A Meeting of IRLCs, Independent Corps and The EEF

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A Meeting of IRLCs, Independent Corps and The EEF Empty A Meeting of IRLCs, Independent Corps and The EEF

Post  EEFColonyGeneralMalthus on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:32 am

Upon first arrival on the orbital Banking Guild Outpost near Draco Alpha 9, Colony General Malthus was given a full breifing on the current economic struggles in the sector.

It was times like these he was pleased that the EEF did not make laws for the colonies. He could observe these birthing pains of the new Draco Colonies. Yet if mass starvation occurred it would be a tactical concern. Economic warfare could be potent, but Malthus had the wisdom to avoid it.
Instead he knew economic alliances would be the way to stimulate the Draco.
His Banking guild contacts had prepared a meeting with several companies licensed to do business in Iron Republic Space.
The names in attendance read like a playbook of rogue traders, but the companies had good reputations: Blackheart Security Solutions, Larkin's Military Emporium, Sacrenine Fine Arts,
Maehl Holdings, TerraNova Industries (TNI), to name a few.
Malthus prepared for some deft negotiating. He had local military and logistical contracts to fulfill.


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