An Indecent Proposal to President Doe

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An Indecent Proposal to President Doe Empty An Indecent Proposal to President Doe

Post  EEFColonyGeneralMalthus on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:51 am

Dear President Doe,

I have a little proposal for you. In the Uloh you have inherented a few trillion Estrain that have a rudimentary military training. They know how to swarm and use their numbers but they do not have any formal military training. I have trillions of Draco citizens with no idea how to fight and would break as soon as they saw a charging enemy.
I propose a cross training program hidden under the cover of episodes of your famous Battle City program.
Tell me if the Hives you represent have any interest in my proposal.

CG Malthus
Colony General of the planet Refuge


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