Refuge, they tracked it. The Kasanthians stabilized its life signs, and prepared an epic mission to send the Doomwyrm back in time, so it might sleep and heal.
At the helm of the convoy was Captain Axis of the Kasanthian Federation, aboard his flagship, Axis’ Needle.
Captain Axis quickly realized his freighters would be overtaken by I.R. Gunpods and used his rank as Unity Knight of Fate to have a Unity Dreadnaught sent to him to tow the mighty dragon’s massive girth. Making good time, Captain Axis knew of many threats on the way, not least of which was an I.R. garrison near the Drazi Moons. Each of the Moons were in sight of the edge of the temporal wormhole, and if his own ships used the dead moons for an ambush.
He split off his starfighters, sending wings of them to draw away the Iron Republic Garrison to the nearby moon. To his glee, Axis was made aware that one of the new recruits to the Armada, sent by Lord Lurlock himself, had just begun a mining expedition to add credence to his own diversion.
Captain Axis would have to reward this Viggo for his support, as he saw his long-distance scanners light up as a full Iron Republic flotilla moved toward the Drazi Moon. As the cloud of Iron Republic ships formed a blockade around the two moons, a large portion of the force moved in towards Drazi 1.
The digging on Drazi 1 was not without merit. The moon held an ancient Nightmare Lord tombship. It was only by reactivating the tomb ship that Viggo the Kasanthian escaped the surface of Drazi 1. Hundreds of Quall N’drone swarmed from energy bridges onto the surface of Drazi, capturing Viggo’s crew and his entire compliment of light frigates.
Only by striking the weakest part of I.R. Sector General Stark’s blockade did Viggo escape aboard the Nightmare Lord Starship.
Meanwhile, Captain Axis’ starfighters shadow jumped into the heart of an asteroid belt right near the temporal wormhole. They deployed void bombs which eliminated the asteroid belt, and opened room for the rest of the convoy to shadow jump into position.
The cloaked EEF Gunships reported their appearance to the EEF Armada under the command of EEF Field Marshall Strykker. Space Combat Drones moved into position striking the Unity Dreadnaught that towed the dragon, releasing their tactical EMP payloads after crashing deep inside the ship.
One drone smashed into the main command grid, and released its EMP in the perfect place to disable the ship. The Dreadnaught was cut apart by the CoG Cruisers’ Dual Domebusters. At that moment five Kasanthian Federation Satellites dropped their obscurements and fired upon the side of the EEF Fleet with their Solar Flare Cannons.
The beams destroyed many of the EEF starfighters and opening the way for a wing of Nodachi starfighters to destroy two of the Dusk-class destroyers. And for Axis’ Needle to finish slamming the End of Worlds into the Temporal Wormhole.
As the battle ended, Captain Axis escaped after dealing significant damage to the EEF and Iron Republic fleets, but losing many of his own starfighters.
The Iron Republic succeeded in capturing many of the Kasanthian soldiers and sending them to the plane of Fire for implantation with Quall N'drone larva.


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