Trade Deals between the EEF and the SUARM Merchants

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Trade Deals between the EEF and the SUARM Merchants

Post  EEFColonyGeneralMalthus on Tue May 01, 2012 6:35 pm

To all Merchants in SUARM Space,

We are looking to set up trade deals to assist you in selling your wares and buying resources from our colonies in the Draco Constellation.
Currently Maehl Holdings moves significant number of products from stations at San Martin into the Draco. However there are many economic opportunities for SUARM Merchants in these territories.

We wish to extend special Trade Passports to groups of SUARM Merchants and Artisans who wish to travel freely between the Draco Constellation and SUARM Space.


Hamish MacGri
EEF-Draco Economic Developement Association


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Re: Trade Deals between the EEF and the SUARM Merchants

Post  Lief_of_FortLendill on Wed May 02, 2012 11:46 pm

Hey Dead-A,
So the leaders of SUARM space have been kinda preoccupied with curing some disease, cancer or something. Anyways those scientest types besides not responding in any fashion considered normal all eccentric and talking about abstract stuff that makes me want to drink. If you kept calling you would realize they don't check their answering machine...I do though (high five).

In their absence I do have a pretty F'n big say in what goes on in SUARM space. That being said you had better fucking make me happy or I will toss you out with a letter thats guaranteed to kill your worthless career. JOKING, no one likes a kiss ass.

The SUARM are very much the liberal side of Fort Lendill's alliances. They believe in free economy and not receiving a daily schedule from the state and all that kooky stuff. As long as the EEF formally recognizes SUARM as Nonbiological Sentient Entities and gives them equal rights to us meat bags I am sure they will be more than happy to trade many goods and tech with ya'll.

Now go get your daddy, or your manager, or who ever's farts you inhale and call air freshener cuz I wanna talk big picture shit. I tried to do so with the honorable field marshal, which makes sense cuz hes military and those straight laced types don't seem to get a long with me.

So if ya give equal status to em the SUARM will be more than happy to trade, now how about the big FL. I am talking about SECSTRATALL4EVA, you will find the def for that one on page 445 section 16 paragraph 8 of your manual. If not then message back and we will work it out.

Hugs and Kisses,
Prince Lief


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